Reginald John FORTESCUE1 was born in 1888 in Oxford, Oxford. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 39 Argyle St, Headington, Oxford. RG14PN8124 RG78PN412 RD152 SD2 ED13 SN188 39 Argyle St, Oxford, Headington, Oxon
FORTESCUE, Reginald John Head 1888 23  M Married Book Seller Oxford
FORTESCUE, Florence Wife 1890 21  F Married Oxford 1 none

Spouse: Florence . Florence and Reginald John FORTESCUE were married about 1910.

Reginald Norman FORTESCUE2 was born in 1885 in Northants. 1901 census gives Northants Newcastle on Tyne as place of birth Parents: Joseph Rayner FORTESCUE and Annie .

Reginald Stanley FORTESCUE1 was born in 1898 in Streatham, London. Parents: Samuel FORTESCUE and Alice .

Renee FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John Derek FORTESCUE and Katherine Jennifer Jay (Jeni) COLEMAN.

Rex FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Betty Ellen BATTLE.

Capt Reynell John FORTESCUE RN of Fallapit47 was born on 21 June 1845 in East Allington, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Nutcombe, Rowdens Rd, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Devonshire. RG14PN12766 RG78PN734 RD272 SD6 ED7 SN12 Nutcombe, Rowdens Rd, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Devonshire
FORTESCUE, Reynell J Head 1846 65  M Single Retired Captain Royal Navy Fallapit, East Allington, Devon
FORTESCUE, Geraldine E Sister 1851 60  F Single Torquay, Devon
FORTESCUE, Francis A Sister 1853 58  F Single Fallapit, East Allington, Devon
Described as Regnill in1881 census Parents: William Blundell FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Harriet Maria TAYLOR of Ogwell House, Devon.

Richard FORTESCUE of Modbury (private). Parents: Ralph (Radulfus) FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Children were: Sir John FORTESCUE of Wimpstone, Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Modbury, Sir Nicholas FORTESCUE.

Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Modbury (private). Parents: Richard FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Spouse: YSMEINE of Jerusalem.

Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Wimpstone (private). Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE Of Wimstone.

Children were: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Anna DE LA PORT Of Old Port.

Richard FORTESCUE of Spridlestone (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Spridlestone and Alicia or Alice COOKWORTHY of Cookworthy.

Spouse: Elizabeth KNOLLES of North Mimes, Herts. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Spridlestone, Humphrey FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE of Spridlestone (private). Parents: Edward FORTESCUE of Spridlestone and Dorothy CROSSING.

Richard FORTESCUE of Pruteston (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE of Pruteston and Elizabeth CHAMPERNOWNE.

Richard FORTESCUE of Fallapit (private). Parents: Sir Henry FORTESCUE of Wood and Margaret DE FALLAPIT.

Spouse: Margaret HILL of Shiston in Modbury. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Mary SPECCOT of Thornbury.

Spouse: Jane SEARLE.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Francis FORTESCUE of Falkbourne and Dorothea FORDE of Hardinge, Sussex.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard FORTESCUE.

Children were: Dinah FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE (private).

Children were: Richard FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard FORTESCUE Of Modbury.

Children were: Ralph (Radulfus) FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Richard FORTESCUE Of Modbury (private). Parents: Sir Adam FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Children were: Richard FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Humphrey FORTESCUE and Elizabeth .

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Humphrey FORTESCUE and Elizabeth .

Richard FORTESCUE of Hollacombe70 died on 27 February 1480. Richard succeeded to some Devon property from his father. He married Alice (Agnes in Clermont's text and in Visitations of Cornwall) in about 1453. Visitations gives it as Hollacombe instead of Holcombe in Clermont and a alternaive spelling for Hollacombe is Hallacombe Parents: Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Punsbourne, Herts and Agnes DE WINDSOR of Windsor, Yealmpton, Devon.

Spouse: Alice HOLLACOMBE of Hollacombe. Children were: Agnes FORTESCUE of Hollacombe, Amica FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE of Spridlestone108 died about 1580. Richard's will was proved in 1580. He left his lands to his nephew John (by Robert). He left rings to his father John Fortescue of Spurlestone, John Fortescue of Woode, and to John Fortescue of Fallapit, Esq. The executor was his elder brother John Fortescue. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Spridlestone and Florence VIVIAN of Trelawarren.

Major-General Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Heckfield, County Southhampton77 died in 1657 in Jamaica. General Richard Fortescue

General Richard Fortescue was a Cromwellian officer of distinction. His position in the Fortescue family is not known, but his estates connect him with Berkshire. So Lord Clermont places him at the end of his chapter that covers the Salden House.

The Thurloe State Paper, Whitelock's memorials of the Civil War and the Rawlinson MS in the Bodleian Library are the chief sources of the following information about him:
1644 August, he took Pendennis Castle from the Royalists and was made its governor; he undertook various services and expeditions in England until -
1654: December, he was mentioned in Thurloe as going with his regiment to Barbados.
1655: July, he wrote from Jamaica giving details of his voyage there, via Barbados and Hispaniola. 20th July, he prays to Secretary Thurloe to put an end to the suite between Lord St John and himself and to pay to his wife Mary the arrears that are long due.
24th June, he was appointed as Commander-in-Chief, Jamaica. He was now a Major-General.
November 5th, General Richard Fortescue had recently died of a sickness. His Will was proved on 29th July 1657; it mentions 2 daughters, Mary and Frances. See below.

1658: 26th July, his wife Mary, of "Sir Richard Fortescue" asks Cromwell for the arrears due to him.

Lord Clermont suggests that Sir Faithful Fortescue (Royalist Army) has sometimes been muddled with Richard Fortescue. They were contemporaries. Richard had a house and land at Bray, and houses in Broad Street, Reading; rent-charge in the parish of St. Giles', Reading. In May 1657, administration was granted to Mary in accordance with Richard's Will. It described her as "Mary, widow of Colonel Richard Fortescue, of Hickfield in the county of Southampton but who died in Jamaica".

Spouse: Mary . Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Frances FORTESCUE.

Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Punsbourne, Herts203 was born about 1416 in Shepham, Devon. Richard went to France in 1421 or 2. He was styled as "of Ermyngton", which was where his family seat, Wympstone, was situated. No doubt he joined his father in the French wars, but he was again in Devon before 1431. At his father's death in about 1435 he succeeded to his Hertfordshire estate of Punsbourne, or Ponsbourne, or Ponnysbourne, near Hatfield. Sir Richard fought under the Duke of Somerset on King Henry VI's side in the first battle of St. Albans, which was close to his home, and was killed.

Richard led to the branches at Punsbourne and Falkbourne Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE of Meaux and Eleanor NORREIS of Norreis.

Spouse: Agnes DE WINDSOR of Windsor, Yealmpton, Devon. Children were: Richard FORTESCUE of Hollacombe, Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Punsbourne, Sir John FORTESCUE the elder, Sir John FORTESCUE the younger of Punsbourne.

Richard FORTESCUE of Filleigh53 was born in 1517. He died in 1570. Richard inherited the estates at Wear-Gifford, Combe, and elsewhere. He died on 30th June 1570 and is buried at the church in Filleigh. A brass in the church is to his memory. Parents: Bartholomew FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Ellen MOORE of Moor Hayes in Cullompton.

Spouse: Joan MORETON of Kent. Children were: Hugh FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford, George FORTESCUE of Combe in Holbeton, Mary FORTESCUE of Filleigh, Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE of Dromiskin31 was born on 7 May 1749. He died in 1774. Parents: Chichester FORTESCUE and Hon Elizabeth WELLESLEY of Dublin.

Richard FORTESCUE31 was born in 1792. He died in 1806. Parents: Rear Admiral Sir Chichester FORTESCUE and Frances Anna JONES of Bendfoot.

Richard FORTESCUE1 was born in 1845 in Holborn, London. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Lambeth Workhouse, Princes Rd, Lambeth London. RG14PN2005 RD25 SD2 ED32 SN1 Lambeth Workhouse, Princes Rd, Lambeth London
FORTESCUE, Richard Inmate 1845 66  M Widowed Formally Carman Holborn, London

Richard FORTESCUE3 was born about 1879 in Howden, Yorkshire. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Margaret .

Richard FORTESCUE1 was born in 1882 in Nottiingham, Notts. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 3 Paradise Row, Coalpit Lane, Nottingham, Notts. RG14PN20542 RG78PN1230 RD430 SD3 ED2 SN67 3 Paradise Row, Coalpit Lane, Nottingham, Notts
FORTESCUE, Richard Head 1882 29  M Married Barman Nottingham
FORTESCUE, Mary Wife 1892 19  F Married Nottingham 5 1 1 0
FORTESCUE, George Son 1909 2  M Scholar Nottingham

Spouse: Mary . Mary and Richard FORTESCUE were married in 1906. Children were: George FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE1 was born in 1883 in Bermondsey, London. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 44 Page St, Westminster, St George, London. RG14PN468 RG78PN16 RD5 SD3 ED3 SN129 44 Page St, Westminster, St George, London
FORTESCUE, Richard Head 1883 28  M Married Lift Attendant at Hotel Bermondsey, London
FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Wife 1886 25  F Married Ringsend, Dublin 4 2 2 0
FORTESCUE, William Son 1908 3  M Ringsend, Dublin
FORTESCUE, Mary Dau 1910 1  F Ringsend, Dublin

Spouse: Elizabeth . Elizabeth and Richard FORTESCUE were married in 1907. Children were: William FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE 7 th Earl Fortescue102 was born on 14 April 1922. He died on 7 March 1993. Obtained the rank of Captaion in the Coldstream Guards. Inherited titles 1 June 1977. Parents: Denzil George FORTESCUE 6th Earl Fortescue and Marjorie Ellinor TROTTER.

Spouse: Penelope Jane HENDERSON. Penelope Jane HENDERSON and Richard FORTESCUE 7 th Earl Fortescue were married on 24 October 1949. Children were: Charles FORTESCUE 8th Earl Fortescue, Cellia Ann FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Margaret Anne STRATTON. Children were: Laura Margaret FORTESCUE, Sarah Jane FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Countess Carolyn Mary HILL.

Richard FORTESCUE of Old Weston (private). Parents: Leonard FORTESCUE and Kathleen HARRIS.

Spouse: Jean JOHNSON. Children were: David FORTESCUE, Ruth FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE.

Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Thomas Richard FORTESCUE and Elizabeth Jane (Twig) SCOTT.

Spouse: Amanda DEVLIN.

Richard Inglett FORTESCUE22 was born in 1731. He died in 1790. Richard Inglett inherited the Fortescue estates at Buckland-Filleigh and Spridlestone, and took the name Fortescue in 1776.

Parents: Caleb INGLETT of Dawlish and Rebecca FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Elizabeth WESTON. Children were: Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE, Margaret Weston FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Ann Ingett FORTESCUE.

Richard Lewis FORTESCUE59 was born on 30 October 1911 in Blackheath, London. He died in 1995. Parents: Prof Cecil Lewis FORTESCUE OBE MIEE and Mary Dorothea WRIGHT.

Spouse: Katherine Elizabeth PASS. Children were: Jan Lewis FORTESCUE, Thomas Richard FORTESCUE, Philippa Elizabeth Mary FORTESCUE, Ann Katherine FORTESCUE.

Rita Mary FORTESCUE died on 20 May 1980 in Rosebay, NSW, Australia.204

Robert FORTESCUE11 was christened on 6 May 1767. He was buried on 7 July 1799.6 Parents: James FORTESCUE of Thurning and Hannah CARR of Elton.

Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Spridlestone and Florence VIVIAN of Trelawarren.

Robert FORTESCUE of Wood (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE of Wood and Elizabeth HINGESTON of Wonwell.

Spouse: Eleanor ST LOWE of Sutton St Lowe, Somerset. Children were: Anne FORTESCUE, Thomasin FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Elizabeth DYLLON of Chymwell. Children were: Joan FORTESCUE, Anthony FORTESCUE of Wood.

Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Mary SPECCOT of Thornbury.

Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden and Cecilia ASHFIELD.

Robert FORTESCUE of Salden (private). Parents: Sir Francis FORTESCUE K.C.B. and Grace MANNERS.

Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE and Catherine HARDING.


Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Anne BAKER..

Robert FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth SPENCER. Children were: Ann FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Lydia FORTESCUE.

Robert FORTESCUE75 was buried on 4 June 1754 in Mancetter, Warwickshire.

Spouse: Ann . Children were: Bathsheba FORTESCUE, Sarah FORTESCUE.

Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE and Sarah HEATLEY.