Kathleen Margaret JONES (private).

Spouse: William James FORTESCUE. Children were: Shirley FORTESCUE, Ruth FORTESCUE.

Nina JONES (private). Parents: H W JONES and Beartrice ST LEON.

Susannah JONES (private).

Spouse: Edward BOOTH. Children were: Eleanor Susanah BOOTH.

Adele JORDAAN (private). Parents: R JORDAAN and Elaine Julia FORTESCUE.

Byron JORDAAN (private). Parents: R JORDAAN and Elaine Julia FORTESCUE.

R JORDAAN (private).

Spouse: Elaine Julia FORTESCUE. Children were: Tia JORDAAN, Byron JORDAAN, Adele JORDAAN.

Tia JORDAAN (private). Parents: R JORDAAN and Elaine Julia FORTESCUE.

JORDAN (private).

Spouse: William Henry FORTESCUE. Children were: Arthur FORTESCUE.

Kate JOSEPH (private). Parents: William JOSEPH.

Spouse: John James Anderson FORTESCUE. Children were: Edgar Cedric Anderson FORTESCUE.

William JOSEPH (private).

Children were: Kate JOSEPH.

Jane JOYCE (private).

Spouse: Henry FORTESCUE. Children were: Reverend John FORTESCUE, Capt James FORTESCUE of the East India Company, Henry FORTESCUE, William Henry FORTESCUE.

Daniel JUNG (private). Parents: Steven James FORTESCUE and Patricia Ann FOLEY.

Lillian Oden KAMPER219 was born on 20 October 1892.

Spouse: Simon Errol FOSCUE. Lillian Oden KAMPER and Simon Errol FOSCUE were married on 9 June 1915. Children were: Mary Cruse FOSCUE, Chares Errol FOSCUE, Lillian Frances FOSCUE, Virginia Oden FOSCUE.

Elizabeth KEAGLE (private).

Spouse: John FORTESCUE of Penwarne, MP for Cornwall.

Jan KELLY (private). Parents: Leo KELLY and Gladys FORTESCUE.

John KELLY of Kelly (private).

Spouse: Joan FORTESCUE of Preston.

Lee KELLY (private). Parents: Leo KELLY and Gladys FORTESCUE.

Leo KELLY (private).

Spouse: Gladys FORTESCUE. Children were: Peter KELLY, Lee KELLY, Jan KELLY.

Peter KELLY (private). Parents: Leo KELLY and Gladys FORTESCUE.

Ernest KENDALL-LANE of Saskatchewan (private).

Children were: Nina KENDALL-LANE.

Nina KENDALL-LANE (private). Parents: Ernest KENDALL-LANE of Saskatchewan.

Spouse: Capt John Desmond Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc. Children were: Anthony Desmond Grenville FORTESCUE.

Edward KENT (private).

Spouse: Jenny PATTERSON.

William Henry KERR (private).

Spouse: Caroline D'ARCY. Children were: William John KERR 5th MARQUIS of Lothian.

William John KERR 5th MARQUIS of Lothian31,77 was born on 13 March 1737. He died in 1815. Parents: William Henry KERR and Caroline D'ARCY.

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Dromiskin. Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Dromiskin and William John KERR 5th MARQUIS of Lothian were married on 15 July 1762 in Ireland.

KILLIOWIE (private).

Spouse: Anastacia FORTESCUE.

Andrew Ryan KINCAID (private). Parents: Glen KINCAID and Jodi Ann SIGSWORTH.

Glen KINCAID (private).

Spouse: Jodi Ann SIGSWORTH. Children were: Andrew Ryan KINCAID.

Anne KING was born about 1790. She died on 22 August 1852 in Sutton Place, Guilford, Surrey.

Spouse: Algernon HICKS.

Spouse: John James WALDEGRAVE. Children were: John James Henry WALDEGRAVE, George Edward WALDEGRAVE 7 th Earl Waldegrave.

G W Kenneth KING (private).

Spouse: Doreen Mary STEELE. Children were: Patrick Frederick Arthur KING.

Mary Jane KING13 was born in 1831 in Bristol, Somerset. She died in 1897 in Barnet, London.

Spouse: George Walter FORTESCUE. Mary Jane KING and George Walter FORTESCUE were married in 1857 in Bristol, Somerset. Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Ellen Annie FORTESCUE, Emily Louisa FORTESCUE, Catherine Carr FORTESCUE.

Patrick Frederick Arthur KING (private). Parents: G W Kenneth KING and Doreen Mary STEELE.

Spouse: Diane Marie BOHNKE.

Lord Peter KING 7th Baron of Ockham69 was born on 31 August 1776.

Spouse: Hester FORTESCUE of Castle Hill. Hester FORTESCUE of Castle Hill and Lord Peter KING 7th Baron of Ockham obtained a marriage license on 24 May 1804. They were married on 26 May 1804. Burkes Peerage date different from Clermont and more reasonable.

Paul Augustine KINGDON (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Fortescue Foulkes FOULKES.

Elizabeth KINGSBURY (private).

Spouse: William FOSCUE.

Col KINGSMILL (private).

Children were: Sidney KINGSMILL.

Sidney KINGSMILL (private). Parents: Col KINGSMILL.

Spouse: Sir Thomas FORTESCUE of Dromiskin. Children were: Chichester FORTESCUE of Donoughmore, Down, Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh.

Kate KITCHENER91 was born on 3 September 1907. She died on 4 August 1996.

Spouse: Albert John FORTESCUE. Kate KITCHENER and Albert John FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Albert Henry FORTESCUE, Katherine Laura FORTESCUE, Pamela Ann FORTESCUE, John Robert FORTESCUE.

Emma Elizabeth Maton KNAPP11 was born on 7 August 1828 in Marylebone, London. She was christened on 4 January 1829 in Old Church, St Pancras, London. She died on 7 June 1891 in Fern Lea, 51 The Avenue, Southampton, Hants. Emma was buried on 11 June 1891 in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. Buried in james henry's grave with his Mother, and Amy Rose. Family Bible says shee died in her 65th Year Parents: Thomas KNAPP and Mary .

Spouse: James Henry FORTESCUE. Emma Elizabeth Maton KNAPP and James Henry FORTESCUE were married on 2 September 1846 in All Souls, Langham Place, Regent St., London.11 Children were: Henry James Francis FORTESCUE, Emma Mary FORTESCUE, Frederick FORTESCUE, Percy FORTESCUE, Clara FORTESCUE, Amelia (Minnie) FORTESCUE, Amy Rose FORTESCUE, Ada Lily FORTESCUE, Edith FORTESCUE, Ernest Herbert FORTESCUE.

Thomas KNAPP19 was born in 1803 in Lambeth, Surrey.

Spouse: Mary . Children were: Emma Elizabeth Maton KNAPP.

David KNIGHT (private).

Spouse: Catherine FORTESCUE.

Hephzibah KNIGHTON was born about 1823 in North Rounds, Northants. She was living in December 1845 in Stilton, Cambridge. Stilton just off the A1 North of Leighton Info. from: Census record - Woolley, Hunts, 1851 (aged 28)

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE. Hephzibah KNIGHTON and Thomas FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Hannah FORTESCUE, Frederick FORTESCUE.

Hephzibah KNIGHTON6 was born on 3 March 1823 in Dr Williams Library, 14 Gordon Square, London. Parents: Thomas KNIGHTON and Mary .

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE of Woolley. Hephzibah KNIGHTON and Thomas FORTESCUE of Woolley were married before 1848. Children were: Hannah FORTESCUE, Frederick FORTESCUE, Mary A FORTESCUE.

Thomas KNIGHTON (private).

Spouse: Mary . Children were: Hephzibah KNIGHTON.

Elizabeth KNOLLES of North Mimes, Herts died on 25 October 1549. Parents: Robert KNOLLES of North Mimes, Herts.

Spouse: Richard FORTESCUE of Spridlestone. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Spridlestone, Humphrey FORTESCUE.

Robert KNOLLES of North Mimes, Herts (private).

Children were: Elizabeth KNOLLES of North Mimes, Herts.

John KNOTT (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Charles KNOTTESFORD (private).

Spouse: Tertia FORTESCUE of Cookhill.

Mary KNOTTESFORD (private).

Spouse: Francis FORTESCUE of Cookhill.

Rt Hon George KNOX31 was born on 14 January 1765. He died on 24 August 1869. Son of First Viscount Northland

Spouse: Harriet FORTESCUE. Harriet FORTESCUE and Rt Hon George KNOX were married on 12 November 1812. Children were: Isabella KNOX, John Chichester KNOX.

Isabella KNOX (private). Parents: Rt Hon George KNOX and Harriet FORTESCUE.