John FORSKEW (private). Parents: John FORSKEW and Mary TAYLOR.

John FORSKEW84 was born in 1751. He was christened on 4 August 1751 in Great Waldingfield, Suffolk. He died in 1815 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England. Parents: John FOSKUE and Elisabeth BOWERS.

Spouse: Rachel PARTRIDGE. Rachel PARTRIDGE and John FORSKEW were married on 12 December 1773 in St Peters, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk. Children were: Elizabeth FORSKEW, John FORSKEW, William FORSKEW, Ann FORSKEW, Thomas Partridge FORSKEW, Mary FORSKEW, Mary FORSKEW, Susanna FORSKEW, Mary FORSKEW.

John FORSKEW was born in 1779 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England. He was christened on 7 November 1779 in St Peters, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk. Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Spouse: Mary TAYLOR. Mary TAYLOR and John FORSKEW were married on 27 December 1802 in St Peters, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk. Children were: John FORSKEW, Elizabeth FORSKEW.

Martin FORSKEW (private).

Mary FORSKEW (private).

Spouse: Richard DEATH.

Mary FORSKEW (private). Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Mary FORSKEW (private). Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Mary FORSKEW (private). Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Susanna FORSKEW (private). Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Thomas Partridge FORSKEW84 was christened on 8 July 1787 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England. He was buried on 4 August 1859 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England. Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Spouse: Catheriine LEVITT. Children were: Isaac Partridge FORSKEW.

William FORSKEW (private). Parents: William FORSKEW and Sarah .

William FORSKEW (private).

Spouse: Sarah . Children were: William FORSKEW.

William FORSKEW was born in 1782 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England. He was christened on 19 May 1782 in St Peters, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk. Parents: John FORSKEW and Rachel PARTRIDGE.

Hugh FORSKEWE (private).

Sir George FORSTER MP for Monaghan85 was born on 21 March 1796 in Baronstown, Glebe, County Louth, Ireland. He died on 4 April 1876. Only son. Called to the bar in Ireland in 1830, was a magistrate for the counties of Louth, Meath and Monaghan,a DL and High Sherrif for Monghan, and MP from 1852-1865 (Don Park) Parents: Rev Sir Thomas FORSTER and Dorcas HOWSE.

Spouse: Anna Maria FORTESCUE of Stephenstown. Anna Maria FORTESCUE of Stephenstown and Sir George FORSTER MP for Monaghan were married on 20 May 1817 in Castlebellingham Church, County Louth, Ireland.86

Rev Sir Thomas FORSTER (private).

Spouse: Dorcas HOWSE. Children were: Sir George FORSTER MP for Monaghan.

Penellopey FORTESCEW (private).

Spouse: Richard HARRIES.

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Margaret . Children were: May FORTESCUE.

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Francisca . Children were: Constance FORTESCUE.

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Dorothy . Children were: John .

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Ellen . Children were: Bertie FORTESCUE, Annie FORTESCUE.

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth . Children were: Fanny Louisa FORTESCUE.

FORTESCUE (private).

Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE.

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Jane . Children were: Nellie FORTESCUE.

FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Minna . Children were: Gertrude Josephine FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Ann FORTESCUE, Catherine Winnifred FORTESCUE, Mary Louisa FORTESCUE, Allan FORTESCUE, Madeline FORTESCUE.

Abbey FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Warwick Andrew FORTESCUE and Jennifer LLOYD.

Ada FORTESCUE46 was born in 1868. She was christened on 10 May 1868 in Little Gransden, Cambridge. She appeared in the census in 1881 in Little Gransden, Cambridge. Visiting grandfather Nathanial Parents: Edward FORTESCUE and Esther Ann LILLEY.

Spouse: Charles Herbert ROSE. Ada FORTESCUE and Charles Herbert ROSE were married on 15 November 1893. Children were: Thomas Edward ROSE, Henry ROSE, Sidney Walter ROSE, Vera Fortescue ROSE, Daisy ROSE, Ruby ROSE, Stanley Charles ROSE.

Ada FORTESCUE3 was born about 1870 in Beverley, Yorkshire. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Margaret .

Ada Amelia FORTESCUE3,87 was born on 29 December 1869 in Mile End Old Town. She was christened on 27 February 1870 in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London.19 Parents: William FORTESCUE and Emily BRAID.

Spouse: HAILL.

Ada Lily FORTESCUE11 was born on 6 October 1861. She was baptized on 2 March 1862 in St Marys, Paddington, London. She died in 1887 in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. Died in Childbirth
At age 22 she emigrated to Australia under assisted passage in the Seekirkshire in 1882 with her sister Clara, aged 25. (N.S.W. State Library). Twin to Amy Rose Parents: James Henry FORTESCUE and Emma Elizabeth Maton KNAPP.

Spouse: Patrick HEAD.

Ada Mary FORTESCUE1 was born in 1888 in Stoney Stanton, Leicester. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Ann .

Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone (private). Parents: Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

Children were: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone (private). Parents: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

Children were: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

Adam FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sir Adam FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Children were: Adam FORTESCUE.

Adam FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Adam FORTESCUE.

Children were: William FORTESCUE.

Sir Adam FORTESCUE of Modbury39 died before 1087. Fought at the Battle of Hastings. Settled in South Devon at Modbury. Not mentioned in Doomsady Book so assumed dead by then.

Parents: Sir Richard LE FORT.

Children were: Richard FORTESCUE Of Modbury, Adam FORTESCUE.

Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone26,39 died before 1342. Dead by 1342 Parents: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

Spouse: Anna DE LA PORT Of Old Port. Children were: William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone, Richard FORTESCUE, Nicholas FORTESCUE of Plymouth.

Adele Eulalie FORTESCUE11 was born on 22 June 1893. Parents: Ernest Herbert FORTESCUE and Maude Marie WALKYIER.

Spouse: Harry ROBERTSON. Children were: Noel ROBERTSON.

Adrian FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Roger FORTESCUE and LOIS FARRELL.

Sir Adrian FORTESCUE88 was born about 1476 in Punsbourne, Herts. He died on 10 July 1539.70 Beheaded Adrian was the second son of Sir John Fortescue. He married Anne Stonor, daughter of Sir William Stonor of Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames. Anne sister, and afterwards heir to John Stonor, who had married Adrian's sister Mary. Her mother was Lady Anne Neville, eldest daughter of John, Marquis of Montagu, brother of Richard, Earl of Warwick, the "King-maker".

In 1503 Prince Henry became Prince of Wales and Sir Adrian was made Knight of the Bath. In 1504 and 1505 he was fined, together with his brother John, for forming a riot. In 1509 & 10 he purchased an estate in Hampshire. In 1511 he was put into the commission of the peace of Oxford. He probably resided mainly at Stonor.

At the end of June 1513 Sir Adrian and his brother John joined King Henry VIII and went to Calais. Terouenne and Tournay fell in battle and by the end of October Henry was back in England.

In July 1517 Sir Adrian and Sir John were in the king's retinue at the royal banquet at Greenwich; Sir Adrian was a Gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber.

On 14 June 1518 his wife Anne died and was buried at Pyrton Church at Shirburn or Shirborne or Shirborne where afterwards Sir Adrian lived, but on 31st March 1525 she was moved to the church at the Priory of Bysham, Berkshire, to be buried among her ancestors. In 1538 the Priory was raised by Henry VIII. Sir Adrian removed Anne's remains to the neighbourhood of Stonor - to Brightwell-Baldwin Church, 2 to 3 miles from Stonor.

Sir Adrian's claim to the estates of Anne, including Stonor was presumably disputed by Anne's uncle Thomas Stonor, and a bitter and violent dispute lasted for 16 years.

In 1520 Sir Adrian was appointed by Henry to accompany him and the queen to meet Francis I at Calais Marches, at Guisner. Colleagues on the journey were Sir Walter Stonor, and Sir William Rede, his future father-in-law.

The alliance between Henry VIII and Francis I was short-lived and in 1522 England and France were at war again. In July Sir Adrian accompanied the Earl of Surrey to Picardy as a prime officer. There was no battle, but they took many towns and returned to England in October.

In 1528 the king called on Sir Adrian for support.

In about 1530 Sir Adrian married his second wife, Anne Rede, who was about 20 years old, the daughter of Sir William of Rede of Boarstall, Buckinghamshire.

In 1532 Sir Adrian was attached to Reine when Henry VIII separated, and in 1532 he was admitted as a knight to St. John of Jerusalem. This Order was abolished by Act of Parliament in 1534/5, and he journeyed to London and took his cousin Lewis Fortescue of Spridlestone (who became a Judge as Baron of the Exchequer in 1542) back home to Shirburn or Shirborne or Shirborne.

On 29th August, 26th Henry VIII he was summoned to the king and was imprisoned for failing to acknowledge Henry VIII as head of the Church.

In 1536 the king adjudicated that Stonor goes to heirs male, and Sir Adrian removed his possessions therefrom.

An Act of Parliament confirmed that Sir Adrian would keep one share of Stonor estates for his lifetime, and Sir Walter Stonor the other. Sir Adrian's part passed to his daughter by his first wife, namely Lady Margaret Wentworth, and Frances Fitzgerald, the wife of the Earl of Kildare. (The Earl of Kildare was at that time imprisoned as a rebel and a traitor. He, with 5 uncles, was executed at Tyburn, on 8th February 1537, aged 24.)

In 1539 Sir Adrian was arrested for endeavouring to raise a rebellion, and he was beheaded on 10th July. There was a portrait of him in St John's Church at Valetta, Malta.

Lady Anne Fortescue was remembered by Queen Mary, who took her into her favour in 1553, after her father's heresy. She attended the queen on 30th September, and was granted several manors in Gloucestershire, namely Pannington, Gotherington, Tredington, and Washbourne near Tewkesbury, and the Manor of Hamstead near Chipping-Sodbury. Gotherington and Washbourne were sold by her grandson Sir Francis Fortescue in 1620.

Lady Anne married again - Thomas Ap-Harry or Parry, who died in 1575. She died on 5th January 1585, aged 75, and was buried at Welford, near Newbury, Berkshire. An alabaster monument was erected there by her son Thomas.

Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE the younger of Punsbourne and Alice BOLEYN.

Spouse: Anne STONOR of Stonor Park. Anne STONOR of Stonor Park and Sir Adrian FORTESCUE were married about 1502. Children were: Margaret FORTESCUE of Salden, Frances FORTESCUE of Salden.

Spouse: Anne REDE. Anne REDE and Sir Adrian FORTESCUE were married about 1530. Children were: Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden, Thomas FORTESCUE of Donnington, Sir Anthony FORTESCUE of Salden, Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Salden, Mary FORTESCUE of Salden.

Adrian FORTESCUE of Salden23 was born in 1601. He died on 13 December 1653. Parents: Sir Francis FORTESCUE K.C.B. and Grace MANNERS.

Adrian Henry FORTESCUE50 was born in 1874. He appeared in the census in 1881 in 40 Park Road, Hamstead, London. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. RG14PN7577 RG78PN371 RD136 SD1 ED8 SN279 Hitchin, Hertfordshire
FORTESCUE, Adrian Head 1874 37  M Single Roman Catholic Priest Hampstead, London
Adrian died on 22 February 1923. Taken from dates recorded in National Library Canberra about his Book "The Misssal" published by Burns and Oates, London Also on the net as 11 Feb 1923 Winifred Fortescue in her book "THERE'S ROSEMARY... THERE'S RUE wrote about a fascinating relation Adrian. He wrote to the historian John (Winifred's husband) after being told indirectly that he was no relation to them.

"We were cousins in the 14th century. Mine is the elder but undistinguished branch. It did remain however loyal to its King and Faith which is more than yours did. We discovered him to be, in spite his early middle age a man of immense learning. He was a marvelous
linguist, and enjoyed in learning abstruse and difficult tongues and dialects. He knew and loved the desert tribes; had traveled in the east disguised as an Arab and once had to kill a man in self-defence. He was an expert on old church music, on the liturgy, ritual and
vestments of the Roman Catholic Church of which he was an ordained priest; a very good water colour artist besides being an erudite scholar with a comprehensive knowledge of the classics; he appeared to read every book that was written from abstruse scientific works to
trashy novels, which, when sleepless, he devoured at a rate of three a night."


Parents: Edward Bowles Knottesford FORTESCUE of Alveston and Gertrude ROBINS.

Agatha Josephine FORTESCUE1 was born in 1893 in Banbury, Oxford. Parents: Charles FORTESCUE.

Agnes FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE and Christian VIVIAN.

Spouse: John RANDALL of Burian.

Agnes FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Henry FORTESCUE and Susanna HARRYS.

Spouse: Robert TUCKERMAN.

Agnes FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Baron Lewis FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Spouse: Harrie BATHE.

Agnes FORTESCUE of Hollacombe70,89 was born in 1453. Anna changed to Agnes and Holcombe changed to Hollacombe in line with Visitations of Cornwall Parents: Richard FORTESCUE of Hollacombe and Alice HOLLACOMBE of Hollacombe.

Spouse: John MOLYE of Bake, Cornwall. Children were: Richard MOLYE of Bake, Cornwall.

Agnes FORTESCUE39 was born about 1513.19 Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Florence BONVILLE.

Spouse: Roger AYSFORD of Womwell.

Agnes FORTESCUE47 was born about 1557. Visitations of Cornwall has her first name as Agass whereas Clermont
has her as Agnes. Visitations also has Agness as the mother so have
taken Agass as correct. Parents: Nicholas FORTESCUE of Mawgan, Cornwall and Jane HILL of Heligan.

Spouse: George BOWDEN.

Agnes FORTESCUE of Combe19 was born in 1658 in Combe, Holbeton, Devon. She was christened on 17 November 1658 in Combe, Holbeton, Devon. Parents: George FORTESCUE of Combe and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh.