Mary REDMAN8 died on 26 December 1648. She was buried on 27 December 1648 in Roborough, nr Plymouth, Devon.

Spouse: John STUCLEY of Affeton. Mary REDMAN and John STUCLEY of Affeton were married on 15 July 1597 in Tawstock, Devon. Children were: John STUCLEY of Cobleigh.

M Victor REEVES (private).

Spouse: Angelia FORTESCUE.

Katherine Cree REID71 was born in 1905. She died in 1983. Parents: Phillip REID and Mary Constance CREE.

Spouse: Lionel Stanhope FORTESCUE. Katherine Cree REID and Lionel Stanhope FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Mary Andree FORTESCUE, Cecily Ruth Fortescue FORTESCUE, Nancy FORTESCUE.

Phillip REID (private).

Spouse: Mary Constance CREE. Children were: Katherine Cree REID.

Arthur James RELPH (private). Parents: Charles RELPH and Ivy SIMPSON.

Spouse: Esther JONES. Children were: Dianne RELPH, Graham RELPH, Natalie RELPH, Belinda RELPH, Craig RELPH.

Belinda RELPH (private). Parents: Arthur James RELPH and Esther JONES.

Charles RELPH (private).

Spouse: Ivy SIMPSON. Children were: Joseph Charles RELPH, Arthur James RELPH.

Craig RELPH (private). Parents: Arthur James RELPH and Esther JONES.

Dianne RELPH (private). Parents: Arthur James RELPH and Esther JONES.

Graham RELPH (private). Parents: Arthur James RELPH and Esther JONES.

Joseph Charles RELPH (private). Parents: Charles RELPH and Ivy SIMPSON.

Natalie RELPH (private). Parents: Arthur James RELPH and Esther JONES.

Rev Leigh Thomas RENDELL M.A. (private).

Spouse: Sophia Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Gilbert REVESBY (private).

Children were: Mary REVESBY.

Mary REVESBY (private). Parents: Gilbert REVESBY.

Spouse: Sir Edward FORTESCUE of Salden. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Salden, Francis FORTESCUE, Anne FORTESCUE of Salden, Mary FORTESCUE of Salden, Frances FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Salden.

Edmund REYNELL (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford.

George REYNELL (private).

Spouse: Margaret FORTESCUE of Pruteston.

George REYNELL (private).

Spouse: Rebecca FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford.

George REYNELL of Malston (private).

Spouse: Joane FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Elizabeth RICH (private).

Spouse: Lord George LYTTELTON.

Dr John RICHARDSON of Market Harborough was born on 9 January 1897. He died on 16 December 1987.

Spouse: Dorothy SAXBY. Dorothy SAXBY and Dr John RICHARDSON of Market Harborough were married. Seen in Wilby Church by Don and Bee Edge on 24 June 1997 on gravestone

Dorothy Mary Richardson (nee Saxby)
Born 18 July 1897
Died 13 March 1986

Johyn Charles Richardson
B 9.1.1897 D 16.12.1987

Julia RICHARDSON (private).

Spouse: Henry FORTESCUE of Cookhill.

Elizabeth RIDDLE (private).

Spouse: David Uriah PATTON.

Hannah RIGSBY (private).

Spouse: John FORTESCUE of Shebbear. Children were: Henry FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE of Buckland-Brewer, James FORTESCUE.

Molly ROACH (private).

Spouse: Frank FORTESCUE.

Anne ROADING of St George Stamford, Lincs was born in 1710. She died on 29 September 1783. Of the Parish of St George, Stamford, Lincs

Spouse: James FORTESCUE of Leighton Bromswold and Thurning. Anne ROADING of St George Stamford, Lincs and James FORTESCUE of Leighton Bromswold and Thurning were married on 5 June 1734 in Huntingdon, Hunts. Helen Grant Wallace

Joint wedding with brother John Children were: James FORTESCUE of Thurning, Nathaniel FORTESCUE, Robert FORTESCUE, Ann FORTESCUE.

ROBERT AGER died in 1950.

Children were: Edith Grace AGER.

ROBERT ROLLE (private).

Spouse: Lady Arabella CLINTON.

Grace ROBERTS8 was buried on 2 January 1653/4 in Westdowne, Devon.

Spouse: Francis ISAACS of Westdowne,. Grace ROBERTS and Francis ISAACS of Westdowne, were married on 6 August 1622.

John ROBERTS (private).

Spouse: Margaret FORTESCUE.

Margaret ROBERTS (private).

Spouse: Stephen John Graham FORTESCUE. Children were: Phillipa Ann FORTESCUE, Stephanie FORTESCUE, Leslie John FORTESCUE.

Evan ROBERTSON (private).

Spouse: Faye FORTESCUE. Children were: Richelle ROBERTSON, Leonard ROBERTSON.

Harry ROBERTSON (private).

Spouse: Adele Eulalie FORTESCUE. Children were: Noel ROBERTSON.

Leonard ROBERTSON (private). Parents: Evan ROBERTSON and Faye FORTESCUE.

Noel ROBERTSON (private). Parents: Harry ROBERTSON and Adele Eulalie FORTESCUE.

Richelle ROBERTSON (private). Parents: Evan ROBERTSON and Faye FORTESCUE.

Gertrude ROBINS (private). Parents: Rev Sanderson ROBINS and Caroline Gertrude BARHAM.

Spouse: Edward Bowles Knottesford FORTESCUE of Alveston. Children were: Clara Mary Katherine FORTESCUE, Adrian Henry FORTESCUE, Gertrude Rhaphael FORTESCUE.

Rev Sanderson ROBINS (private).

Spouse: Caroline Gertrude BARHAM. Children were: Gertrude ROBINS.

William ROBINSON (private).

Spouse: Dinah FORTESCUE.

ROCKLEY (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE.

James RODD175 died before 1782.

Spouse: Joanna FORTESCUE.

Mary ROE4 was born about 1866 in Ardee, County Louth, Ireland. She appeared in the census in 1911 in House 1 in Cappagsgreen, Ardee, County Louth, Ireland. Fortescue Mary 45 Female Sister Catholic Co Louth, Ardee House Keeper R and w English Married - 24 5 5
Fortescue Mary 19 Female Niece Catholic Co Louth, Ardee Dressmaker R and w English Single - - - -
Fortescue Annie 16 Female Niece Catholic Co Louth, London Scholar R and w English Single - -

Spouse: Unknown FORTESCUE. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Annie FORTESCUE.

Phyllis E M ROGERS (private).

Spouse: Albert Walker FORD.

Henry ROLLE (private).

Spouse: Mary YEO.

Mary ROLLE of Heaton Sackville53 was born about 1586. She died on 3 March 1648/9. Age given as 62 in Visitations of the County of Devon Parents: Samuel ROLLE.

Spouse: Hugh FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford. Mary ROLLE of Heaton Sackville and Hugh FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford were married on 2 February 1612 in Petrockstowe, Devon. Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford, Colonel Robert FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford, Joanna FORTESCUE, Joanna (Johanna) FORTESCUE, Hugh FORTESCUE, Arthur FORTESCUE of Penwarne, John FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Margaret FORTESCUE, Joseph FORTESCUE, Edmund FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford, Samuel FORTESCUE of Cleeve in Wear-Gifford.

Samuel ROLLE62 died in 1663.

Children were: Mary ROLLE of Heaton Sackville.

Sir Henry ROLLES (private).

Spouse: Jane FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Miriam Cathleen known as Cathleen ROLLS (private).

Spouse: Dominic James Lewis FORTESCUE.

Charles Herbert ROSE33 was born in 1870.

Spouse: Ada FORTESCUE. Ada FORTESCUE and Charles Herbert ROSE were married on 15 November 1893. Children were: Thomas Edward ROSE, Henry ROSE, Sidney Walter ROSE, Vera Fortescue ROSE, Daisy ROSE, Ruby ROSE, Stanley Charles ROSE.

Daisy ROSE (private). Parents: Charles Herbert ROSE and Ada FORTESCUE.