John ADAIR (private).

Children were: Jane ADAIR of Belmont.

Lydia ADAM (private).

Spouse: John FOSCUE.

Emily Elizabeth ADAMS (private). Parents: Rt Hon William Patrick ADAMS.

Spouse: Major Lionel Henry Dudley FORTESCUE of Castle Hill.

Spouse: Walter B FERRIE of Vancouver.

Violet Isobella ADAMS (private).

Spouse: James Edgar FORTESCUE. Children were: John Cecil FORTESCUE.

Rt Hon William Patrick ADAMS (private).

Children were: Emily Elizabeth ADAMS.


Edith Grace AGER10 was born in 1920. She died on 14 May 2010 in Winipeg, Manitoba. Worked on various farms after leaving school. during WWII worked at MacDonald aircraft making Ansons - the wood aicraft used for training pilots.

her sudden passing on Friday, May 14, 2010 at St. Boniface Hospital. Grace was predeceased by her husband Jack in December 1982, daughter Linda in April 2009, sister Marjorie Rayner in February 2009, father Robert Ager in 1950 and mother Rose Ager in 1963. She is survived by her sister-in-law Catherine Fortescue and numerous nieces and nephews. Aunt Grace was born June 6, 1920 at Grace hospital in Winnipeg, the eldest of two children of Robert and Rose Ager. She attended Central School in Transcona then left home at an early age to begin her working career. She met the love of her life, Jack Fortescue and they were married October 5, 1947. They were blessed with their daughter Linda on January 14, 1949. Grace was interested in Genealogy, helping Linda trace the Ager and Fortescue family ancestry back many generations. She travelled extensively throughout Canada and the U.S., as well as several countries including Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Grace also loved gardening and animals. Each year it was a contest to see who would enjoy her garden, herself or the neighbourhood rabbits. Early every morning, rain or shine, Grace could be seen feeding the birds in her yard. She leaves behind her two special cats, Casper and Midge who will miss her greatly. They were a great source of comfort and amusement to her, particularly since the passing of her daughter Linda. Parents: ROBERT AGER.

Spouse: John (Jack) FORTESCUE. Edith Grace AGER and John (Jack) FORTESCUE were married on 25 October 1947 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Children were: Linda FORTESCUE.

Sir (Thomas) David AINSWORTH (private).

Children were: Tessa Jane AINSWORTH.

Tessa Jane AINSWORTH (private). Parents: Sir (Thomas) David AINSWORTH.

Spouse: Nicholas Cecil John FORTESCUE. Children were: Rosie Olivia FORTESCUE, Lily Sarah FORTESCUE.

Baldwin AKELANE (private).

Spouse: Jone (Joan) PRIDIAUX of Adiston. Children were: John AKELANE of Akelane.

John AKELANE of Akelane (private). Parents: Baldwin AKELANE and Jone (Joan) PRIDIAUX of Adiston.

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Henry ALAND of Waterford (private).

Children were: Sarah ALAND of Waterford, Ireland.

Sarah ALAND of Waterford, Ireland (private). Parents: Henry ALAND of Waterford.

Spouse: Edmund FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford. Children were: Lord John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan, Edmund FORTESCUE-ALAND, Henry FORTESCUE-ALAND.

Cecilia Reddie ALDHAM (private). Parents: George ALDHAM Commander RN.

Spouse: Herbert FORTESCUE M.R.C.S.E. Children were: William Crawford FORTESCUE.

George ALDHAM Commander RN (private).

Children were: Cecilia Reddie ALDHAM.

Millicent ALDRIDGE1 was born in 1874 in Reading, Berks. She appeared in the census in 1911 in 49 Oxford Rd, Reading, Berks.

Children were: May FORTESCUE, Ronald FORTESCUE.

Sarah ALDRIGE (private).

Spouse: Samuel FOSKEW.

Thomas ALDSWORTH (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE of Wantage.

Iris ALFORD11 was born in 1898. She died in 1965. Southampton Parents: Leonard Charles ALFORD and Edith FORTESCUE.

Leonard Charles ALFORD11 was born in 1864. He died in July 1928.

Spouse: Edith FORTESCUE. Edith FORTESCUE and Leonard Charles ALFORD were married on 16 May 1891. Children were: Olive ALFORD, Iris ALFORD.

Olive ALFORD11 was born in 1892. She died in 1965. Southampton Parents: Leonard Charles ALFORD and Edith FORTESCUE.

Isabella (Bella) ALLAN12 was born on 12 November 1859 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She died on 10 October 1945 in 87 St John's Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. She was buried in Sutton Cemetery, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. She was married before and her maiden name appears to be Jamieson and
Married Surname Allan from Birth certificate of Ada Dorothy Waddington
issued on 4 october 1893 No 1147 in the district of Gorbals

On her death it was found from her marriage certificate that she had
been married previously to a Mr Smith - a total surprise!

Spouse: Harold Walter WADDINGTON. Isabella (Bella) ALLAN and Harold Walter WADDINGTON were married on 8 March 1892 in Aberdeen, Scotland. This was her second marriage. Form birth certificae of Ada Dorothy Children were: Ada Dorothy WADDINGTON.

Blanche Elizabeth ALLEN (private). Parents: John ALLEN and Marianne Catherine FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Frederick Gonneman DALGETY.

Courtenay Raymond ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Evelyn FORTESCUE. Children were: Eric ALLEN.

Eliza ALLEN13 was born about 1843.

Spouse: William Mortimer FORTESCUE. Eliza ALLEN and William Mortimer FORTESCUE were married.

Eric ALLEN (private). Parents: Courtenay Raymond ALLEN and Evelyn FORTESCUE.

John ALLEN (private).

Spouse: Marianne Catherine FORTESCUE. Children were: Blanche Elizabeth ALLEN.

Anne AMEREDITH (private). Parents: Edward AMEREDITH and Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE. Children were: Edward FORTESCUE, Anne FORTESCUE.

Edward AMEREDITH14 died on 13 June 1606. Parents: Griffith AMEREDITH and Joan MOORE.

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE. Children were: Anne AMEREDITH.

Griffith AMEREDITH8 died on 5 December 1557. He was buried on 7 December 1557 in St Petrock, Exeter, Devon.

Spouse: Joan MOORE. Children were: Edward AMEREDITH.

Clara AMESBURY15 was born about 1888 in Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire. Parents: Walter AMESBURY.

Spouse: Edward Robert FORTESCUE. Clara AMESBURY and Edward Robert FORTESCUE were married in 1913 in Bristol, Gloucestershire.

Walter AMESBURY (private).

Children were: Clara AMESBURY.

Allyson ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: Ryan Earl SIGSWORTH.

Jane Sophia ANDERSON (private).

Spouse: William FORTESCUE. Children were: Minnie Jane FORTESCUE, John James Anderson FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Marion FORTESCUE, Florence A FORTESCUE, Lilian C FORTESCUE, Alfred George FORTESCUE, Horace E FORTESCUE.

Eleanor ANDREWS2 was born in 1862 in Bramley, Surrey.

Spouse: Francis Henry FORTESCUE. Eleanor ANDREWS and Francis Henry FORTESCUE were married about 1881 in Wandsworth, London. Children were: Lilian Maude FORTESCUE, Dorothy Violet FORTESCUE, Cecil Francis FORTESCUE, Reginald Henry FORTESCUE, Elsie Marion FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: James FOSKEW. Children were: Elizabeth FOSKEW, Mary Ann FOSKEW.

Stephen Raymond ANDREWS (private).

Spouse: Julie Carol FORTESCUE.

Anne ANGELL16 was born on 10 October 1921 in Horden, County Durham. She died in 2000 in County Durham.

Spouse: Dennis Campbell FORTESCUE. Children were: Susan Joan FORTESCUE.

ANN HEARN (private).

Spouse: Wlliam Lee WRIGHT. Children were: Peter WRIGHT, Michael WRIGHT.


Spouse: Ven Archdeacon William SPOONER Rector of Elmdown. Children were: Frances Anne SPOONER.

Arthur ANNESLEY was born on 7 August 1744 in Newport Pagnell, Bucks. He died on 5 July 1816. Parents: Richard ANNESLEY and Julianna DONONVAN.

Spouse: Lucy LYTTELTON. Lucy LYTTELTON and Arthur ANNESLEY were married on 10 May 1774 in Westminster, St. James.

Richard ANNESLEY (private).

Spouse: Julianna DONONVAN. Children were: Arthur ANNESLEY.

Peter ANTHONY (private). Parents: Ron ANTHONY of Longstowe and Mary Averil Wilmer FORTESCUE.

Phineas ANTHONY (private).

Spouse: Dorothea FORTESCUE of Spridlestone.

Phineas ANTHONY (private).

Spouse: Dorothea FORTESCUE of Spridlestone.

Ron ANTHONY of Longstowe (private).

Spouse: Mary Averil Wilmer FORTESCUE. Children were: Peter ANTHONY.

Mary APLEY (private).

Spouse: Edward HOBLYN. Children were: Thomas HOBLYN.

Col ARCHER (private).

Children were: Henrietta ARCHER.

Henrietta ARCHER17 was born in 1754.18 She died in 1794. First name as Harriet in Visitations of the County of Devon. Given as
Henrietta in Clermont and Burke's and in memorial to her in Filleigh
Church. Parents: Col ARCHER.

Spouse: Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN. Henrietta ARCHER and Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN were married on 16 November 1778 in St Marys, Portsea, Hants.19 Children were: Matthew FORTESCUE of Belvedere, Dublin, Rev William FORTESCUE.

Mary ARCHER20 was christened on 25 August 1706 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. She was buried on 18 March 1748 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. Parents: Thomas ARCHER.

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE. Mary ARCHER and Thomas FORTESCUE were married on 28 October 1729 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. Children were: Thomas FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Thomas FORTESCUE, Katherine FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Joseph FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Ellen FORTESCUE.