Patricia Bea Nelson STEELE (private). Parents: Frederick Holmes STEELE and Kathleen Freda THACKRAY.

Aubron Percy Roland STEVENS (private). Parents: Charles Edward STEVENS and Lucy FORTESCUE.

Charles Edward STEVENS11 was born on 1 October 1827 in Hilperton, Somerset. He died on 6 December 1910 in Nottingham, Notts. He was a Coal Merchant in Notts.33

Spouse: Lucy FORTESCUE. Lucy FORTESCUE and Charles Edward STEVENS were married on 10 July 1862.33 Children were: Charles Lionel STEVENS, Ernest Arthur Albert STEVENS, Theodore Harold Victor STEVENS, Aubron Percy Roland STEVENS, Horace Bertram Edgar STEVENS.

Charles Lionel STEVENS11 was born on 25 June 1862 in Nottingham, Notts. He died on 21 June 1947 in Nottingham, Notts.13 Parents: Charles Edward STEVENS and Lucy FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Lucy Edith FORTESCUE. Lucy Edith FORTESCUE and Charles Lionel STEVENS were married in June 1908 in Islington, London. Children were: Edward Colin Fortescue STEVENS.

Edward Colin Fortescue STEVENS (private). Parents: Charles Lionel STEVENS and Lucy Edith FORTESCUE.

Ernest Arthur Albert STEVENS11 was born on 4 September 1865 in Nottingham, Notts. He died on 30 March 1944. He was a Clothing Trade. Parents: Charles Edward STEVENS and Lucy FORTESCUE.

Horace Bertram Edgar STEVENS was born on 19 December 1872 in Nottingham, Notts. He died in 1967. Parents: Charles Edward STEVENS and Lucy FORTESCUE.

Theodore Harold Victor STEVENS11 was born on 21 December 1866 in Nottingham, Notts. He died on 22 January 1958 in Nottingham, Notts. Parents: Charles Edward STEVENS and Lucy FORTESCUE.

Ann (Annie) Kathleen STILL died on 2 December 1951 in Toronto, Canada. Fortescue - Toronto Star - December 4, 1951

Fortescue - Ann at the Wellesley hospital on Sunday December 2, 1951, Ann Fortescue, late of 238 Gainsborough Rd., Toronto. Beloved wife of the late Arthur James Fortescue. Dear mother of Kathleen (Mrs. J. Blazer), Gladys (Mrs. Benson), Lillian (Mrs. A. Taylor), Leamington, Ont., Ernest & Arthur. Resting at the Trull funeral home 1111 Danforth Ave for service Wednesday 1pm. Interment St. John's cemetery, Norway.

Spouse: Arthur James FORTESCUE. Ann (Annie) Kathleen STILL and Arthur James FORTESCUE were married before 1905. Children were: Kathleen Amelia FORTESCUE, Ernest James FORTESCUE, Gladys FORTESCUE, Lillian FORTESCUE, Arthur FORTESCUE.

Catherine STIRLING (private).

Spouse: Faithful Adrian FORTESCUE.

Captain James Crawford STIRLING-STUART of Castlemilk and Milton17 died on 8 June 1887. King's Dragoon Guards

Spouse: Harriet Boswell Erskine FORTESCUE. Harriet Boswell Erskine FORTESCUE and Captain James Crawford STIRLING-STUART of Castlemilk and Milton were married on 1 June 1852.

STOCKHAM (private).

Spouse: Dorothie FORTESCUE.

Richard STOCKMAN (private).

Spouse: Donna FORTESCUE.

STONE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Jane VIVIAN.

STONOR (private).

Children were: Sir William STONOR of Stonor Park, Sir Thomas STONOR.

Anne STONOR of Stonor Park88 died in 1518. From Camden's Britannia Page 266 Oxfordshire.

Footnote(23) - here is Brixbond and Stonor ancient possessions of the families of Stonor's, who since the time of King Edward 3 when Sir John Stonor was Chief Justice in the common pleas, flourished with great alliance and revenues, until they were transferred by an heir
general to Sir Adrian Fortescue unhappily attainted, whose daughter, heir to her mother, was married to the first Baron Wentworth (The Wentworths came from Nettlested in Suffolk and the first Baron was created by Henry the Eighth - page 371)

Parents: Sir William STONOR of Stonor Park and Lady Anne NEVILLE of Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames.

Spouse: Sir Adrian FORTESCUE. Anne STONOR of Stonor Park and Sir Adrian FORTESCUE were married about 1502. Children were: Margaret FORTESCUE of Salden, Frances FORTESCUE of Salden.

John STONOR of Stonor Park70 was born about 1478. Notes on Stonors of Stonor Park has John Living from 1482 to 1499. He inheritated the estate at the age of 12. Guardian of John and his sister Ann was Sir John Fortescue.
John was was married to Mary daugther of Sir John and his sister married Sir Adrian Fortescue. John died without issue at the age of 17 and was succeeded by his uncle the younger brother of Sir William.

Clermont has him married to Mary whereas the above says he was bethrothed only. Parents: Sir William STONOR of Stonor Park and Lady Anne NEVILLE of Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames.

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE. Mary FORTESCUE and John STONOR of Stonor Park were married in 1495.

Mary STONOR of Stonor (private). Parents: Sir Walter STONOR of Stonor.

Spouse: Sir John FORTESCUE 2nd Baronet of Nova Scotia. Children were: Sir John FORTESCUE 3rd Baronet of Nova Scotia, William FORTESCUE of Salden, Lucy FORTESCUE.

Sir Thomas STONOR was born in 1477. He died in 1550. Parents: STONOR.

Sir Walter STONOR of Stonor (private).

Children were: Mary STONOR of Stonor.

Sir William STONOR of Stonor Park70 died in 1499. Note 6 PUNSBOURNE AND FALKBOURNE BRANCH 1400 - 1650 says his name was
Walter. Asked PWF to check. May 99 Parents: STONOR.

Spouse: Lady Anne NEVILLE of Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames. Children were: John STONOR of Stonor Park, Anne STONOR of Stonor Park.

Nancy STORACE was born on 27 October 1766 in London. She died on 24 August 1817 in Dulwich, London. The opera beauty Anna Nancy Storace was born in 1765 in London to an Italian father and English mother. Like many of our past musical tarts with musical fathers, Nancy's dad wanted his children to follow in his musical footsteps and began training Nancy in singing from a young age. Nancy's talent shone and she began performing all over and even had some royal audiences. By the age of 13 she was studying opera in Italy.

By the time Nancy was eighteen she was an opera star on the Vienna stage. The Viennese loved her and Nancy loved the celebrity. Unfortunately Nancy's good fortunes took a turn when her mother encouraged her to marry some old English musician by the name of John Abraham Fisher. The marriage was a disaster. John was cruel and would beat his poor little wife. The abuse was so bad that Nancy would be forced to cake on makeup to hide her bruises. Eventually the gossipers caught wind of the abuse and the news reached the musical Emperor Joseph II, Marie Antoinette's brother. Well, Joe couldn't have his prized opera singer performing Salieri's masterpieces all black and blue! He booted Fisher out of Vienna. If only emperors always stepped in to save our tarts from awful husbands!

Nancy's husband may have been gone but she was now pregnant. Another disaster befell her when she collapsed and lost her voice for a few months. A daughter was born not long afterward but given to a foundling hospital where she later died. After the dramatic hiatus Nancy returned to the stage and back to her celebrity lifestyle. This time her celebrity lifestyle included men...a lot of men. Nancy got around, dating many of the musicians in Vienna. It is even rumoured she dated Vienna's most famous musician, the first ever rock star, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Another supposed love of the loose lady was Emperor Joe. What would his mother say! Tsk tsk.

Beside her romantic involvement with Mozart, Nancy also made a great effort in bringing the rocker to England to compose an opera. However, when Mozart received his royal invitation (from the Prince of Wales, can you imagine the mischief they would have got in? Mozart would never have finished an opera) Mozart was dying and would not be able to make the journey.

Nancy returned back to her homeland to continue her career. It was here she began her longest and most successful relationship with fellow British opera hunk, John Braham. The two would have a son together, Spencer. The rest of Nancy's life continued to be pretty happy. She even struck up a friendship with fellow tart, Emma Hamilton. Sadly though, her last remaining years would not be as blissful. She had a painful breakup (after eighteen years) with Braham which resulted in legal battles. Jerk. A few years afterward, in 1817, Nancy suffered from two strokes and died.

Mary STOVELL (private).

Spouse: Robert FORTESCUE. Children were: Robert FORTESCUE, Nathaniel FORTESCUE.

James STRACEY (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FOSKEW.

Ella STRACHEN (private).

Spouse: Albert Edward Muspratt FORTESCUE M.B.E..

Edward STRACHEY 2nd Baron Strachey (private). Parents: Edward STRACHEY 1st Baron Strachie and Constance BARHAM.

Edward STRACHEY 1st Baron Strachie was born in 1858. He died in 1936. Created Baron in 1911. Paymaster General 1912 to 1915

Spouse: Constance BARHAM. Constance BARHAM and Edward STRACHEY 1st Baron Strachie were married in 1889. NeedsChecking
Children were: Edward STRACHEY 2nd Baron Strachey.

Gillian Grace STRANGE (private).

Spouse: Peter Waddington FORTESCUE. Children were: Warwick Andrew FORTESCUE, Jacqueline Claire FORTESCUE, Julie Anne FORTESCUE, Alison Mary FORTESCUE.

Harriet Vittoria STRATTON of Farthinghoe Lodge, Northants died on 20 January 1900.

Spouse: Michael Hugh HICKS BEACH. Harriet Vittoria STRATTON of Farthinghoe Lodge, Northants and Michael Hugh HICKS BEACH were married on 14 August 1832. Children were: Michael Edward HICKS BEACH Earl St Aldwyn MP.

Margaret Anne STRATTON (private).

Spouse: Richard FORTESCUE 7 th Earl Fortescue. Children were: Laura Margaret FORTESCUE, Sarah Jane FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Jocelyn HAMBRO.

Anne STRECHLEIGH (private). Parents: Walter STRECHLEIGH.

Spouse: William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone. Children were: William FORTESCUE.

Walter STRECHLEIGH (private).

Children were: Anne STRECHLEIGH.

Cecily STRODE (private). Parents: Thomas STRODE.

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wimpstone. Children were: Joan FORTESCUE.

Thomas STRODE (private).

Children were: Cecily STRODE.

Robert STRONGMAN (private).

Spouse: Mary CRANE.

Sarah STUBBINGTON91 was born about 1841 in Rogate, Sussex. She appeared in the census in 1911 in 2 Primrose Cotts, Rake East Liss, Petersfield, Hampshire. RG14PN6175 RG78PN290 RD106 SD1 ED6 SN141 2 Primrose Cotts, Rake East Liss, Petersfield, Hampshire living with Jessie Lawrence
FORTESCUE, Sarah Mother 1840 71  F Widowed Old Age Pensioner Rogate, Sussex
She died in 1915.

Spouse: John FORTESCUE. Sarah STUBBINGTON and John FORTESCUE were married about 1862. Children were: Albert FORTESCUE, Henry FORTESCUE, Georgina FORTESCUE, Louisa M FORTESCUE, James W FORTESCUE, Mabel B FORTESCUE, Jissie FORTESCUE, Philip FORTESCUE.

Joanna STUCLEY (private).

Spouse: Anthony POLLARD of Way. Children were: Anthony POLLARD.

John STUCLEY of Cobleigh (private). Parents: John STUCLEY of Affeton and Mary REDMAN.

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

John STUCLEY of Affeton8 was born in 1551. He died on 15 January 1610/1.

Spouse: Mary REDMAN. Mary REDMAN and John STUCLEY of Affeton were married on 15 July 1597 in Tawstock, Devon. Children were: John STUCLEY of Cobleigh.

Elizabeth STURE108 died in 1563 in Bradford, Yorkshire.236 No issue

Spouse: Nicholas 1st FORTESCUE. Elizabeth STURE and Nicholas 1st FORTESCUE were married before 1550.

F STURGEON (private).

Children were: Thomas William STURGEON.

Thomas William STURGEON47 was born about 1777. Nephew of the first Marquis of Rockingham Parents: F STURGEON.

Spouse: Elizabeth WELLS (FORTESCUE). Elizabeth WELLS (FORTESCUE) and Thomas William STURGEON were married.

SUSANNA OR ANNIS75 was buried on 9 March 1647/8.

Spouse: Rob FOSCOTT. SUSANNA OR ANNIS and Rob FOSCOTT were married. Children were: William FOSCOTT, Mary FOSCOTT, Robert FOSCOTT, John FOSCOTT.

Patricia Mary SWABEY (private).

Spouse: Geoffrey Joseph FORTESCUE. Children were: Guy Geoffrey FORTESCUE, Gail Patricia FORTESCUE.

Anne Irvine SYME17,52 died on 28 August 1909. Parents: Patrick SYME RSA of Dollar.

Spouse: Archer FORTESCUE. Anne Irvine SYME and Archer FORTESCUE were married on 31 August 1848. Children were: William Archer IRVINE-FORTESCUE JP, of Kingcausie and Swanbister, Archer Irvine Boswell IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Isobel Barclay IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Thomas Dycke Ackland IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Margaret Anne IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Eleanor Balfour IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Jessy Thomson IRVINE-FORTESCUE.

Patrick SYME RSA of Dollar (private).

Children were: Anne Irvine SYME.

Susan SYMES (private).

Spouse: Henry CAREW. Children were: Henry CAREW, Edith Elizabeth CAREW, Florence Palk CAREW, Laura Susan CAREW.

Mary SYMMONDS (private).

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wantage. Children were: Bartolomew FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, Ann FORTESCUE.

SYMONDS of Halberton (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE of Spridlestone.

John SYMONDS (private).

Spouse: Eleanor WHITECHURCH.