Mary CAMPION (private). Parents: John CAMPION.

Spouse: John FOSCUE. Children were: John FOSCUE, Abigail FOSCUE, William FOSCUE, James FOSCUE, Thomas FOSCUE.

Susan CAMPION (private).

Spouse: William FOSCUE. Children were: Elizabeth FOSCUE, William FOSCUE.

Una Mary CANNON (private).

Spouse: John Cecil FORTESCUE. Children were: Robert Christopher FORTESCUE.

William CANWELL of Hach Arundell in Lodiswell53 died in 1604. Visitations of the County of Devon has his surname as Carswell

Spouse: Ellen FORTESCUE of Filleigh.

Mary CAPEL54 was born on 17 December 1802. She was christened on 31 August 1804 in Wantage, Berks. Parents: Samuel CAPEL.

Spouse: James FORTESCUE. Mary CAPEL and James FORTESCUE were married on 12 September 1829 in Cumnor, Berks. Children were: Jane FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, Mary Isobel FORTESCUE.

Samuel CAPEL (private).

Children were: Mary CAPEL.

Anne Woods CAPP was born on 26 January 1821 in Lincs, Holbeach.3 She was buried in 1901 in Thurning, Hunts. She died on 12 January 1901 in Lincs, Holbeach.15 Anne's maiden name could have been CAPP since that is the second name of her son James from Census Records - Winwick, Hunts 1851. Also from Thurning gravestone (1996). Parents: James CAPP and Jane TYE.

Spouse: John FORTESCUE. Anne Woods CAPP and John FORTESCUE were married before 1846. Children were: John James FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Jane FORTESCUE, Harriet Emma FORTESCUE, Lewis George FORTESCUE, Georgina FORTESCUE, James Capp FORTESCUE, Theophilus FORTESCUE, Isabella Louisa FORTESCUE, Frederick William FORTESCUE, Drusilla FORTESCUE, Eugenie FORTESCUE.

James CAPP19 was born in 1787.55 He died in 1874 in Lincs, Holbeach.

Spouse: Jane TYE. Children were: Anne Woods CAPP.

Harlow CARD (private). Parents: Jon CARD and Laurel THACKRAY.

Jon CARD (private).

Spouse: Laurel THACKRAY. Children were: Harlow CARD.

Arthur CARDY (private).

Spouse: Rosetta Eliza FOSKEW.

Beatrice CAREW30 died on 19 December 1919. Bea in Combat and Carnival Parents: Sir Walter Palk CAREW 8th Baronet and Ann Francess TAYLOR.

Edith Elizabeth CAREW (private). Parents: Henry CAREW and Susan SYMES.

Spouse: Richard BAZETT of Cobble Hill, Vancouver.

Elizabeth CAREW30 died on 4 November 1921. Bess in "Carnival and Combat" Parents: Sir Walter Palk CAREW 8th Baronet and Ann Francess TAYLOR.

Florence Palk CAREW30 died on 13 February 1936. Parents: Henry CAREW and Susan SYMES.

Spouse: Gerald Gordon BOND of Florida. Florence Palk CAREW and Gerald Gordon BOND of Florida were married in 1888.

Sir Henry CAREW of Haccombe, Newton Abbot, Devon was born on 10 January 1779. He died on 1 October 1830.

Spouse: Elizabeth PALK of Marley, Devon. Elizabeth PALK of Marley, Devon and Sir Henry CAREW of Haccombe, Newton Abbot, Devon were married on 3 October 1803. Children were: Sir Walter Palk CAREW 8th Baronet, Henry CAREW, Thomas CAREW.

Henry CAREW was born on 24 October 1808. He died on 24 October 1871. Parents: Sir Henry CAREW of Haccombe, Newton Abbot, Devon and Elizabeth PALK of Marley, Devon.

Spouse: Susan SYMES. Children were: Henry CAREW, Edith Elizabeth CAREW, Florence Palk CAREW, Laura Susan CAREW.

Henry CAREW30 was born on 26 February 1870. Parents: Henry CAREW and Susan SYMES.

Spouse: Frances LOCK-ROE. Frances LOCK-ROE and Henry CAREW were married in 1889.

Rev Henry William CAREW30 was born on 31 May 1845. He died on 14 December 1901. Vicar of Rattery, Buckfastleigh, Devon. Educated at Trinity College
Dublin Parents: Thomas CAREW and Charlotte CURTIS.

Spouse: Maud Elizabeth TAYLOR. Maud Elizabeth TAYLOR and Rev Henry William CAREW were married on 28 April 1885. Children were: Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW.

John Mohun CAREW56 was born on 8 July 1821. He died in 1980. He married Barbara Joan Stewart Roberts, daughter of Major Arthur Neil Stewart Roberts, on 1 December 1950.1 John Mohun Carew gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service of the Indian Army.1 He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Devonshire Regiment. He fought in the Second World War between 1943 and 1944, in Burma with the 3rd Gurkha Rifles, and was wounded. He was decorated with the award of Military Cross (M.C.). He fought in the Malayan Campaign between 1948 and 1949.1 Parents: Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW and Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE.

Laura Susan CAREW30 died on 31 January 1945. Parents: Henry CAREW and Susan SYMES.

Spouse: Col Arthur John BREAKLEY MD.

Lieutenant Nichcolas Jasper-Grenville CAREW (private). Parents: Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW and Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE.

Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW57 was born on 3 June 1887. Wrote book" Combat and Carnival" in 1954 about his Victorian relatives. Lt Col 5th Bat. Devonshire Regiment. Formerly Major Suffolk Regiment served during WW1. JP Devon Parents: Rev Henry William CAREW and Maud Elizabeth TAYLOR.

Spouse: Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE. Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE and Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW were married on 10 April 1919. Children were: Lieutenant Nichcolas Jasper-Grenville CAREW, John Mohun CAREW.

Thomas CAREW was born on 3 May 1810. He died on 3 June 1884. Parents: Sir Henry CAREW of Haccombe, Newton Abbot, Devon and Elizabeth PALK of Marley, Devon.

Spouse: Charlotte CURTIS. Charlotte CURTIS and Thomas CAREW were married on 14 December 1842. Children were: Rev Henry William CAREW.

Sir Walter Palk CAREW 8th Baronet58 was born on 9 July 1807. He died in 1874. Parents: Sir Henry CAREW of Haccombe, Newton Abbot, Devon and Elizabeth PALK of Marley, Devon.

Spouse: Ann Francess TAYLOR. Ann Francess TAYLOR and Sir Walter Palk CAREW 8th Baronet were married on 24 January 1837. Children were: Walter Palk CAREW, Elizabeth CAREW, Beatrice CAREW.

Walter Palk CAREW30 was born on 13 April 1838. He died on 14 June 1873. Parents: Sir Walter Palk CAREW 8th Baronet and Ann Francess TAYLOR.

Spouse: Ellen Augusta DANIEL of Stuckeridge, Tiverton.

Geoffrey D CARPENTER (private).

Spouse: Brenda M FORTESCUE.

Mary CARPENTER of Frome, Somerset (private).

Spouse: James FORTESCUE. Children were: Henry ( Harry ) James FORTESCUE, Herbert Walter FORTESCUE.

Andrew Morton CARR (private).

Spouse: Emily FORTESCUE. Children were: Frederick Schomberg CARR.

Elizabeth CARR of Elton11 was born in 1811.

Spouse: William FORTESCUE of Paddington. Elizabeth CARR of Elton and William FORTESCUE of Paddington were married on 15 January 1834 in Elton, Cambridge (Hunts). Witnessed by Edward Carr, Ann Carr and Tobias Mackness Children were: George Walter FORTESCUE, Robert Alfred FORTESCUE, William Mortimer FORTESCUE, Francis Federick FORTESCUE, Arthur Henry FORTESCUE, Ann Carr FORTESCUE.

Frederick Schomberg CARR was born on 8 April 1845 in London. He died on 29 March 1890. Tablet in St. Augustine's Church, Kohat - "In loving memory of Frederick Schomberg Carr Lieut. Colonel 5th Punjab Cavalry born April 8th 1845 Died March 29th 1890. After a continued service of 21 years with his Regiment. Erected by the officers of the 5th Punjab Cavalry past and present." Parents: Andrew Morton CARR and Emily FORTESCUE.

Hannah CARR of Elton59 died on 28 November 1791.

Spouse: James FORTESCUE of Thurning. Hannah CARR of Elton and James FORTESCUE of Thurning were married on 16 October 1761 in Thurning, Hunts. Children were: Nathaniel FORTESCUE of Gt Gidding, James FORTESCUE of Longstowe, Robert FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Ann FORTESCUE.

James CARR (private).

Children were: Mary CARR of Elton.

Louisa (Lucy) CARR of Elton was born about 1810 in Elton, Hunts. She was christened on 9 July 1810 in Elton, Cambridge (Hunts). She died in 1898. Louisa was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. Section 122 Row S No. 30268

Spouse: John FORTESCUE of Paddington. Louisa (Lucy) CARR of Elton and John FORTESCUE of Paddington were married on 21 March 1831. Children were: John Thomas (Thomas) FORTESCUE, Edward Carr FORTESCUE, George Edward FORTESCUE, Lucy FORTESCUE, James William FORTESCUE, Lewis FORTESCUE of West Tarring, Sussex, Joseph FORTESCUE.

Louisa Caroline CARR3 was born in March 1846 in St Marylebone, London.

Spouse: Joseph FORTESCUE. Louisa Caroline CARR and Joseph FORTESCUE were married in 1876 in Peterborough, Cambridge. Children were: Ethel Louisa FORTESCUE, Lucy Edith FORTESCUE, Harold Joseph FORTESCUE.

Mary CARR of Elton48 was born about 1809 in Warmington, Northants.60 She died in 1879 in St Marylebone, London. Parents: James CARR.

Spouse: Robert FORTESCUE. Mary CARR of Elton and Robert FORTESCUE were married on 15 November 1830. Children were: Eliza Carr FORTESCUE, Edward Carr FORTESCUE, Emma FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Agnes FORTESCUE.

Christopher CARSWELL of Carswell (private).

Children were: Elizabeth CARSWELL.

Elizabeth CARSWELL8 was buried on 30 January 1633 in Holbeton, Devon. Parents: Christopher CARSWELL of Carswell.

Spouse: Bartholomew FORTESCUE of Combe. Elizabeth CARSWELL and Bartholomew FORTESCUE of Combe were married on 10 March 1597/8 in Loddiswell, Devon. see page 146 of Visitations of the County of Devon Children were: John FORTESCUE of Combe, Arthur FORTESCUE of Combe, Garthered FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth CARY (private). Parents: Sir Ferdinando CARY.

Spouse: Sir Thomas FORTESCUE of Dromiskin.

Sir Ferdinando CARY (private).

Children were: Elizabeth CARY.

Laura Elise CASACELI (private). Parents: Peter Angelo CASACELI and Janet Christine FORTESCUE.

Nicloa Elaine CASACELI (private). Parents: Peter Angelo CASACELI and Janet Christine FORTESCUE.

Peter Angelo CASACELI (private).

Spouse: Janet Christine FORTESCUE. Children were: Laura Elise CASACELI, Nicloa Elaine CASACELI.

Elizabeth CATLING (private).

Spouse: John SMITH of Old Weston. Children were: Elizabeth SMITH.

Jessie CATTERMOLE61 was born about 1867 in Islington, London. Gordon Fortescue has her as Phelps Nee Collingwood. In census she is listed as Jennie.

Spouse: James Henry FORTESCUE. Jessie CATTERMOLE and James Henry FORTESCUE were married.2 Children were: Howard FORTESCUE, Allan Henry FORTESCUE, Gladys May Beatrice FORTESCUE, Stewart James FORTESCUE.

Mary Ann CATTERMOLE (private).

Spouse: Francis MASON. Children were: Francis William (William) MASON.

Elizabeth CAVE of Old Weston6 was born in 1709 in Old Weston, Hunts.

Spouse: John FORTESCUE of Thurning. Elizabeth CAVE of Old Weston and John FORTESCUE of Thurning were married on 5 June 1734 in All Saints, Huntingdon, Hunts. Joint wedding with brother James Children were: John FORTESCUE, Lewis FORTESCUE of Old Weston., Jane FORTESCUE.

Sir Robert CHALLONS (private).

Spouse: Joan BEAUCHAMP.

Garth CHAMBERS (private). Parents: Geoff CHAMBERS and Carole FORTESCUE.

Geoff CHAMBERS (private).

Spouse: Carole FORTESCUE. Children were: Garth CHAMBERS, Semantha CHAMBERS, Lynette CHAMBERS.