Dr Trevor Robert BLACKLEY (private).

Spouse: Eliza LEWERY.

Caroline Madelina BLAIR19 was born on 7 November 1842 in Dairy, Ayr, Scotland. Parents: William Fordyce BLAIR and Caroline SPROTT.

Spouse: Sir Charles Arthur CUNNINGHAM 11th baronet of Ayrshire. Children were: Edythe Magdelen CUNNINGHAM.

Catherine Eglantine BLAIR of Blair (private). Parents: Colonel BLAIR.

Spouse: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown. Children were: Charles Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Lieu-Colonel John Charles William FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Major Frederick Richard Norman FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, William Hamilton FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Clermont Matthew Augustus FORTESCUE.

Colonel BLAIR (private).

Children were: Catherine Eglantine BLAIR of Blair.

Mary Mildred BLAIR was born about 1816 in Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire.

Spouse: Reverend William Fraine FORTESCUE.

William Fordyce BLAIR (private).

Spouse: Caroline SPROTT. Children were: Caroline Madelina BLAIR.

Ida BLATCH3 was born about 1839 in Chelsea, London.3

Spouse: George Knottesford FORTESCUE. Ida BLATCH and George Knottesford FORTESCUE were married on 22 April 1875.13

John BLATCHFORD (private).

Spouse: Judith FORTESCUE.

J BLAZER (private).

Spouse: Kathleen Amelia FORTESCUE.

Suzanne BLONDEAU (private).

Spouse: Joseph HERTEL. Children were: Suzanne (Susette) HERTEL of Canada, Francoise Catherine HERTEL.

Ann Clarke BLOWFIELD was christened in 1831. She was buried in 1908. She was born. Ann died. Parents: Richard BLOWFIELD and Ann FORTESCUE.

Spouse: BIRD. Children were: Margaret Emilie BIRD.

Richard BLOWFIELD (private).

Spouse: Ann FORTESCUE. Children were: Ann Clarke BLOWFIELD.

Mary Anne BLUNDELL of Collepriest, Devon47 died by 1838. Parents: Peter BLUNDELL of Collepriest, Devon.

Spouse: Edward CALVERT.

Spouse: Edmund WELLS (FORTESCUE). Mary Anne BLUNDELL of Collepriest, Devon and Edmund WELLS (FORTESCUE) were married on 23 November 1770 in East Allington, Devon. Children were: Edmund Nathaniel William FORTESCUE.

Peter BLUNDELL of Collepriest, Devon (private).

Children were: Mary Anne BLUNDELL of Collepriest, Devon.

Henry BODDINGTON (private).

Children were: Ruth Olive BODDINGTON.

Ruth Olive BODDINGTON18 was born on 9 July 1883. She died on 21 April 1971. Parents: Henry BODDINGTON.

Spouse: Col. Archer IRVINE-FORTESCUE. Ruth Olive BODDINGTON and Col. Archer IRVINE-FORTESCUE were married on 5 February 1916. Children were: Maj James William IRVINE-FORTESCUE JP DL of Kingcausie, David Alexander IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Agnes (Virginia) IRVINE-FORTESCUE.

Frances BODENHAM of Rye Hall23 was buried on 15 April 1697 in Aston-Flamville, Leicester. Parents: Sir Francis BODENHAM.

Spouse: Charles FORTESCUE of Husbands Bosworth, Leics. Children were: Charles FORTESCUE, Frances FORTESCUE.

Sir Francis BODENHAM (private).

Children were: Frances BODENHAM of Rye Hall.

Elizabeth BODGER (private).

Spouse: Joseph JELLIS. Children were: Joseph JELLIS, Mary JELLIS, Ann JELLIS, Elizabeth JELLIS, Susannah JELLIS, Robert Bodger JELLIS, Penelope JELLIS.

Christopher George BOGAN (private). Parents: Laurence George BOGAN and Gwenneth Joan SIGSWORTH.

Laurence George BOGAN (private).

Spouse: Gwenneth Joan SIGSWORTH. Children were: Christopher George BOGAN, Michael James BOGAN.

Michael James BOGAN (private). Parents: Laurence George BOGAN and Gwenneth Joan SIGSWORTH.

Diane Marie BOHNKE (private).

Spouse: Patrick Frederick Arthur KING.

Alice BOLEYN died before 1495. Aunt of Anne Boleyn. Her brother Thomas was father of Anne Parents: Sir Geoffrey BOLEYN and Anne HOO.

Spouse: Sir John FORTESCUE the younger of Punsbourne. Alice BOLEYN and Sir John FORTESCUE the younger of Punsbourne were married about 1462. Children were: Sir Adrian FORTESCUE, Sir John FORTESCUE, Anne FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Anne BOLEYN19 was born about 1501. Parents: Thomas BOLEYN Earl of Wiltshire and Elizabeth HOWARD.

Sir Geoffrey BOLEYN (private).

Spouse: Anne HOO. Children were: William BOLEYN, Alice BOLEYN.

Mary BOLEYN (private). Parents: Thomas BOLEYN Earl of Wiltshire and Elizabeth HOWARD.

Thomas BOLEYN Earl of Wiltshire (private). Parents: William BOLEYN and Margaret Margaret BUTLER.

Spouse: Elizabeth HOWARD. Children were: Anne BOLEYN, Mary BOLEYN.

William BOLEYN (private). Parents: Sir Geoffrey BOLEYN and Anne HOO.

Spouse: Margaret Margaret BUTLER. Children were: Thomas BOLEYN Earl of Wiltshire.

Frances Elizabeth BOLTON19 was born about 1788 in Ardwick, Manchester, Lancs.19 Parents: George BOLTON of Ardwick and Elizabeth WILSON.

Spouse: John Abraham BARHAM. Frances Elizabeth BOLTON and John Abraham BARHAM were married on 11 November 1809 in Colligiate Church, Manchester, Lancs. Children were: John Hamilton BARHAM, Augustus Frederick BARHAM, Lady Frances Elizabeth Anne BARHAM Countess Waldegrave, Charles Bampfylde BARHAM, Ward Soane BARHAM, Josephine (Trotty) BARHAM.

George BOLTON of Ardwick (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth WILSON. Children were: Frances Elizabeth BOLTON.

Thomas BOLTON of Knock (private).

Spouse: Sidney FORTESCUE of Dromiskin.

Gerald Gordon BOND of Florida30 died on 2 February 1936.

Spouse: Florence Palk CAREW. Florence Palk CAREW and Gerald Gordon BOND of Florida were married in 1888.

Cicely BONVILLE (private).

Spouse: Maurice MOORE of Moor Hayes in Cullompton. Children were: Ellen MOORE of Moor Hayes in Cullompton.

Cicily BONVILLE (private). Parents: John BONVILLE.

Spouse: Maurice MOORE of Moor Hayes in Cullompton.

Spouse: John NOTE of London.

Florence BONVILLE (private). Parents: John BONVILLE of Comberleigh.

Spouse: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wimpstone. Children were: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wimpstone, William FORTESCUE of Morleigh, Henry FORTESCUE of Wimpstone, Joan FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Agnes FORTESCUE, Isabel FORTESCUE.

John BONVILLE of Comberleigh (private).

Children were: Florence BONVILLE.

John BONVILLE (private).

Children were: Cicily BONVILLE.

Edward BOOTH19 was born in 1804. He died in 1847.

Spouse: Susannah JONES. Children were: Eleanor Susanah BOOTH.

Eleanor Susanah BOOTH3,48 was born about 1842 in Mile End, London. She died in 1932 in West Ham, Essex. Parents: Edward BOOTH and Susannah JONES.

Spouse: Nathaniel FORTESCUE. Eleanor Susanah BOOTH and Nathaniel FORTESCUE were married on 26 June 1866 in Hackney, London. Children were: Nathaniel FORTESCUE, Herbert Walter FORTESCUE, Sidney FORTESCUE, Eleanor FORTESCUE, Minnie FORTESCUE, Clara FORTESCUE, Ethel FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, Frank FORTESCUE.

Hope BORDEN (private).

Spouse: Asa HATCH. Children were: Mahetable HATCH.

Trudy Helen BOREHAM (private).

Spouse: Ian David FORTESCUE. Children were: Harry Edward FORTESCUE, Alexandra Poppy FORTESCUE.

Bridget BOSCAWEN17 died in 1708. First wife of Hugh. She was the only child of Lady Margaret Clinton daughter of Theophillus, twelfth Baron Clinton and 4 th Earl of Lincoln and the sole heiress. Parents: Hugh BOSCAWEN and Lady Margaret CLINTON of Sempringham, Lincolnshire.

Spouse: Earl Clinton, Lord Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE. Bridget BOSCAWEN and Earl Clinton, Lord Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE were married on 19 October 1692. They were cousins. Only daughter and heir. Children were: Margaret FORTESCUE, Lord Hugh FORTESCUE 1st Baron Fortescue, Bridget FORTESCUE, Arthur FORTESCUE, Boscawen FORTESCUE, Robert FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Arthur FORTESCUE, Theophilus FORTESCUE MP for Barnstaple.

Hugh BOSCAWEN (private).

Spouse: Lady Margaret CLINTON of Sempringham, Lincolnshire. Children were: Bridget BOSCAWEN.

Jenet Elizabeth BOSUM (private). Parents: John BOSUM and Joan FORTESCUE Of Wood.

John BOSUM (private).

Spouse: Joan FORTESCUE Of Wood. Children were: Jenet Elizabeth BOSUM.

Margaret Mary BOUCHER3 was born about 1840 in Pentonville, London. She appeared in the census in 1901 in Stoke Newington, London. She died in 1931 in Lymington, Hants.

Spouse: James FORTESCUE. Margaret Mary BOUCHER and James FORTESCUE were married before 1863. Children were: Clara Emma FORTESCUE, James Henry FORTESCUE, Eveline Margaret FORTESCUE, Mabel Beatrice FORTESCUE, Agnes Emily FORTESCUE, Blanche Gertrude S FORTESCUE, Rosalia S FORTESCUE, Edith FORTESCUE, Lillian (Lily) Maud FORTESCUE, Harry FORTESCUE, Albert FORTESCUE.

Hon Algernon Henry BOURKE (private).

Children were: Daphne Majorie BOURKE.

Daphne Majorie BOURKE38 died on 22 May 1962. Parents: Hon Algernon Henry BOURKE.

Spouse: John Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc. Daphne Majorie BOURKE and John Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc were married on 7 June 1917. Children were: Capt John Desmond Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc, Rosemary Sylvia FORTESCUE, June Dianna FORTESCUE.

Anne Emma BOURNER13 was born in 1847 in Wimbledon, Surrey. She died about 1926 in Bow, London.

Spouse: William CHINERY. Anne Emma BOURNER and William CHINERY were married on 10 March 1866 in Bromley by Bow, Essex. Children were: Emily Eliza CHINERY.