George BOWDEN (private).

Spouse: Agnes FORTESCUE.

T K BOWER of Hereford (private).

Children were: Maria Jane BOWYEAR of Hereford.

Elisabeth BOWERS (private).

Spouse: John FOSKUE. Children were: James FOSKUE, John FORSKEW.

Maria Jane BOWYEAR of Hereford26 was born about 1806 in Gilwyn, Hereford. She died on 22 July 1884.49 Parents: T K BOWER of Hereford.

Spouse: Matthew FORTESCUE. Maria Jane BOWYEAR of Hereford and Matthew FORTESCUE were married in December 1849 in Sevenoaks, Kent. They obtained a marriage license on 14 December 1849. Children were: Frances Maria Caroline FORTESCUE.

Kenneth Edward BOWYER33 died on 11 July 1993 in Norwich, Norfolk.

Spouse: Audrey Jill HUCKSTEPP.

BOYD (private).

Spouse: Edna Maud FORTESCUE. Children were: John BOYD, Barbara BOYD.

Barbara BOYD (private). Parents: BOYD and Edna Maud FORTESCUE.

John BOYD (private). Parents: BOYD and Edna Maud FORTESCUE.

Edward BOZUN of Bozun Hele's and Wood (private).

Children were: Joan (Jane) BOZUN of Wood.

Joan (Jane) BOZUN of Wood (private). Parents: Edward BOZUN of Bozun Hele's and Wood.

Spouse: Sir Henry FORTESCUE of Wood. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Wood, Bennet FORTESCUE.

Emily BRAID3 was born about 1836 in Barston, Essex.

Spouse: William FORTESCUE. Emily BRAID and William FORTESCUE were married on 17 October 1857 in St James, Westminster, London. Children were: John Henry FORTESCUE, Ada Amelia FORTESCUE, Alice Beatrice FORTESCUE.

Juanita Louise BRAKE was born on 6 December 1945 in Central, SC. She died on 21 May 2010 in Liberty, SC. Juanita Louise Brake Fortescue, 65, died May 21, 2010 at her home in Liberty, SC.
Funeral services will be held at 11:00 AM, Monday May 24 at the Liberty Mortuary Chapel.
Mrs. Fortescue was born in Central, December 6, 1945 to the late Vinson Carl and Nellie Mae Moore Brake.
Surviving are four children; Linda Jones and her husband Frank of Liberty, Marie Lesley and Danny of Liberty; Frances Bryant and her husband Tracy of Pickens and Tim Fortescue and his fiancé Tessa Richardson of Hayward, California and 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
Louise worked for many years for the Alice Manufacturing Company in Easley. She was a dedicated mother, and a loving granny to her grandchildren, great grandchildren, and her dog and close companion Prissy. Louise's sense of humor, practical outlook on life and determined spirit will be greatly missed by her family and everyone who knew her.
The family is gathered at the home on Clay Circle in Liberty.

Published in The Greenville News on May 23, 2010

Spouse: Frank FORTESCUE. Children were: Linda FORTESCUE, Marie Lesley FORTESCUE, Frances FORTESCUE, Timothy FORTESCUE.

Richard BRANSCOMBE Sheriff of Devon (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP.

William BRANSTON (private).

Spouse: Ethel Constance HOLLIS.

Hugh BRAUNE of Bridgetown (private).

Children were: Theodosia BRAUNE.

Katherine BRAUNE (private). Parents: Sir Richard BRAUNE.

Spouse: William FORTESCUE of Cookhill. Children were: John FORTESCUE.

Sir Richard BRAUNE (private).

Children were: Katherine BRAUNE.

Theodosia BRAUNE50 was born in 1689. She died in 1764. 23 Sept 1766 Copy will of Judith Brawne, Bridgetown, Alveston, spinster.
To be buried at Alveston near sister Lucy.
To 4 nephews, sons of "my sister Fortescue" £100 each.
To 4 nieces, wives of above £10 each.
To 4 cousins Archer of Bevington, Warks., £10 each.
To poor of Alveston £10.
To churchwardens of Alveston and their successors: pair of silver waiters and damask tablecloth; to be inscribed and used at communion.
To Theodosia and Frances Fortescue, daughters of testator's nephew John: rings, plate and watch to be divided equally.
Ratifies agreement with nephew John Knottesford as to Bridgetown estate and desires it to be carried out.
To nephew John Knottesford all rights in manor and estate of Bridgetown, formerly belonging to testator's deceased brother Hugh Brawne, esq., John to pay half of one third share of purchase money to testator's sister Theodosia Fortescue after which John entitled and seized of whole estate.
To nephews John Fortescue and John Knottesford: all rights in manors and estates formerly Hugh Brawne's in Ratley and Saintbury and all other real estate On Trust to sell and invest money to pay legacies and funeral expenses.
Residue equally between children of John Fortescue.
Residue of personal estate between children of John Fortescue.
Executors: John Fortescue and John Knottesford.
Witnesses: William Hunt, Thomas Cleaver, servant to Hunt, James Eglington, servant to Mrs. Brawne.
Parents: Hugh BRAUNE of Bridgetown.

Spouse: John FORTESCUE. Theodosia BRAUNE and John FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Capt John FORTESCUE RN of Cookhill, William FORTESCUE of Cookhill, Charlotte FORTESCUE of Cookhill, Theodosia FORTESCUE of Cookhill, Francis FORTESCUE of Cookhill, Charles FORTESCUE of Cookhill, Hugh FORTESCUE of Cookhill.

Col Arthur John BREAKLEY MD (private).

Spouse: Laura Susan CAREW.

Lillian Helen BREWER (private).

Spouse: George Edward FORTESCUE. Children were: Evelyn FORTESCUE, Myrtle FORTESCUE, Hector George FORTESCUE, Edward Eric FORTESCUE.

Anne BRICKDALE was born on 9 April 1804. She was christened on 9 September 1805. Parents: John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon and Ann Ingett FORTESCUE.

Edward BRICKDALE was born on 2 April 1806. He was christened on 15 October 1807. Parents: John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon and Ann Ingett FORTESCUE.

Frances Elizabeth BRICKDALE (private). Parents: John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon and Ann Ingett FORTESCUE.

John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon22 was born about 1760 in West Monkton, Somerset. .

Spouse: Ann Ingett FORTESCUE. Ann Ingett FORTESCUE and John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon were married on 20 February 1787 in St Gregory's, Dawlish, Devon. Children were: Matthew Inglett BRICKDALE, Frances Elizabeth BRICKDALE, John FORTESCUE-BRICKDALE of Newland House, Coleford, Glos, Richard BRICKDALE, Anne BRICKDALE, Edward BRICKDALE.

Matthew Inglett BRICKDALE19 was born on 16 June 1790. He was christened on 22 February 1793 in Combe Florey, Somerset. Parents: John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon and Ann Ingett FORTESCUE.

Richard BRICKDALE was born on 23 March 1801 in Tauton, Devon. He was christened on 27 December 1802. Parents: John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon and Ann Ingett FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Elvire Wilhelmine BANCEL. Children were: Richard Inglett Fortescue Weston Conway BRICKDALE.

Richard Inglett Fortescue Weston Conway BRICKDALE was born about 1839. He died on 14 June 1856 in Demerara, Guyana. Parents: Richard BRICKDALE and Elvire Wilhelmine BANCEL.

Dan BRICKNELL (private).

Spouse: Edna FORTESCUE.

Anthony BRIDGE (private).

Spouse: Catherine FORTESCUE.

George Arthur Bridgeman BRIDGEMAN was born on 14 November 1846. He died on 16 November 1913.

Spouse: Mary Eleanor FORTESCUE of Castle Hill. Mary Eleanor FORTESCUE of Castle Hill and George Arthur Bridgeman BRIDGEMAN were married on 26 November 1896.

John BRIDGES (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Edmund BRIGHT (private). Parents: William BRIGHT and Frances .

Spouse: Jane FORTESCUE. Children were: William BRIGHT.

Joan BRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Henry FORTESCUE of Wimpstone. Children were: Thomas FORTESCUE.

Spouse: John CHICHESTER of Raleigh.

William BRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Frances . Children were: Edmund BRIGHT.

William BRIGHT19 was born about 1821. Parents: Edmund BRIGHT and Jane FORTESCUE.

Muriel BROMLEY (private). Parents: Sir Thomas BROMLEY Lord Chancellor of England and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Salden.

Sir Thomas BROMLEY Lord Chancellor of England (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Salden. Children were: Muriel BROMLEY.

Sir Arthur BROOKE of Colebrooke (private).

Spouse: Margaret FORTESCUE. Children were: Selina Elizabeth (Elizabeth) BROOKE.

Selina Elizabeth (Elizabeth) BROOKE (private). Parents: Sir Arthur BROOKE of Colebrooke and Margaret FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Viscount Thomas VESEY 2nd Viscount De Vesci.

BROOKLEYN (private). Parents: Robert BROOKLEYN.

Spouse: Sir Edward FORTESCUE of Salden.

Robert BROOKLEYN (private).

Children were: BROOKLEYN.

Isabell Teresa BROOKS3 was born about 1848 in Oxford. She died about 1921 in Lydford, Berks.19

Spouse: Francis FORTESCUE. Isabell Teresa BROOKS and Francis FORTESCUE were married on 23 November 1864 in Lydford, Berks. Children were: Francis FORTESCUE, Louise Isabell FORTESCUE, Lillian E T FORTESCUE.

Gerald James BROWN (private).

Spouse: Ethel Kate FORTESCUE.

Patricia Ann BROWN (private).

Spouse: Albert Henry FORTESCUE. Children were: Brenda Ann FORTESCUE.

Nichus BROWNE (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE.

Louisa BRUNNING (private).

Spouse: Samuel FOSKEW.

Elizabeth BRUTON (private).

Spouse: Edward FORTESCUE. Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Susan FORTESCUE.

Sir Francis BRYAN (private).

Spouse: Philippa SPICE.

Anthony BRYDGES (private). Parents: John BRYDGES Baron Chandos and Elizabeth GREY Baroness Chandoss.

Spouse: Catherine FORTESCUE. Children were: Catherine BRYDGES, Elizabeth BRYDGES, Robert BRYDGES.

Spouse: Dorothy FORTESCUE of Falkbourne.

Catherine BRYDGES was born about 1560 in Sudeley Manor, Gloucestershire. She died in 1648. Parents: Anthony BRYDGES and Catherine FORTESCUE.