John COBLEIGH of Brightley (private).

Spouse: Joan PYNE. Children were: John COBLEIGH of Brightley in Chittlehampton.

Margaret COBLEIGH (private). Parents: John COBLEIGH of Brightley in Chittlehampton and Jane FORTESCUE of Pruteston.

Spouse: Sir Roger GIFFORD Brightley in Chittlehampton. Children were: Anne GIFFORD, Wilmot GIFFORD.

Lilah COCKBURN (private).

Spouse: Rev Frederick FANE of Moyles Court, Hants. Children were: Lilla Gertrude Ellen (Gertrude) FANE.

Elizabeth COFFIN of Portledge53,63 was buried on 28 February 1669/70 in Lamerton, Devon. She had her estate probated on 4 July 1670 in Prin. Reg., Exeter, Devon. Parents: Richard COFFIN of Portledge.

Spouse: Hugh FORTESCUE. Elizabeth COFFIN of Portledge and Hugh FORTESCUE were married on 31 March 1623 in Alwington, Gloucs.

Richard COFFIN of Portledge (private).

Children were: Elizabeth COFFIN of Portledge.

Agnes COLE (private).

Spouse: John FORTESCUE.

Ida COLEMAN (private).

Spouse: James William Alfred FORTESCUE. Children were: George FORTESCUE, Hazel FORTESCUE, Ronald FORTESCUE, Lionel FORTESCUE, Cecile FORTESCUE.

Katherine Jennifer Jay (Jeni) COLEMAN (private).

Spouse: John Derek FORTESCUE. Children were: David Frank FORTESCUE, Renee FORTESCUE.

Joan COLES (private).

Spouse: Robert COURTNEY of Molland.

Sir Henry COLLEY of Castle Carbery (private).

Children were: Mary COLLEY.

Mary COLLEY (private). Parents: Sir Henry COLLEY of Castle Carbery.

Spouse: Garret MOORE Viscount Drogheda. Children were: Lady Anne MOORE.


Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Gladys Mary COLLINS (private). Parents: Walter COLLINS and Florence Emily FORTESCUE.

Montague (Monty) COLLINS (private). Parents: Walter COLLINS and Florence Emily FORTESCUE.

Walter COLLINS was born on 26 September 1877 in Wellingborough, Northants. He died on 16 September 1948.

Spouse: Florence Emily FORTESCUE. Florence Emily FORTESCUE and Walter COLLINS were married on 21 November 1911 in Irchester, Northants. Children were: Montague (Monty) COLLINS, Gladys Mary COLLINS.

William COLMAR of Gomhay (private).

Spouse: Jane FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Fiona Bryde COLQUHOUN (private).

Spouse: Arhur Strange Kattendyke David GORE. Children were: 9th Earl of Arran Arthur Desmond Colquhoun GORE.

Catherine CONNELLAN (private).

Spouse: Capt Matthew FORTESCUE RN of Stephenstown. Children were: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Catherine FORTESCUE of Stephenstown.

Elizabeth CONNINGTON (private).

Spouse: Nicholas MANN. Children were: Elizabeth MANN.

Charles James CONNOR (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Jane MARTYR. Children were: May Esther CONNOR.

May Esther CONNOR (private). Parents: Charles James CONNOR and Elizabeth Jane MARTYR.

Spouse: Frederick William FORTESCUE.

John CONROY (private).

Spouse: Lynette Norma FORTESCUE. Children were: Sandra Lynette CONROY, Stephen Rory CONROY, Laura Shanae CONROY.

Laura Shanae CONROY (private). Parents: John CONROY and Lynette Norma FORTESCUE.

Sandra Lynette CONROY (private). Parents: John CONROY and Lynette Norma FORTESCUE.

Stephen Rory CONROY (private). Parents: John CONROY and Lynette Norma FORTESCUE.

Jesse Edward COOKE (private).

Spouse: Gladys Minnie FORTESCUE.

Alicia or Alice COOKWORTHY of Cookworthy (private). Parents: John COOKWORTHY of Cockworthy in Yarncombe and Thomasiine CHICHESTER.

Spouse: John FORTESCUE of Spridlestone. Children were: Richard FORTESCUE of Spridlestone, Nicholas 1st FORTESCUE, Nicholas 2nd FORTESCUE of Cookhill, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Baron Lewis FORTESCUE of Fallapit, Anthony FORTESCUE.

John COOKWORTHY of Cockworthy in Yarncombe (private).

Spouse: Thomasiine CHICHESTER. Children were: Alicia or Alice COOKWORTHY of Cookworthy.

Margaret COOMBS11 died on 7 September 2003 in WA, Australia.

Spouse: Frank Henry FORTESCUE. Margaret COOMBS and Frank Henry FORTESCUE were married on 4 July 1931 in Osborne Park, WA, Australia. Children were: Marguerete Frances FORTESCUE, Terence John FORTESCUE, Nadine Ann FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth COOPER13 was born on 25 March 1851 in 5 Goswell Terrace, Clerkenwell, London. She was living in 1869 in 7 Strachan Terrace, Islington, London. She died on 30 March 1881 in "The Shepherd and Hock", Shepherds Bush, London.13 She died of perionitis. Elizabeth was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. Parents: Thomas COOPER.

Spouse: William Mortimer FORTESCUE. Elizabeth COOPER and William Mortimer FORTESCUE were married on 12 April 1869 in Parish Church, Islington, London. Children were: Arthur William FORTESCUE, Thomas Frederick FORTESCUE.

Minnie COOPER was born in 1857 in Walsingham, Norfolk. iT could also be Minnie Cooper. A birth certificate will confirm which spouse

Spouse: Lewis Henry Field FORTESCUE. Minnie COOPER and Lewis Henry Field FORTESCUE were married in 1888 in Bromley, Kent. Children were: Ronald FORTESCUE.

Thomas COOPER (private).

Children were: Elizabeth COOPER.

William Charles COOPER (private).

Spouse: Roberta Maria ( Berta) Fortescue SCOTT.

Ann COPE of Glapthorne died on 12 June 1769.

Spouse: Robert FORTESCUE. Ann COPE of Glapthorne and Robert FORTESCUE were married on 22 October 1733 in Thurning, Hunts. Children were: John FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth COPLESTONE (private).

Spouse: John ELFORD of Sheepstor. Children were: Barbara ELFORD of Sheepstor, Elizabeth ELFORD.

Elizabeth COPLESTONE64 died in 1617. Parents: John COPLESTONE.

Spouse: Sir Shilston CALMADY of Langdon Hall, Devon.

John COPLESTONE of Bowden in Walthampton (private).

Spouse: Isabella FORTESCUE of Preston.

John COPLESTONE (private).

Children were: Elizabeth COPLESTONE.

R COPLESTONE (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth COPPLESTON Of Bowden (private). Parents: Thomas COPPLESTON Of Bowden.

Spouse: John PRIDEAUX of Orcharton.

Thomas COPPLESTON Of Bowden (private).

Children were: Elizabeth COPPLESTON Of Bowden.

Robert CORBET (private). Parents: Sir Robert CORBET.

Spouse: Maud FORTESCUE.

Sir Robert CORBET (private).

Children were: Robert CORBET.

Sylvia CORMACK (private).

Spouse: Neil FORTESCUE.

Elsie Doreen CORNELL (private).

Spouse: John Leonard FORTESCUE of Hamerton.

Sarah Eugene CORNEY was born in 1857 in St Mary's, Ramsey, Hunts.6

Spouse: Lewis George FORTESCUE. Sarah Eugene CORNEY and Lewis George FORTESCUE were married on 9 October 1879 in St Mary's, Ramsey, Hunts.65 Occupation given as Farmer. Witnesses David Corney, John James Fortescue

Mary Elizabeth (Elizabeth) CORNISH was born on 19 June 1831 in Worlington, Suffolk. She died on 30 November 1915 in Liverpool, Lancs. She was buried in Potton Cemetery, Beds. Bee & Don Edge hold burial notification.

Spouse: Charles TEBBUTT. Mary Elizabeth (Elizabeth) CORNISH and Charles TEBBUTT were married. Children were: Minnie Elizabeth TEBBUTT, Ellen Rebecca TEBBUTT, Harry William TEBBUTT, Ethel Kate TEBBUTT.

Martin de Winton CORREY of Straw Hill17 died in February 1885. Burke's has him as of Yately Hall, Hants

Spouse: Margaret Lucy FORTESCUE. Margaret Lucy FORTESCUE and Martin de Winton CORREY of Straw Hill were married on 22 January 1846 in Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland.66

John CORY of Cory (private).

Spouse: Pascha (Pasco) FORTESCUE.

Anna CORYTON (private).

Spouse: Thomas GIFFORD. Children were: Sir Roger GIFFORD Brightley in Chittlehampton.