Faulkbourne, Essex

The Manor of Faulkbourne, near Braintree, Essex was given to Hamo Dapifer by his uncle, William the Conqueror, after the Norman Conquest, and was in the possession of various families over the following centuries (Bohun, Montgomery, Fortescue). Sited midway between Braintree and Witham, Faulkbourne Hall is the largest medieval mansion in Essex and one of outstanding Character and Plan. Externally, it is wholly a brick mansion with mid to late seventeenth, and early nineteenth century work superficially according with that of the 15th century. Internally most of the reception rooms are of late seventeenth century character.

Faulkbourne Hall came into the possession of the Fortescues when Sir John Fortescue married Phillipa Spice heiress to Clement Spice, and her Uncle Sir Thomas Montgomery the owner of Faulkbourne about 1500. It remained in the family until 1637 when it was sold by William Fortescue to the Bullocks.


The nearby Church is a simple structure but does contain the tomb of SIr Henry Fortescue (1514 to 1576) and his second wife Mary Darrell.