Chilton Hall, Suffolk

Henry Fortescue, knight of the body to Henry VIII, lived at Faulkbourne and his son Dudley, from his second marriage, married Mary Crane of Chilton, aunt of Sir Robert Crane MP in the Long Parliament thus acquiring Chilton Hall, near Sudbury, Suffolk. Dudley Fortescue lived at Chilton Hall during the minority of Sir Robert until in 1604 Dudley committed suicide. His son Daniel was the last Fortescue to live at Chilton Hall. Today it covers an area of 1.8 hectares (4.5 acres) but in 1782 it consisted of 546 acres plus Downs Farm of 143 acres. It belongs to a class of Tudor Manor Houses which were originally intended as domestic strongholds surrounded by a deeply-cut moats.   The moat here was cut to make a square area of some 21.5 metres with its width of about 9 metres.