21st Generation

360. Sir Edmund FORTESCUE of Fallapit31 was born in 1610. He died in 1647 in Delft, Holland. Sir Edmund, eldest son of John Fortescue above, was born at Fallapit, and was baptised at East Allington on 15th July 1610.

He was a Royalist in the Civil War; was appointed High Sheriff of Devonshire by Charles in 1642. He was captured together with his brother Peter at Medbury Castle, residence of the Champernounes. He was released no later than the Autumn of 1643 and became actively engaged once more against the Roundheads.

He fortified Fort Charles, later known as Salcombe Castle, and this was besieged by Sir Thomas Fairfax in 1645. On 15th January 1645 the list of officers and soldiers defending it totalled 66 men including the Governor, Sir Edmund Fortescue, and also Mr Thomas Fortescue and Captain Peter Fortescue. The garrison held out for 50 days or almost 4 months but was then obliged to surrender. Sir Edmund and garrison marched to Fallapit. Sir Edmund chose not to submit to Parliament and
instead went to Delft, Holland, where he died in 1647, not later that February, aged not more than 37.

From "There's Rosemary .. There's Rue.." page 121, ... In 1911 John Fortescue gave Winifred Beech a tour of Windsor Castle." he pointed out the old portcullis, still in place where his Royalist forebear,Edmund Fortescue, was imprisoned by Cromwell and had scratched his name and arms of the family on the stone wall."

Jane SOUTHCOTE of Mohun's Ottery (private).

Sir Edmund FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Jane SOUTHCOTE of Mohun's Ottery had the following children:



Jane FORTESCUE of Fallapit31 died in 1641.



Sir Edmund FORTESCUE of Fallapit.



Mary FORTESCUE of Fallapit.



Catherine FORTESCUE of Fallapit.