24th Generation

626. Lord John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan24 was born on 7 March 1670. He died on 19 December 1746. John was born on 7th March 1670, descended from his grandfather Hugh of Filleigh who was born in 1592, and who married Mary Rolle. (This Hugh was shown as 'of Wear-Gifford' on Clermont's Family Tree.) His father was Edmund (Edmond?)

John inherited his mother's property when his brother Edmund Aland died, and he took her name. He bought property in Essex - the manor of Lambourn, Ongar, and the mansion of Knowles or Knowleshill at Stapleford-Abbotts (now demolished).

In 1688 he entered the Inner Temple, and was chosen Reader in 1716. He became M.P. for Midhurst in the 1st Parliament of George I, but left for the Bench.

In 1714, on 22nd October, he became Solicitor General for the Prince of Wales, who later became George II. In 1715, on 21st December, he became Solicitor-General to George I, and in 1717 he was raised to the Bench as Baron of the Exchequer, and knighted. In 1718, on 19th May, he was removed to the Court of the Kings Bench. He was superseded on
11th June 1727, but became Justice of the Common Pleas on 28th January 1728.

In 1746 he resigned since he felt too old to go on circuit. On 15th August he was created Peer of Ireland with the title Baron Fortescue of Credan. In 1746, on 19th December, he died aged 76 and was buried in the chancel of Stapleford-Abbots' Church in Essex. His second wife, Elizabeth, died 16 months later and was buried by his side.

John had three sons by his first wife, Grace, who all died unmarried before he did. His title passed to his son Dormer by his second wife, who thus became the second (and last) Lord Fortescue of Credan. Dormer died unmarried.

Edward Foss in his book 'Judges of England' cites the "Conveyancer's Guide" (p.107) which gives this description of John Fortescue , "The baron had one of the strangest noses ever seen ; its' shape resembled much the trunk of an elephant. 'Brother,brother', said the baron to the counsel , 'you are handling the cause in a very lame manner'. 'Oh no, my lord', was the reply ,'have patience with me, and I'll make it as plain as the nose in your lordship's face.'"

Grace PRATT (private).

Lord John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan and Grace PRATT had the following children:



Hugh FORTESCUE-ALAND of Bierton Bucks5 was born after 1707.



John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Stapleford24 was born in 1712. Clermont say he was born in 1722 but if he died in 1743 and was 31 then he must have been born in 1712 He died on 9 December 1743 in Tours, France. Died unmarried



Male FORTESCUE-ALAND5 was born in 1714.



Hugh FORTESCUE-ALAND of Stapleford35 was born in 1715. He was christened on 17 July 1715. He died before December 1746.



Female FORTESCUE-ALAND of Stapleford5 was born about 1716 in Stapleford Abbotts, Essex. She died on 5 October 1731. She died before December 1746.

Lord John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan and Elizabeth DORMER were married on 29 December 1721 in St Bride's, Feet Street, London.35 Elizabeth DORMER24 was born on 5 September 1691. She died Apl 1784. Second wife

Lord John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan and Elizabeth DORMER had the following children:



Lord Dormer FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan24 was born about 1721. He died on 9 March 1780.35 From Stapleford Abbotts Church Register Dormer became the second and last Lord Fortescue of Credan on the death of his father John. He died unmarried in 1780. His estates passed to the heir of Earl Clinton, who was Lord Fortescue of Castle Hill.