23rd Generation

552. Edmund FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford24 was born about 1628. He was baptized on 2 June 1628 in Petrockstowe, Devon. He died in 1681. Edmund was the third surviving son of Hugh of Wear-Gifford. He was styled "of London", and owned a manor at Bierton, in Aylesbury Hundred, Buckinghamshire, which descended to his sons and grandson. He married Sarah Aland of Waterford, who in 1683 inherited the estates of her family in Ireland from her only brother Henry. Edmund died in 1681.

Edmund and Sarah had three sons, (1) Edmund, who took his mother's name of Aland, and who resided at Speccot and died in 1704, unmarried, (2) John, and (3) Henry, born in 1678 and died in 1702, unmarried.

Sarah ALAND of Waterford, Ireland (private).

Edmund FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford and Sarah ALAND of Waterford, Ireland had the following children:



Lord John FORTESCUE-ALAND of Credan.



Edmund FORTESCUE-ALAND24 was born about 1673. He died in 1704. Died unmarried - took mothers name and resided at Speccot.



Henry FORTESCUE-ALAND24 was born in 1678. He died in 1702. Died unmarried