23rd Generation

547. Arthur FORTESCUE of Penwarne74 was born on 6 December 1622 in Wear Hall, Wear Giffard, Devon. He was baptized on 20 December 1622 in Petrockstowe, Devon.71,73 Clermont has him Baptised on 26 Dec 1622. The 20th seems more reasonable and is from the Parish Records. He signed a will on 27 October 1692. Probate 23 Jun 1694, P.C.C. (Box 120) Arthur died in 1693. Burke's has this as 1694 He was buried on 12 April 1693 in Mevagissey, Cornwall. Megassivy Parish Register. Arthur inherited estates from his brother Robert. Arthur purchased Huxtable's. Leary was purchased by Arthur in 1682.

Barbara ELFORD of Sheepstor (private).

Arthur FORTESCUE of Penwarne and Barbara ELFORD of Sheepstor had the following children:



Earl Clinton, Lord Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE.



John FORTESCUE of Penwarne, MP for Cornwall.



Arthur FORTESCUE of Penwarne.