Seventeenth Generation

58. Nicholas 1st FORTESCUE19 signed a will on 14 November 1546. He died in 1550. He had his estate probated on 13 September 1550 in P.C.C. (Coode 20). Nicholas (1st and 2nd): There seems to be some doubt over which one was the first of the two Nicholas's - sons of John. A Visitation of Worcester, 1569, assigns the Groom Porter post to the Nicholas from a nameless wife, and the second Nicholas by "the daughter of Skinner", second wife of John.!!

Elsewhere one Nicholas is described as a bastard. Wills indicate that this is correct. (Note that Clermont's Spridlestone and his Cookhill etc. family trees differ, but only over whether the Nicholas who married Katherine Skinner and became Groom Porter was the first or second of the two sons of John who have that name.

Here, this family tree is an amended version of Clermont's in that it shows the Nicholas who married Katherine as the second of the two).

In some documents Nicholas (Groom) is styled Sir Nicholas. He was appointed Keeper of the Park of Malwyke in 1537, under Lord Denbighe. In 1542 he was given the Nunnery of Cokehill, in Cookhill and Church Lench, Worcestershire, following the dissolution of the churches etc.

In Visitations of the County of Devon, 1620 Nic v3 holas the nameless wife is shown as Elizabeth Sture

Nicholas 1st FORTESCUE and Elizabeth STURE were married before 1550. Elizabeth STURE19 died in 1563 in Bradford, Yorkshire.20 No issue