31st Generation

1630. Joan Shelton THACKRAY was born on 31 October 1916 in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. She died on 30 July 2004 in Trail, Canada. As a young girl visetd UK with her Mother. Returned to Canada when her mother died. Visited and toured Huntingdonshire with Peter Fortescue in 1996. Met George Fortescue who remmebered her as a young girl when her mother was their housekeeper. Joan visited Peter Waddington Fortescue at Chandlers Ford, Hants in June/July, 1996, following the death of her husband Jack. During her stay she revisited Little Irchester, where she spent several years with her mother, before returning to Canada when her mother died. She met George in Irchester who remembered her as a small girl.

John Richard SIGSWORTH died in 1995 in Trail, BC, Canada. He was born in Allberta, Bow Island, Canada. John, known as Jack, came from Bow Island, Alta.

Joan Shelton THACKRAY and John Richard SIGSWORTH had the following children:



David Richard SIGSWORTH.



William Frederick SIGSWORTH Mr.






Gwenneth Joan SIGSWORTH.