29th Generation

1286. Sidney FORTESCUE128 was born about 1880. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Wood Farm Etisley, Caxton, Cambs. FORTESCUE, Sidney Head 1882 29  M Married Working on farm Eltisley, Cambs
FORTESCUE, Amy Wife 1883 28  F Married Tempsford, Beds 9 2 2 0
FORTESCUE, Amy Blanche Dau 1902 9  F Scholar Eltisley, Cambs
FORTESCUE, Winifred Lilley Dau 1910 1  F Eltisley, Cambs
RG14PN9234 RG78PN494 RD184 SD3 ED11 SN136 Barton Sq, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Sidney FORTESCUE and Blanche Amy (Amy) TOPHAM were married on 15 April 1901. Blanche Amy (Amy) TOPHAM128 was born in 1883 in Tempsford, Beds.

Sidney FORTESCUE and Blanche Amy (Amy) TOPHAM had the following children:



Amy Blanche FORTESCUE106 was born in 1902 in Etisley, Cambs.



Winifred Lilley FORTESCUE (private).



Edward George (George) FORTESCUE.