22nd Generation

426. John FORTESCUE55 died on 4 August 1757 in Cookhill, Worcester.56 Died aged 62 from tomb in Cook Hill Chapel
Date was 1758 in 1869 edition

John FORTESCUE and Theodosia BRAUNE were married. Theodosia BRAUNE57 was born in 1689. She died in 1764. 23 Sept 1766 Copy will of Judith Brawne, Bridgetown, Alveston, spinster.
To be buried at Alveston near sister Lucy.
To 4 nephews, sons of "my sister Fortescue" £100 each.
To 4 nieces, wives of above £10 each.
To 4 cousins Archer of Bevington, Warks., £10 each.
To poor of Alveston £10.
To churchwardens of Alveston and their successors: pair of silver waiters and damask tablecloth; to be inscribed and used at communion.
To Theodosia and Frances Fortescue, daughters of testator's nephew John: rings, plate and watch to be divided equally.
Ratifies agreement with nephew John Knottesford as to Bridgetown estate and desires it to be carried out.
To nephew John Knottesford all rights in manor and estate of Bridgetown, formerly belonging to testator's deceased brother Hugh Brawne, esq., John to pay half of one third share of purchase money to testator's sister Theodosia Fortescue after which John entitled and seized of whole estate.
To nephews John Fortescue and John Knottesford: all rights in manors and estates formerly Hugh Brawne's in Ratley and Saintbury and all other real estate On Trust to sell and invest money to pay legacies and funeral expenses.
Residue equally between children of John Fortescue.
Residue of personal estate between children of John Fortescue.
Executors: John Fortescue and John Knottesford.
Witnesses: William Hunt, Thomas Cleaver, servant to Hunt, James Eglington, servant to Mrs. Brawne.

John FORTESCUE and Theodosia BRAUNE had the following children:



Capt John FORTESCUE RN of Cookhill.



William FORTESCUE of Cookhill30,56 died on 25 December 1806 in Cookhill, Worcester.56 from tomb in Cookhill Chapel from Tomb in Cookhill Chapel



Charlotte FORTESCUE of Cookhill (private).



Theodosia FORTESCUE of Cookhill.



Francis FORTESCUE of Cookhill.



Charles FORTESCUE of Cookhill (private).



Hugh FORTESCUE of Cookhill (private).