Eighteenth Generation

124. Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden28 was born in 1533 in Stonor, Bucks. He died on 23 December 1607. Sir John Fortescue of Salden, son of Sir Adrian by his second wife Anne, was born early in 1533 at either Stonor or Shirburn or Shirborne (or Shirborne), Oxfordshire, about six months before Queen Elizabeth. His father's execution took place when he was 8 years old. He was educated at Oxford and then one of the Inns of Court. He was Preceptor to Princess Elizabeth, much consulted by her, and was named Master or Keeper of the Great Wardrobe when she became queen - from 22nd July 1559 to her death.

In 1559 the manor of Salden, Buckinghamshire was bought by Sir John, the purchase being completed in 1580. In 1560 Queen Elizabeth gave him the keepership of Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

In or before 1556 Sir John married Cecily (or Cecilia). She was the daughter and co-heiress of Sir Edmund Ashfield of Ewelme, Oxfordshire, and afterwards co-heir of his wife, of Tattenhoe, Buckinghamshire. Her sister Elizabeth was the wife of William Fettyplace of Childrey, Bucks, whose grandfather Anthony Fettyplace of Childrey, Esquire of the Body to Henry VII, had married Mary Fortescue, Sir Adrian's sister and widow of John Stonor of Stonor.

Cecily died on 7th February 1570, aged 30, and was buried at Mursley, in which parish Salden stood. Three of her nine children died before her. In 1607 John was buried in the same tomb.

In 1573 Sir John was granted "free warren in all the lands of the manor of Salden, Bucks, for ever".

In 1574 John and Lord Grey, who were neighbours at Salden and Whadden Halls, fell out over the hunting by Lord Grey's men on the Salden estates. Blows were exchanged between the men.

In about 1575 John married Alice, daughter of Christopher Smyth of Annabells, by whom he had only one daughter - Margery. (Clermont's Family Tree shows another daughter named Elizabeth, who appears to have died before she was born!!).

John first became an M.P. in the 14th year of Elizabeth's reign, and was elected as a burgess for Wallingford, Oxfordshire, in 1571 or 2. In 1580 Sir John sat on a Committee to consider measures to enable Queen Elizabeth to defend the realm against the treasons of Pope (Note: John's brother Anthony married Pope's daughter Katherine!), and to suppress the rebellion in Ireland.

In 1586 John was elected M.P. for Buckingham town. Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded on 8th February 1587. In 1589 John sat for Buckinghamshire county, and his son Francis sat for Buckingham town. On 31st May 1589, John was appointed Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer, and was made a Privy Counsellor. In 1592 he was knighted. In February 1593 Queen Elizabeth called a new parliament to consider the threat of Spain, and Sir John represented Buckinghamshire.

In 1599 Lord Essex, a friend of Sir John, led an army sent by Queen Elizabeth to crush the rebels in Ireland. Essex did badly and was found guilty. When he was freed by Queen Elizabeth he attempted insurrection and was beheaded on 25th February 1601. Edward Bromley, the last son of Lord Bromley by Sir John's sister Elizabeth also joined the rising. He was imprisoned for a short time in Sir John's house, but probably then went to the Tower.

In the Autumn of 1601 Queen Elizabeth called her last parliament. Sir John was chosen a Knight of the Shire of Middlesex, and Francis the member for Buckinghamshire. Thomas was the member for Wallingford. On 19th December 1601 Queen Elizabeth dissolved Parliament

In January 1601 John was appointed the Recorder of Cambridge and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

In 1602 Queen Elizabeth possibly visited Salden, and on 24th March 1603 she died. Her funeral at Westminster on April 28th was arranged largely by Sir John. She was succeeded by James VI of Scotland, who became King James I of England.

On 24 May 1603 James confirmed John as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and of the County Palatine of Lancaster and as Master of the Great Wardrobe, but he did not confirm him as Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer. On 27th June King James visited Salden, and made many knights there, and at the homes of Sir Francis, son of Sir John; also at the home of Mr George Fortescue. A Baronry was offered to Sir John but he declined.

Sir John died on 23rd December 1607 at Westminster, aged 74. A monument to him and his wife Cecilia was placed at Murseley Church, Buckinghamshire, by their sons Francis and William. The funeral was deferred until 6th July 1608.

Sir John had 5 sons and 2 daughters by first wife Cecilia. The first two, John and Robert died young, so Francis was his heir.

From Camden's Britannia published 1695 Page 281 Buckinghamshire

Not far hence lies Saulden, where there is a neat house by the honourable and learned knight Sir John Fortescue (who for his prudence and integrity was made Chancellor of the Exchequer and of the Duchy of Lancaster and Privy Counsellor to Queen Elizabeth and King James 1) for him and his family

Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden and Cecilia ASHFIELD were married about 1556. Cecilia ASHFIELD28 died on 7 February 1570 in Mursley, Bucks. Her sister Elizabeth was the wife of William Fettyplace of Childrey, Bucks, whose grandfather Anthony Fettyplace of Childrey, Esquire of the Body to Henry VII, had married Mary Fortescue, Sir Adrian's sister and widow of John Stonor of Stonor.

Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden and Cecilia ASHFIELD had the following children:



Sir Francis FORTESCUE K.C.B..



John FORTESCUE (private).



Robert FORTESCUE (private).



Sir William FORTESCUE MP Wycombe159728 died before 4 June 1629. He was buried on 4 June 1629 in Mursley Church, Bucks. Sir William was admitted to the Inner Temple on 12th January 1581. His father Sir John had obtained the stewardship of Hanslope Park with reversion to his son, and on 26th April 1609, Sir William was authorised to cut timber there. He died in 1629 and was buried at Mursley Church on 4th June 1629



Sir Thomas FORTESCUE MP Wycome 159328 died before 1607. Thomas entered the Inner Temple on 25th October 1586. In 1593 he was M.P. for Wycombe. He died before his father.



Elizabeth FORTESCUE (private).




Alice SMYTH of Annabells (private).

Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden and Alice SMYTH of Annabells had the following children:






Elizabeth FORTESCUE28 was born in 1582. She died in 1589/90.