Nineteenth Generation

217. Dudley FORTESCUE (private).

Martha TURNOUR (private).

Mary CRANE15 died on 12 September 1604.

Dudley FORTESCUE and Mary CRANE had the following children:



Marie FORTESCUE15 was born in 1582. She was christened on 18 November 1582.35



Daniel FORTESCUE15 was born on 24 July 1590. Chauncy, in his 'History of Hertfordshire', published in 1700, says that Andrew Fountaine, 'built an air house upon his manor in the year 1682'. I think all historians writing since, have accepted his statement as being correct, until the author of the 'Victorian History of Hertfordshire' published at the beginning of this century. He shows some doubt of this by inserting the words 'supposed to have' in that sentence and adding a footnote reference to a survey of 1638 in the Public Record Office.

Brookmans, a sub-manor within North Mymms Manor, was originally called the Manor of Mimmshall, but later took its name for John Brokeman who held it at the beginning of the 15th century. After John died (c.1415), his widow, Elizabeth, inherited the manor and married John Chamberlyne.

They established their title to the Manor by an appeal to the Court of Chancery in 1437 and later sold it to John Fortescue. It then descended through five generations of the Fortescue family until, in December 1616, Daniel Fortescue sold it, excluding Potterells, to Robert Faldo, who was already living in Potterells.



Frances FORTESCUE15 died on 28 January 1591.