25th Generation

650. John FORTESCUE of Malahide94 was born in 1738. He signed a will on 3 September 1829. He died on 24 January 1831 in Malahide, Ireland. John was buried after 24 January 1831 in Malahide Castle Abbey, Ireland.95 The burial stone is outside the Malahide Old Abbey at the back.

In Memory of John Fortescue Esq
Who died 24th Jan 1831
Aged 93 Years
Also his Susette Fortescue
Who died April 1816
And two of their Infant Chldren He signed a will.95 The transcript of John Fortescues will is on microfilm in the National Archive (IWR/1831/F/52) and is dated 3 September 1829. Maria Fortescue daughter and spinster is the executor.
It leaves £500 British from the 29th March 1831 to Maria Fortescue, daughter. £700 British to Ali*** (I thought it was Alison, but it may have read Alicia which was a more common name then) Fortescue granddaughter. (There is a Grandaughter Alicia)

Residue, subject to a bequest of £10 to John Fortescue and £80 to Susan Fortescue grandchildren, including 5 acres of land farm at Malahide, furniture, plates, linen
Household Goods £50
In the funds 673,,19
Leases 120
Seed 1384
Tithes 168
Granted Prerogative Court 22 February 1832, (signed Hawkins) £2500

Clermont sats that John was at the taking of Quebec in the 24th Regiment. (1759). In Ferrar's Limerick Directory of 1769 there is a John is listed as a Lieutenant in the the 27th Regiment which confirms the record of hm leaving Canada and returning to Ireland.

Malahide is a town on the coast just north of Dublin.He was buried in a Catholic Graveyard although his Father was a a Rector.

John FORTESCUE of Malahide and Suzanne (Susette) HERTEL of Canada were married on 17 May 1767 in Christchurch Cathedral, Montreal, Canada. Suzanne (Susette) HERTEL of Canada94 was born on 15 March 1748 in Quebec, Canada. She was christened on 16 March 1748 in St Francois du Lac, Quebec, Canada. She died in April 1816 in Malahide, Ireland. Clermont has her as Miss de Salisbury but infromation form Bertrand Desjardin of www.genealogy.umontreal.ca gives her proper name and clears up the De Salisbury surname which was probaly garbled information from the family.

"There is no doubt in my mind that "Susette Fortescue" is Suzanne Hertel whom John Fortescue married the 17th of May 1767 in the Christ Church Cathedral of Montreal. The few details available at our end fit perfectly, with a notarial document in the 1770s concerning family business mentioning she and her husband no longer lived in Quebec. Susette (or Suzette) is a familiar form in French of the first name Suzanne.

Suzanne Hertel was born on the 15th of March 1748 and was baptised the next day in St-Francois-du-Lac (Quebec). She was the 9th child born to Joseph Hertel, a noble man, and his wife Suzanne Blondeau.

Thomas Fortescue Lord Clermont seems to have mistaken Suzanne Hertel with her younger sister Francoise Catherine Hertel, born the 25th of November 1752, who married in 1778 Ignace Antoine Louis Michel DeSalaberry. (DeSalaberry is a famous name in French-Canadian history as one of the sons of Ignace Antoine Louis Michel became a hero, defeating an American army during the war of 1812)."

Charles-Michel d'Irumberry de Salaberry, soldier (b at Beauport, Qué 19 Nov 1778; d at Chambly, Lower Canada 27 Feb 1829). A protégé of the Duke of Kent, he was commissioned in the British army in 1794, and served in Ireland, the West Indies and the Low Countries during the Napoleonic Wars. Returning to Lower Canada in 1810, he became aide-de-camp to Maj-Gen de Rottenburg. Promoted in the militia in 1812, Salaberry raised and commanded a troop of Canadien VOLTIGEURS during the WAR OF 1812, repelling an American force and in 1813 turning back another numerically superior American advance on Montréal at the Battle of CHÂTEAUGUAY. He was retired on half pay in 1815 and was made a Companion of the Bath 2 years later. In 1818 Salaberry was appointed to the legislative council of Lower Canada.

So Charles-Michael would have visited his Aunt and Uncle and hence the confusion of the name is explained.

John FORTESCUE of Malahide and Suzanne (Susette) HERTEL of Canada had the following children:



Capt William Faithful FORTESCUE of Malahide.









Maria FORTESCUE94 was born in 1773. She died in 1857.



Eliza FORTESCUE96 died in 1806.