30th Generation

1613. Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE141 was born on 13 March 1892 in Chelsea, London. She was living in 1901 in Kinson, Dorset. She died on 19 August 1974. Author of Book "Dusty Pages"

Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE and Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW were married on 10 April 1919. Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW141 was born on 3 June 1887. Wrote book" Combat and Carnival" in 1954 about his Victorian relatives. Lt Col 5th Bat. Devonshire Regiment. Formerly Major Suffolk Regiment served during WW1. JP Devon

Joyce Margaret FORTESCUE and Col Peter Fitzwilliam CAREW had the following children:



Lieutenant Nichcolas Jasper-Grenville CAREW (private).



John Mohun CAREW205 was born on 8 July 1821. He died in 1980. He married Barbara Joan Stewart Roberts, daughter of Major Arthur Neil Stewart Roberts, on 1 December 1950.1 John Mohun Carew gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service of the Indian Army.1 He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Devonshire Regiment. He fought in the Second World War between 1943 and 1944, in Burma with the 3rd Gurkha Rifles, and was wounded. He was decorated with the award of Military Cross (M.C.). He fought in the Malayan Campaign between 1948 and 1949.1