26th Generation

842. 1st Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE116 was born on 12 March 1753. He died on 22 June 1841. Hugh, born on 12th March 1753, succeeded his father in titles and estates.

He was M.P. for Beaumaris in 1784 but in 1785, his father's death took him to the House of Peers. He was for some years Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Devon.

On 15th August 1789 he was promoted to the Peerage, being created Viscount Ebrington of Ebrington, Gloucestershire.

He died at Castle Hill on 22nd June 1841, aged 88.

1st Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Hester GRENVILLE obtained a marriage license on 4 May 1782. They were married on 10 May 1782 in St James, Westminster, London. Hester GRENVILLE116 was born on 23 November 1760 in Wotton, Bucks.5 She died on 13 November 1847.5 Sister to 1st Marquess of Buckingham

Hester's Grenville and the Fortescue connection to Lincolnshire. A lithograph of her is in the Museum at Louth, Lincolnshire.

The connection with Lincolnshire goes back to 1692 when Hugh Fortescue married Bridget Boscawen the Heiress of the Clinton Family and granddaughter of Theophilus Clinton or Fiennes, the 4th Earl of Lincoln. The Family Seat at the time was Sempringham

From the book by Thomas Fortescue Lord Clermont "A History of The Family of Fortescue in all its Branches" published in 1869 and 1880 and on page 135 he writes.

"Hugh Fortescue, whose will is dated January 5 1714, died in 1719, and was succeeded by his eldest son Hugh, born in 1695; who in consequence of the death, without issue of Edward, thirteenth Baron Clinton, and fifth Earl of Lincoln, obtained that ancient Barony, which, on the 16th March, 1721, was called out of abeyance into which it had fallen in the year 1692, by a writ of summons to him as fourteenth baron, in the right of his mother Bridget Boscawen only child of Lady Margaret Clinton, youngest daughter of Theophilus, twelfth Baron Clinton and fourth Earl of Lincoln."

Seymour Fortescue published in 1920 a book "Looking Back" and he talks about the estates of his father the 4th Earl Fortescue. From Page 4:

"The Lincolnshire Property, which has since been sold (I believe to some firm of speculative land buyers) deserves a passing mention, for the Manor House of the property consists of the remains of the famous old brick castle of Tattersall. This Tattersall Estate came into the possession of my family about 1690, through the marriage of the Hugh Fortescue of the day with the heiress of the Earl of Lincoln, when it became her property (the male line of the Clinton family having died out), and has remained in our family until its recent sale."

The Lithograph is from a painting executd by Camilla Fellowes. Camilla and husband Dudley Fortescues were first cousins, grandchildren of Hugh and Hester Grenville but they do not appear to have any children. These family connections led to a another branch of the Fortescue Family inheriting Boconnoc from the Pitts.

1st Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Hester GRENVILLE had the following children:



2nd Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE.



Hester FORTESCUE of Castle Hill.



Catherine FORTESCUE of Castle Hill.



Anne FORTESCUE of Castle Hill.



John FORTESCUE M.A. of Castle Hill.



George Matthew FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Dropmore.



Lady Mary FORTESCUE of Castle Hill.



Eleanor FORTESCUE of Castle Hill117 was born on 2 April 1798. She died in 1847. Died unmarried buried in Wear Gifford Church



Lady Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Castle Hill.