Robert Peter WOODCOCK (private). Parents: Elias Thomas Peter WOODCOCK and Joyce Ruth FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Faye Marion PARKER. Children were: Graham WOODCOCK, Matthew Robert WOODCOCK, Katherine Faye WOODCOCK.

Ellen Jane WOODHOUSE died on 18 October 1870.

Spouse: Hugh ACLAND. Ellen Jane WOODHOUSE and Hugh ACLAND were married on 12 June 1817.

James WOODS (private).

Spouse: Rosetta FOSKEW.

John WOOLCOMBE of Combe (private).

Spouse: Sarah FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford.

John WOOLOCOMBE of Roborough (private).

Children were: Mary WOOLOCOMBE of Roborough.

Mary WOOLOCOMBE of Roborough (private). Parents: John WOOLOCOMBE of Roborough.

Spouse: James FORTESCUE of Ford, Milton Abbot. Children were: John FORTESCUE, Sara FORTESCUE, Thomazine FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE of Ford.

Mary WOOLRIDGE (private).

Spouse: Gilbert FORTESCUE of Salden.

Sir Bowyer WORSLEY (private).

Spouse: Martha TURNOUR.

Spouse: Agnes SNELL.

WORTH of Worth in Washfield (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Preston.

Fanny Elizabeth WRIGHT13 was born in 1845 in Holt, Norfolk. She died in 1900 in Hendon, London.

Spouse: Francis Federick FORTESCUE. Fanny Elizabeth WRIGHT and Francis Federick FORTESCUE were married in 1872 in Pancras, London. In the September Quarter Ref No. 1b74 Children were: Alice Maria E FORTESCUE, James Henry FORTESCUE, William John FORTESCUE.

Lilian WRIGHT (private). Parents: Peter WRIGHT and Linda BYRNE.

Mary Dorothea WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Prof Cecil Lewis FORTESCUE OBE MIEE. Children were: Richard Lewis FORTESCUE, Janet Mary (Mollie) FORTESCUE ARIBA.

Michael WRIGHT (private). Parents: Wlliam Lee WRIGHT and ANN HEARN.

Paul WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: Jacqueline Claire FORTESCUE.

Peter WRIGHT (private). Parents: Wlliam Lee WRIGHT and ANN HEARN.

Spouse: Linda FERGUSON.

Spouse: Linda BYRNE. Children were: William WRIGHT, Lilian WRIGHT.

William WRIGHT (private). Parents: Peter WRIGHT and Linda BYRNE.

Wlliam Lee WRIGHT (private).

Spouse: ANN HEARN. Children were: Peter WRIGHT, Michael WRIGHT.

Maud WYATT (private).

Spouse: Patrick Graham FORTESCUE. Children were: Rodney FORTESCUE, Paul FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth WYNDHAM (private).

Spouse: George GRENVILLE. Children were: George GRENVILLE, Charlotte GRENVILLE, Thomas GRENVILLE, Elizabeth GRENVILLE, William Wyndham GRENVILLE, Hester GRENVILLE, Catherine GRENVILLE.

Laura Mary WYNN-WILLIAMS (private).


Mary WYSE of Dittigham77 died in 1722. She was buried in 1722. Parents: Sampson WYSE of Dittigham.

Spouse: Edmund FORTESCUE of Cruft and Fallapit. Mary WYSE of Dittigham and Edmund FORTESCUE of Cruft and Fallapit were married about 1680. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE of Fallapit, Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Fallapit, Dorothy FORTESCUE of Fallapit, Peter FORTESCUE, Edmund FORTESCUE, Sarah FORTESCUE of Fallapit, Grace FORTESCUE.

Sampson WYSE of Dittigham (private).

Children were: Mary WYSE of Dittigham.

Elaine M YAPP (private).

Spouse: Graham W GODFREY. Children were: Alison Fiona GODFREY.

Mary YARNOLD (private).

Spouse: William LENTON. Children were: George LENTON, Antony LENTON, Jennifer LENTON.

Margaret Guise YATES (private).

Spouse: Maj James William IRVINE-FORTESCUE JP DL of Kingcausie. Children were: Major Grenville Archer IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Rachel Sarah IRVINE-FORTESCUE, Henry Boswell IRVINE-FORTESCUE, James Robert IRVINE-FORTESCUE.

George YEO (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth SMITH. Children were: George YEO of Huishe.

George YEO of Huishe53 was born in March 1581. He died in 1648 in Wibworthy, North Petherwin, Cornwall. Parents: George YEO and Elizabeth SMITH.

Spouse: Dorothy ( Dorithy ) FORTESCUE. Dorothy ( Dorithy ) FORTESCUE and George YEO of Huishe were married.

John YEO of Huish (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Leonard YEO of Huish53 was born in August 1568 in Huish, Hatherleigh, Devon.206 He died in 1641 in Huish, Hatherleigh, Devon.206

Spouse: Sarah FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford. Sarah FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford and Leonard YEO of Huish were married on 24 October 1596 in Huish, Hatherleigh, Devon.206

Mary YEO (private).

Spouse: Samuel FORTESCUE of Cleeve in Wear-Gifford. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Dorothy FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE of Cleeve, George FORTESCUE.

Mary YEO (private). Parents: Robert YEO of Heaton and Mary FORTESCUE of Filleigh.

Spouse: Henry ROLLE.

Robert YEO of Heaton (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE of Filleigh. Children were: Mary YEO.

YSMEINE of Jerusalem (private).

Spouse: Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Modbury.