Thomas Richard FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard Lewis FORTESCUE and Katherine Elizabeth PASS.

Spouse: Elizabeth Jane (Twig) SCOTT. Children were: Sophy Caroline FORTESCUE, Richard FORTESCUE, Mark Thomas FORTESCUE, Oliver Sebastian Peter FORTESCUE.

Thomas William FORTESCUE of Stow59 died on 12 June 1746. Parents: William FORTESCUE of Titmarsh.

Thomasin FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE of Wood and Eleanor ST LOWE of Sutton St Lowe, Somerset.

Thomasin FORTESCUE of Combe53 was born in 1656. She was christened on 30 March 1656 in Combe, Holbeton, Devon. Parents: George FORTESCUE of Combe and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh.

Thomasina FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Humphrey FORTESCUE and Elizabeth .

Thomasine FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Ellen BADCOCK of Shebbear.

Thomazine FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh22 was born in 1647/8. She was baptized on 19 March 1647/8 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon.210 Parents: John FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Thomasine PRIDEAUX of Solden.

Thomazine FORTESCUE22 was born about 1662. She was baptized on 7 April 1662. Spelt with an E at the end in Visitations so that spelling adopted which makes the same as her mother. Parents: James FORTESCUE of Ford, Milton Abbot and Mary WOOLOCOMBE of Roborough.

Timothy FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Juanita Louise BRAKE.

Timothy Hugh Faithful FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Hugh Rudolf FORTESCUE B.A . JP and Ada Mary Catherine PHILLIPS.

Todd James FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Raymond John FORTESCUE and Wendy Anne NOAKES.

Tom Harry FORTESCUE16 was born on 3 March 1884 in Park St, Slough, Bucks. He died on 6 November 1965 in Kirk Sandall, Nr Doncaster, Yorkshire. Served in the Somerset Light Infantry in India and China Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Sarah Amelia WALTER.

Spouse: Jessie Mary DAWKINS. Jessie Mary DAWKINS and Tom Harry FORTESCUE were married on 24 August 1916 in Karachi, India. Children were: Dennis Campbell FORTESCUE, Patrick Graham FORTESCUE, Paul FORTESCUE, Joan FORTESCUE.

Travis Lynton FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Gary Raymond FORTESCUE and Lorna Dawn CURNOW.

Trevor Victor Norman (Tim) FORTESCUE MP (private). Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Elsie May SNOWDON.

Spouse: Marjorie Stratford HUNT of Cambridge. Children were: Sir John Adrian (Adrian) FORTESCUE, Diana FORTESCUE, Michael FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Anthea Maureen HIGGINS.

Trevor Wayne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: George William FORTESCUE and Norma WISHART.

Spouse: Beverly JOHNSON. Children were: Amy Louise FORTESCUE, Dale Marcus Wayne FORTESCUE.

Tristam FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Preston and Joan FORTESCUE of Wood.

Unknown FORTESCUE (private).

Children were: John FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE.

Unknown FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Mary ROE. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Annie FORTESCUE.

Valerie FORTESCUE33 was born in 1914. She died in 1974. Lived at Berhampstead. Married and had a son. Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Elsie May SNOWDON.

Spouse: Kenneth J SCHROUDER.

Valerie Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Gordon Walter FORTESCUE and Hannah May FLEMING.

Spouse: Stephen FURNIVAL. Children were: Clare FURNIVAL, Douglas FURNIVAL, Louise FURNIVAL.

Vera FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Stanley FORTESCUE and Jessie .

Vera Mary FORTESCUE was born about 1905. She died on 24 August 1987.211 Not Known whether this her Maiden Name

Victor John Fortescue FORTESCUE5 was born on 17 August 1926 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. He died on 10 July 1986 in Neath, Wales. No Issue Parents: Claude Hamilton FORTESCUE and Ivy Isabel BUCKLE.

Spouse: Eveline .

Victor Nathaniel FORTESCUE33 was born on 24 May 1895 in Hackney, London. Parents: Nathaniel FORTESCUE and Jessie Louisa TAYLOR.

Spouse: Olive E GOTT. Children were: Brenda M FORTESCUE.

Vincent Knottesford FORTESCUE M.A. Of Cookhill74 was born on 15 November 1849 in Alveston, Warwickshire.19 He appeared in the census in 1881 in Banbury Lane, Alveston, Warwickshire. Curate He appeared in the census in 1901 in Bubbenhall, Warwickshire. Church of Englan Clergyman Vincent appeared in the census in 1911 in Corley Rectory, Corley, Meriden, Warwks. RG14PN18410 RG78PN1106 RD386 SD2 ED9 SN54 Corley Rectory, Corley, Meriden, Warwks
FORTESCUE, Vincent Head 1850 61  M Married Minister in Holy Orders Alveston, Wks
FORTESCUE, Elisabeth Anne Wife 1858 53  F Married unreadable 29 none
He died on 5 February 1932. Parents: Edward Bowles Knottesford FORTESCUE of Alveston and Frances Anne SPOONER.

Spouse: Elizabeth Anne SPOONER. Elizabeth Anne SPOONER and Vincent Knottesford FORTESCUE M.A. Of Cookhill were married on 2 August 1881 in Pillerton Hersey, Warwickshire.

Violet FORTESCUE33 was born in 1899 in Clapton, London. She died in 2000. Parents: Nathaniel FORTESCUE and Jessie Louisa TAYLOR.

Spouse: Lawrence ELLIOTT.

Violet Emily FORTESCUE79 was born on 23 August 1901 in Enfield, Middlesex. She died on 25 October 1993 in St Germans, Cornwall. Parents: Octavius FORTESCUE and Daisy Amelia GATES.

Spouse: Charles James SALISBURY. Violet Emily FORTESCUE and Charles James SALISBURY were married in 1928 in Edmonton, Middlesex. Children were: Heather D SALISBURY, Roy F SALISBURY.

Violet Gwendolene (Gwen) FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sidney FORTESCUE and Kate Mary HARMER.

Spouse: Alasda LUNAN. Children were: Duncan LUNAN, Mary LUNAN.

Violet Mary FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Reginald FORTESCUE and Lillia .

Walter FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Humphrey FORTESCUE and Elizabeth .

Walter FORTESCUE1 was born in 1882 in Exeter, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Brixton Prison, Brixton Hill, Lambeth, London. RG14PN2143 RD25 SD5 ED45 SN1 Brixton Prison, Brixton Hill, Lambeth, London
FORTESCUE, Walter Prisoner 1882 29  M Single Accounts Clerk Exeter, Devon

Walter Ernest FORTESCUE was born in 1869 in Hackney, London. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Oakdene, 2 Crescent Rd, Chingford, Epping, Essex. RG14PN9771 RG78PN515 RD189 SD1 ED8 SN80 Oakdene, 2 Crescent Rd, Chingford, Epping, Essex
FORTESCUE, Walter Head 1869 42  M Married Retired Builder Hackney, London
FORTESCUE, Dorothy Wife 1874 37  F Married Stoke Newington, London 12 none

Spouse: Dorothy . Dorothy and Walter Ernest FORTESCUE were married in 1899.

Walter Ernest FORTESCUE51,139 was born on 15 June 1882 in Little Irchester Lodge, Little Irchester, Northants. He was baptized on 9 July 1882 in Irchester Church, Northants. From Irchester Church register Northants records office
In 1911 he was a Confectioer in Litlle Irchester Lodge. Walter died on 1 July 1951 in Irchester, Northants. He was a Baker in Irchester, Northants. He was cremated in Kettering, Northants. Parents: Gerrard FORTESCUE and Mary PASHLER.

Spouse: Florence DRAPER. Children were: Dorothy Mather FORTESCUE, George Ernest FORTESCUE.

Warwick Andrew FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Peter Waddington FORTESCUE and Gillian Grace STRANGE.

Spouse: Jennifer LLOYD. Children were: Abbey FORTESCUE, Jacob Hugh Fortescue FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Paddington11 was christened on 29 July 1806 in Longstowe, Cambridge. In 1834 he was a Baker in Paddington, London. In 1836 he was a Baker in St Marylebone, London. In 1839 William was a Baker in Artillery Place, Woolwich Dock Yard, Kent. Until 1851 In 1869 he was a Commercial Traveller in 3 Wellington Terrace, New Road, Hammersmith, London,. He was buried on 11 May 1876 in All Souls Cemetry, Kensal Green, London. Parents: James FORTESCUE of Longstowe and Ann FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Elizabeth CARR of Elton. Elizabeth CARR of Elton and William FORTESCUE of Paddington were married on 15 January 1834 in Elton, Cambridge (Hunts). Witnessed by Edward Carr, Ann Carr and Tobias Mackness Children were: George Walter FORTESCUE, Robert Alfred FORTESCUE, William Mortimer FORTESCUE, Francis Federick FORTESCUE, Arthur Henry FORTESCUE, Ann Carr FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP.

Spouse: Matilda FALWELL. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

William FORTESCUE of Morleigh (private). Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Florence BONVILLE.

Spouse: Catherine WALSH. Children were: Katherine FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Pruteston (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE of Pruteston and Elizabeth CHAMPERNOWNE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE.

Captain William FORTESCUE RN was buried in 1775. Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Joanna GAY of Barnstaple.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Roger FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Mary NORLEIGH of Inwardleigh.

William FORTESCUE118 was christened on 28 October 1656 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon.19 He was buried on 12 February 1657/8 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon. Parents: William FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Emlyn TROSSE.

William FORTESCUE of Penwarne (private).

Spouse: Anne FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Anne BAKER..

Spouse: Elizabeth TUNNICLIFT. Children were: William FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Elizabeth HOLMES.

Spouse: Mary GODFREY. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Thomas FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE and Elizabeth TUNNICLIFT.

William FORTESCUE (private).

William FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Mary . Children were: Mary Ann FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private).


William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE and Sarah HEATLEY.