Patrick FORTESCUE1 was born in 1897 in East Ham, London. Parents: Patrick FORTESCUE.

Patrick Graham FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Tom Harry FORTESCUE and Jessie Mary DAWKINS.

Spouse: Maud WYATT. Children were: Rodney FORTESCUE, Paul FORTESCUE.

Paul FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Tom Harry FORTESCUE and Jessie Mary DAWKINS.

Paul FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Patrick Graham FORTESCUE and Maud WYATT.

Paul Andrew FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William Stanley FORTESCUE and Patsy Merle TURNER.

Spouse: Julie MOBBS.

Paul Charles FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Iris WALKER.

Paul John FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John Robert FORTESCUE and Terry HO.

Spouse: Catherine HUGHSON. Children were: Lucy Rose FORTESCUE.

Pauline FORTESCUE33 was born in 1937. She died in 1998. Parents: Frederick George FORTESCUE and Marjorie EATOFF.

Pearl FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William Beresford FORTESCUE and Bertha Corisande BUNN.

Spouse: Disney CYRIL.

Penelope Gail FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Hugh Douglas (Doug) FORTESCUE and Dorothy Joyce (Joyce) WHITE.

Spouse: Peter CRAIG. Children were: Matthew James CRAIG, Lachlan Peter CRAIG.

Percival Herbert (Ron) FORTESCUE11,200 was born on 8 February 1916 in Canarvon, WA, Australia. He died on 7 January 2003 in Nudgee, QLD, Australia. Aged 86

Parents: Ernest Herbert FORTESCUE and Elizabeth HAW (MATTHEWS).

Spouse: Jean Bertha OAKROOT. Jean Bertha OAKROOT and Percival Herbert (Ron) FORTESCUE were married on 22 May 1941 in Leeton, NSW, Australia. Children were: Annette Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Gloria Jean FORTESCUE, Margaret Fay FORTESCUE, Barbara Joyce FORTESCUE, Leanne May FORTESCUE.

Percival Trosse FORTESCUE76,94 was born on 16 March 1843 in Churchstowe, Devon.101 He died on 11 January 1892. Capt New Zealand Militia. No Issue Parents: Henry Reymundo FORTESCUE Rector of East Allington and Ellen (Helen) WALSH.

Spouse: Agnes Crocker JENKINS. Agnes Crocker JENKINS and Percival Trosse FORTESCUE were married on 5 February 1867.

Percy FORTESCUE11 was baptized about 1856 in St Marys, Paddington, London. He was born on 29 August 1856. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Snaith, Yorkshire.19

Percy FORTESCUE Head M Male 24 Bayswater, Middlesex, England Police Constable
Jane FORTESCUE Wife M Female 25 Scotland
Percy A. FORTESCUE Son Male 2 Goole, York, England
Clarence E. FORTESCUE Son Male 4 m Snaith, York, England
Percy was living in 1912 in Scone, NSW, Australia.201 Senior Sergent of Police He died in 1928. At age 26 emigrated to Australia under assisted passage in 1882 in the Orantes with his wife Jane(26), Percy (3) and Arthur on the Orantes. N.S.W. State Library. On board was James Simpson who later married Clara - Percy's sister. Parents: James Henry FORTESCUE and Emma Elizabeth Maton KNAPP.

Spouse: Jane THOMSON of Aberdeen. Jane THOMSON of Aberdeen and Percy FORTESCUE were married before 1879. Children were: Percy Alexander FORTESCUE, Clarence Ernest FORTESCUE, Arthur Henry FORTESCUE, Harold Egbert FORTESCUE, Francis Edmund FORTESCUE, Charles FORTESCUE, Ralph Clare FORTESCUE, Lionel Frederick FORTESCUE, Bertram FORTESCUE, Gladys Marion FORTESCUE.

Percy FORTESCUE11 was born in 1916. He died in 1970. Parents: Percy Alexander FORTESCUE and Liz WATSON.

Spouse: Beryl TROTT. Children were: Faye FORTESCUE, Lynette FORTESCUE, Carol FORTESCUE, Colin FORTESCUE.

Percy Alexander FORTESCUE11 was born about March 1879 in Goole, Yorkshire. Parents: Percy FORTESCUE and Jane THOMSON of Aberdeen.

Spouse: Liz WATSON. Children were: Percy FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Reginald FORTESCUE, Gladys FORTESCUE, Mavis FORTESCUE.

Peter FORTESCUE117 was buried on 9 February 1664/5.68 Died young Parents: Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Wood and Bridget ELLIOT of Port Elliot.

Peter FORTESCUE of Fallapit (private). Parents: Baron Lewis FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Peter FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Edmund FORTESCUE of Cruft and Fallapit and Mary WYSE of Dittigham.

Peter FORTESCUE68 died on 15 October 1676 in Woodleigh, Devon. Visitations of Devon gives his death as 1674. However in Woodleigh Church there is an Inscription which says his death was in 1676. It also has the following

" Behold and mourn for in this church is led
A Twin -the heir of Fortescue is dead.
His life run short with with groans and with alarms,
He courted Death with sighs and doleful charms.
He quits this Life to purchase Heaven in hand.
His Soul above his Parents' joy to sing
Coelestestial prayses to God and King.
Mors mihi lucrum"

He died. Parents: Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Wood and Lady Amy COURTNEY.

Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Prestin47 died in 1696. Died S.P. Appealed against in the House of Lords 22 November 1680 by William Noy and others. Parents: Peter FORTESCUE of Cruft and Elizabeth BASTARD of Garston.

Spouse: Anne FORTESCUE.

Peter FORTESCUE of Cruft47 was born in 1617. He was baptized in 1617. He was a Royalist in the Civil War; was appointed High Sheriff of
Devonshire by Charles in 1642. He was captured together with his
brother Peter at Medbury Castle, residence of the Champernounes. He
was released no later than the Autumn of 1643 and became actively
engaged once more against the Roundheads.

Probably the Capt Peter Fortescue besieged with brothers in Salcome
Castle - "On 15th January 1645 the list of officers and soldiers
defending it totalled 66 men including the Governor, Sir Edmund
Fortescue, and also Mr Thomas Fortescue and Captain Peter Fortescue.
The garrison held out for 50 days or almost 4 months but was then
obliged to surrender" Parents: John FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Sarah PRIDEAUX.

Spouse: Elizabeth BASTARD of Garston. Children were: Edmund FORTESCUE of Cruft and Fallapit, John FORTESCUE, Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Prestin.

Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Wood117 was born about 1620. He signed a will on 29 June 1685. He died on 18 August 1685 in Ermington, Devon.19 Peter had his estate probated on 11 March 1686. Sir Peter's Baronetcy became extinct at his death in 1685.

His Estate was advertised int the London Gazette in July 1730. " The Barton of Wood lying within the parish of Woodleigh, in the said County, heretofore the Seat of Sir Peter Fortescue, Bart. deceased, consisting of very large Mansion-House, Barns, Stables, Stalls, and other Out-houses, with six acres of Orchard, and about 270 acres of Land to the same belonging; as also a great number of TimberTrees, Saplings thereon growing and about 40 acres of Copice Wood. Particulars of the said Manor and Bartons may be had of Mr William Dixon at his chambers at Lincoln's Inn, London, of Mr John Fortescue, Attorney at law in Exeter, of Mr John Elford

(Barton is an archaic English language word meaning lands of the manor or meadow and may refer to several places or people) Parents: Francis FORTESCUE of Wood and Elizabeth SPECKOTT of Thornborough, Devon.

Spouse: Bridget ELLIOT of Port Elliot. Children were: Peter FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Lady Amy COURTNEY. Lady Amy COURTNEY and Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Wood were married on 21 November 1669 in Burian, Cornwall. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Peter FORTESCUE, Bridget FORTESCUE, Amy FORTESCUE.

Peter F FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William Henry FORTESCUE and Beatrice Millicent FAWCETT.

Spouse: Kay SOUTHCLIFF. Children were: Michael FORTESCUE, Mary (Mia) FORTESCUE.

Peter Waddington FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Hugh FORTESCUE and Ada Dorothy WADDINGTON.

Spouse: Gillian Grace STRANGE. Children were: Warwick Andrew FORTESCUE, Jacqueline Claire FORTESCUE, Julie Anne FORTESCUE, Alison Mary FORTESCUE.

Philadelphia FORTESCUE of Cookhill (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Mary .

Philip FORTESCUE of Fallapit (private). Parents: Baron Lewis FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Philip FORTESCUE was born in 1883 in Liss, Hants. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 3 Pierpoint Terr, Hurstpierpoint, Cuckfield, Sussex. RG14PN5030 RG78PN222 RD76 SD2 ED11 SN233 3 Pierpoint Terr, Hurstpierpoint, Cuckfield, Sussex
FORTESCUE, Philip Boarder 1883 28  M Single Domestic Gardener Liss, Hampshire
Parents: John FORTESCUE and Sarah STUBBINGTON.

Philippa Elizabeth Mary FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard Lewis FORTESCUE and Katherine Elizabeth PASS.

Phillip FORTESCUE died on 22 June 1599 in Cornworthy, Devon.19 Parents: Henry FORTESCUE and Susanna HARRYS.

Phillipa FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh and Anne GIFFORD.

Phillipa FORTESCUE47 was born about 1610. Described as Phillip in Visitation of the County of Devon Parents: Edward FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Ellinor READE of Hanger, Devon.

Spouse: Walter DOTING of Totness.

Phillipa Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Stephen John Graham FORTESCUE and Margaret ROBERTS.

Spouse: Grant Willliam BETTJAMIN of Te Kuin, New Zealand.

Prudence FORTESCUE of Cookhill (private). Parents: Sir Nicholas FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Wheatley and Prudence WHETLEY of Holcombe, Norfolk.

Queen Kershaw FORTESCUE202 was born about 1912. She died on 16 April 2003 in Northbride, NSW, Australia. Aged 91. Not known whether this is her Maiden Name. Also formerly of Roseville

Ralph FORTESCUE47 was born about 1589. IGI Suggests 1589. IGI also has Reed(e) Fortescue of Cornwood as being born to Edward and Elinor Reade in 1586. So Ralph's birth taken as 1589. Parents: Edward FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Ellinor READE of Hanger, Devon.

Ralph (Radulfus) FORTESCUE of Modbury (private). Parents: Richard FORTESCUE.

Children were: Richard FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Ralph Clare FORTESCUE11 was born in 1887. He died in 1888. Parents: Percy FORTESCUE and Jane THOMSON of Aberdeen.

Randall FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Alexander FORTESCUE and Catherine JAMES.

Raymond John FORTESCUE (private). Parents: David Russell (Rus) FORTESCUE and Rhoda Elaine TURNER.

Spouse: Wendy Anne NOAKES. Children were: Amy Maree FORTESCUE, Todd James FORTESCUE.

Rebecca FORTESCUE of Spridlestone (private). Parents: Edward FORTESCUE of Spridlestone and Dorothy CROSSING.

Spouse: George FORTESCUE of Tavistock. Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Rebecca FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE M.B. of Bampton.

Rebecca FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford (private). Parents: Hugh FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford and Elizabeth CHICHESTER.

Spouse: George REYNELL.

Rebecca FORTESCUE136 was born about 1699. She was christened on 8 July 1699 in Tavistock, Devon. She died in 1764. Rebecca was buried on 13 April 1764 in Chudleigh, Devon,. Rebecca who succeeded to Spridlestone married Caleb Inglett, Esq. of Chudleigh and was succeeded at Spridlestone by her son Richard, who took the name of Fortescue. He was succeeded by his only son John Inglett Fortescue, who in 1785 sold both Spridlestone and Buckland-Filleigh estates. Spridlestone was bought by Mr. Lane. Parents: George FORTESCUE of Tavistock and Rebecca FORTESCUE of Spridlestone.

Spouse: Caleb INGLETT of Dawlish. Rebecca FORTESCUE and Caleb INGLETT of Dawlish were married on 29 September 1726 in Topsham, Devon. Children were: Richard Inglett FORTESCUE.

Rebecca Nellie FORTESCUE11,13 was born in 1884 in Yackandah, VIC, Australia. Parents: George Edward FORTESCUE and Selina Elvira MEURANT.

Spouse: Joshua WELLER.

Reed FORTESCUE of Cornwood19,77 was born about 1586 in Fallapit, East Allington, Devon. See page 365 "Visitations of the County of Devon". Spelt Reede in Honour's will

Parents: Edward FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Ellinor READE of Hanger, Devon.

Spouse: Catherine FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh.

Reginald FORTESCUE was born in 1867 in Exeter, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Bradfield, Berkshire. RG14PN6552 RG78PN325 RD120 SD2 ED8 SN37 Victoria Rd, Tilehurst, Bradfield, Berkshire
FORTESCUE, Reginald Head 1867 44  M Married Cycle & Sewing Machine Salesman Exeter, Devon
FORTESCUE, Lillia Wife 1865 46  F Married St John's Wood
FORTESCUE, Violet Mary Dau 1906 5  F Reading

Spouse: Lillia . Lillia and Reginald FORTESCUE were married about 1903. Children were: Violet Mary FORTESCUE.

Reginald FORTESCUE1 was born in 1893 in Quetta, India. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Romsey Rd, Winchester, Hampshire. RG14PN6129 RD103 SD2 ED19 SN9999 Romsey Rd, Winchester, Hampshire
FORTESCUE, Reginald Prisoner 1893 18  M Single no occupation since leaving school Quetta, India

Reginald FORTESCUE1 was born in 1900 in Fulham, London. Parents: Frederick FORTESCUE and Maude .

Reginald FORTESCUE was born in 1922. He died in 1978. Parents: Percy Alexander FORTESCUE and Liz WATSON.

Spouse: Jill SHANAHAN. Children were: Kenneth FORTESCUE, Russell FORTESCUE, Barbara FORTESCUE, Kerry FORTESCUE, Linda FORTESCUE.

Reginald Gerrard FORTESCUE51 was born on 14 June 1894 in Wilby, Northants. He died on 8 November 1955. He was buried in Fenny Stratford Cemetry, Bucks. George Ernest Fortescue has a recollection of Reginald being married to Bertha Mann. But could not find any evidence. Parents: William Lewis Bateman FORTESCUE and Sarah Eliza NICHOLS.

Reginald Henry FORTESCUE was born in 1890 in Camberwell, Surrey.76 Parents: Francis Henry FORTESCUE and Eleanor ANDREWS.