Linda FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Reginald FORTESCUE and Jill SHANAHAN.

Linda FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Juanita Louise BRAKE.

Linda FORTESCUE10 was born on 14 January 1949 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She died on 26 April 2009 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Worked for Manitoba Telephone System. Not married. Provided details of Gerrard and Mary Pashler's Family and their Branch June 2005 Parents: John (Jack) FORTESCUE and Edith Grace AGER.

Linda Elizabeth FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Harold Thomas FORTESCUE and Marjory DELL.

Spouse: Alan Michael VINE. Children were: Michelle Louise VINE.

Lionel FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James William Alfred FORTESCUE and Ida COLEMAN.

Spouse: Gwen SMITH. Children were: John FORTESCUE.

Lionel FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Howard FORTESCUE and Lily .

Lionel Christopher FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Lionel Phillip (Phil) FORTESCUE and Olive WATSFORD.

Lionel Faithful FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William Henry FORTESCUE and Beatrice Millicent FAWCETT.

Lionel Frederick FORTESCUE11 was born in 1889. He died in 1979. Parents: Percy FORTESCUE and Jane THOMSON of Aberdeen.

Spouse: Millicent Lizzie LIBETTER. Millicent Lizzie LIBETTER and Lionel Frederick FORTESCUE were married on 20 September 1924. Children were: Lionel Phillip (Phil) FORTESCUE, David Russell (Rus) FORTESCUE.

Major Lionel Henry Dudley FORTESCUE of Castle Hill69,181 was born on 19 November 1857 in Castle Hill, Filleigh, Devon.19 He died on 11 June 1900 in Diamond Hill, South Africa. Was shot dead at Diamond Hill outside Pretoria whilst in charge of a squadron Parents: 3rd Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Georgiana Augusta Charlotte Caroline DAWSON-DAMER.

Spouse: Emily Elizabeth ADAMS.

Lionel Phillip (Phil) FORTESCUE11 was born on 31 January 1926. He died on 27 July 1985. Parents: Lionel Frederick FORTESCUE and Millicent Lizzie LIBETTER.

Spouse: Olive WATSFORD. Olive WATSFORD and Lionel Phillip (Phil) FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Lionel Christopher FORTESCUE, Donald Campbell FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Betty Enid FULLER.

Lionel Stanhope FORTESCUE was born in 1892. He died in 1981. Stanhope was included after his godfather the artist Stanhope Forbes. See for the Fortescue garden trust Parents: William Banks FORTESCUE and Frances May DOCKER.

Spouse: Katherine Cree REID. Katherine Cree REID and Lionel Stanhope FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Mary Andree FORTESCUE, Cecily Ruth Fortescue FORTESCUE, Nancy FORTESCUE.

Lady Louisa FORTESCUE31 was born about 1753. No issue Parents: Earl William Henry FORTESCUE of Clermont and Frances MURRAY of County Monaghan.

Louisa FORTESCUE11 was born on 20 July 1756. She died before 1781. May not exist or not a daughter of Matthew.

Called Louisa in Book on Harringtons and a daughter of Matthew and
Anne Campbell.

Rus Fortescue failed to find any marriage details of Henry Harrington
DD of Norwich. he looked in Norwich and Bath.

Not in Visitations of Devon. She is not in 1669 Version and not
mentioned in text of 1880 version. Not mentioned in Will of Matthew.

. Parents: 2nd Baron Fortescue Matthew FORTESCUE and Anne CAMPBELL of Stackpool Court, Pembrokeshire.

Spouse: Rev Henry HARINGTON of Norwich. Louisa FORTESCUE and Rev Henry HARINGTON of Norwich were married on 21 September 1778.

Louisa FORTESCUE87 was born on 7 May 1851 in Alpington Road, St Thomas, Exeter, Devon. She was living on 10 March 1872 in 81 Balaam St., Plaistow, Essex. Parents: John FORTESCUE and (Anna) Maria Sarah TOUT.

Spouse: Walter George BIRCH.

Louisa M FORTESCUE91 was born about 1871 in Liss, Hants. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Sarah STUBBINGTON.

Louisa Maria FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James FORTESCUE and Louisa SIMISTER.

Louisa Susan Anne FORTESCUE69 was born in 1833. She died on 30 March 1864.19 Parents: George Matthew FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Dropmore and Louisa Elizabeth RYDER.

Spouse: William Westby MOORE. Children were: Constance A MOORE.

Louise Isabell FORTESCUE was born on 23 October 1870 in Baulking, Berks. Parents: Francis FORTESCUE and Isabell Teresa BROOKS.

Spouse: Frederick John THATCHER.

Lucas Daniel FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Christian Charles FORTESCUE.

Luce FORTESCUE19 was born in 1666. No birth recorded for her but clearly a daughter of George and Elizabeth. Parents: George FORTESCUE of Combe and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh.

Spouse: Dennis VENN.

Lucy FORTESCUE of Shebbear (private). Parents: James FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Judith MILL.

Lucy FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE 2nd Baronet of Nova Scotia and Mary STONOR of Stonor.

Lucy FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Bartolomew FORTESCUE and Mary FLEMEN.

Lucy FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Thomas BAINHAM.

Lucy FORTESCUE70 was born in 1630 in Falkbourne, Essex.19 She was christened on 27 August 1630 in Falkbourne, Essex.19 Parents: John FORTESCUE and Catherine PHILLIPOT.

Lucy FORTESCUE23 was born in 1669. Died young
M.R. Died young Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE 2nd Baronet of Nova Scotia and Elizabeth WINDOUR of Lydney, Gloucs.

Lucy FORTESCUE17 was born about 1717 in Filleigh, Devon. She was buried in 1746 in Overly Arley, Staffs. She died on 19 January 1746 in America.49 Lucy Fortescue was married to George Lyttelton of Hagley Park, Worcestershire, in 1742. She bore three children, two of whom survived her, and died at the age of 29 in 1747. Her husband was a rising MP with powerful family connections; he later became a Chancellor of the Exchequer and the first Baron Lyttelton. He remarried in 1749, but the second marriage ended in a separation. He was a man of letters and a patron of literature. He seems to have been a kind person: he came to be known as 'the good Lord Lyttelton'; Tom Jones is dedicated to him. When Wordsworth was growing up, Lyttelton's was still a name to conjure with. Everyone knew the 'Monody' that he had written to honor the memory of his first wife: it had been published separately in 1747 and then included in editions of his collected works from 1774 onwards, in anthologies such as Vicesimus Knox's Elegant Extracts in Verse, and eventually, with a biographical preface, in Johnson's, Anderson's, and Chalmers's sets of the works of British poets. Wordsworth probably used Knox's collection at school; he owned an Anderson, though not until about 1800. According to Duncan Wu, he had certainly read Lyttelton's 'Monody' by 1786. (2) In his 'Essay on Epitaphs' (1810), Wordsworth alludes to Lyttelton's 'Monody' and the 'Epitaph' that he wrote for his Lucy, both of which are included in Knox and Anderson. We can be confident that they were familiar to him by the time he published his own Lucy poems. Given the demand for separate editions of Lyttelton's work, besides the anthologies, in the 1770s and 80s, we can assume that they were familiar to Wordsworth's readers as well.
Parents: Earl Clinton, Lord Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Lucy AYLMER.

Spouse: Lord George LYTTELTON. Lucy FORTESCUE and Lord George LYTTELTON obtained a marriage license on 14 March 1742. They were married on 15 June 1742 in St George's, Hanover Square, London. Children were: Thomas LYTTELTON, Lucy LYTTELTON, Mary LYTTELTON.

Lucy FORTESCUE120 was born on 20 August 1764. She was christened on 12 September 1764. Died unmarried Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE Barrister at Law and Bridget FORTESCUE.

Lucy FORTESCUE was born in 1797 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. She was christened on 12 June 1797 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Elizabeth SMITH.

Spouse: Thomas DEAN.

Lucy FORTESCUE182 was born on 13 April 1801. Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE of Lynhurst and Mary MOUNSEY.

Lucy FORTESCUE67 was born on 10 September 1829. Born 2.30 pm She was baptized on 2 December 1829 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. Church Register Parents: Lewis FORTESCUE and Ruth BATEMAN of Hamerton.

Lucy FORTESCUE11 was born on 2 April 1839 in Marylebone, London. She died on 21 September 1923 in Nottingham, Notts. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Paddington and Louisa (Lucy) CARR of Elton.

Spouse: Charles Edward STEVENS. Lucy FORTESCUE and Charles Edward STEVENS were married on 10 July 1862.33 Children were: Charles Lionel STEVENS, Ernest Arthur Albert STEVENS, Theodore Harold Victor STEVENS, Aubron Percy Roland STEVENS, Horace Bertram Edgar STEVENS.

Lucy FORTESCUE6 was born in 1871. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Sederina .

Lucy Beatrice FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Charles FORTESCUE 8th Earl Fortescue and Julia B SOWERY.

Lucy Catherine FORTESCUE of Castle Hill40,69,183 was born on 27 March 1851. 27th from IGI She died on 19 March 1940. Parents: 3rd Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Georgiana Augusta Charlotte Caroline DAWSON-DAMER.

Spouse: Michael Edward HICKS BEACH Earl St Aldwyn MP. Lucy Catherine FORTESCUE of Castle Hill and Michael Edward HICKS BEACH Earl St Aldwyn MP were married on 3 September 1874. Visitations of Devon has it as the 3 Aug 1874

Lucy Edith FORTESCUE13 was born on 23 June 1883 in Marylebone, London. She died on 5 March 1915. Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Louisa Caroline CARR.

Spouse: Charles Lionel STEVENS. Lucy Edith FORTESCUE and Charles Lionel STEVENS were married in June 1908 in Islington, London. Children were: Edward Colin Fortescue STEVENS.

Lucy Emma FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert Christopher FORTESCUE and Phillipa Gay HARRISON.

Lucy Mary FORTESCUE1 was born in 1871 in Cowley, Oxford. She appeared in the census in 1911 in 193 Cowley Rd, Headington, Oxford. RG14PN8126 RG78PN412 RD152 SD2 ED15 SN37 193 Cowley Rd, Headington, Oxon
FORTESCUE, Lucy Mary Head 1871 40  F Single Florist Cowley, Oxon

Lucy Mechilidis FORTESCUE19 was born in 1631 in Falkbourne, Essex. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Catherine PHILLIPOT.

Lucy Rose FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Paul John FORTESCUE and Catherine HUGHSON.

Lueezer FORTESCUE was born in 1805 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. She was christened on 3 June 1805 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. She was buried on 16 June 1805 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. Possibly Louisa
Parents: John FORTESCUE and Elizabeth SMITH.

Luscombe FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE.

Lydia FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Elizabeth SPENCER.

Lydia FORTESCUE was born in December 1786. She was christened on 22 December 1786 in St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon. Parents: Lieutenant Bodley Spettigue FORTESCUE RN and Sarah .

Lynette FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Percy FORTESCUE and Beryl TROTT.

Spouse: Brian TOMLINSON. Children were: Greg TOMLINSON, Leesa TOMLINSON.

Lynette Norma FORTESCUE (private). Parents: George William FORTESCUE and Norma WISHART.

Spouse: John CONROY. Children were: Sandra Lynette CONROY, Stephen Rory CONROY, Laura Shanae CONROY.

Mabel FORTESCUE of Cookhill (private). Parents: Nicholas 2nd FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Katherine SKINNER.

Mabel B FORTESCUE91 was born in 1876 in Liss, Hants. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Sarah STUBBINGTON.

Mabel Beatrice FORTESCUE3 was born on 3 October 1870 in Brixton, Surrey. She died in 1967. Parents: James FORTESCUE and Margaret Mary BOUCHER.

Spouse: Albert Edwin MASON. Children were: Cyril Edwin MASON, Laurier Francis MASON, Kathleen Phyllis MASON.