John FORTESCUE91 was born about 1838 in Liss, Hants. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Drovers Road, Liss, Hants. HAMPSHIRE Dwelling: Drovers Road Census Place: Liss, Hampshire
John FORTISCUE M 44 M Liss, Hampshire Head General Laborer
Sarah FORTISCUE M 41 F Rogate, Sussex Wife
Albert FORTISCUE U 18 M Liss, Hampshire Son General Laborer
Henry FORTISCUE U 15 M Liss, Hampshire Son General Laborer
Georgina FORTISCUE U 12 F Liss, Hampshire Daur Scholar
Louisa M. FORTISCUE U 10 F Liss, Hampshire Daur Scholar
James W. FORTISCUE U 8 M Liss, Hampshire Son Scholar
Mabel B. FORTISCUE U 5 F Liss, Hampshire Daur Scholar
Jissie FORTISCUE U 3 F Liss, Hampshire Daur Scholar
George FORTISCUE W 68 M Liss, Hampshire Father
He died on 5 December 1896. Parents: George FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Sarah STUBBINGTON. Sarah STUBBINGTON and John FORTESCUE were married about 1862. Children were: Albert FORTESCUE, Henry FORTESCUE, Georgina FORTESCUE, Louisa M FORTESCUE, James W FORTESCUE, Mabel B FORTESCUE, Jissie FORTESCUE, Philip FORTESCUE.

John FORTESCUE74 was born in 1843 in Cookhill, Worcester. Parents: Edward Bowles Knottesford FORTESCUE of Alveston and Frances Anne SPOONER.

John FORTESCUE3,87 was born about 1847 in Exeter, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Camberwell, Surrey. Fishmonger He appeared in the census in 1901 in Enfield, Middlesex. Living on own means Parents: John FORTESCUE and (Anna) Maria Sarah TOUT.

John FORTESCUE was born in 1849 in Mount Sorrel, Leics. He appeared in the census in 1911 in King St, Enderby, Blaby, Leicestershire. RG14PN18994 RG78PN1134 RD401 SD2 ED8 SN392 King St, Enderby, Blaby, Leicestershire
FORTESCUE, John Head 1849 62  M Married Sett Maker in Granite Quarry Mount Sorrel, Leics
FORTESCUE, Ann Wife 1851 60  F Married Markfield, Leics 37 5 4 1
FORTESCUE, Harriett E Dau 1875 36  F Single Ladies Help (Domestic) Trevor, Carnarvon
FORTESCUE, Ada Mary Dau 1888 23  F Single Griswold Machinist Stoney Stanton, Leics

Spouse: Ann . Ann and John FORTESCUE were married about 1874. Children were: Harriett E FORTESCUE, John William FORTESCUE, Ada Mary FORTESCUE.

John FORTESCUE1 was born in 1851 in Marsham, Berks. He appeared in the census in 24 St John's St, Headington, Oxford. RG14PN8138 RG78PN412 RD152 SD2 ED27 SN69 24 St John's St, Oxford, Headington, Oxon
FORTESCUE, John Head 1851 60  M Married Jobbing Gardner Marsham, Berks
FORTESCUE, Emily Wife 1851 60  F Married 34 3 2 1

Spouse: Emily . Emily and John FORTESCUE were married about 1877.

John FORTESCUE was born about 1860. In 1881 he was a Watch maker in Basford District, Ilkeston, Derby. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Sarah .

John FORTESCUE was born in 1862 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Union Workhouse, Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, Warwks. RG14PN18485 RD388 SD1 ED39 SN9999 Union Workhouse, Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, Warwks
FORTESCUE, John Patient 1862 49  M Widowed Valet in Army Nuneaton, Wks

John FORTESCUE2 was born about 1895 in Nottingham, Notts. Parents: George FORTESCUE and Hannah .

John FORTESCUE7 was born in 1902. He died in 2001.

Spouse: Val . Val and John FORTESCUE were married about 1933. Children were: Keith FORTESCUE, Barry Julian FORTESCUE.

John FORTESCUE2 was born in 1903 in Dulwich, London. Parents: Francis Henry FORTESCUE and Eleanor ANDREWS.

John FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Percy Alexander FORTESCUE and Liz WATSON.

Spouse: Betty . Children were: Bradley FORTESCUE, Sandra FORTESCUE, Christine FORTESCUE.

John FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard FORTESCUE of Old Weston and Jean JOHNSON.

John (Jack) FORTESCUE10 was born on 19 July 1914 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He died in December 1982 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Raised and worked on the Family Farm. Joined the Canadian Army in 1942. Returned Home to in 1946. He then worked for the Federal Governmant in the Grain Commission as a Grain Sampler and then as a Grain Weighman ubtil he retired in 1979. Parents: Harold FORTESCUE and Jessie CAMERON.

Spouse: Edith Grace AGER. Edith Grace AGER and John (Jack) FORTESCUE were married on 25 October 1947 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Children were: Linda FORTESCUE.

Sir John Adrian (Adrian) FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Trevor Victor Norman (Tim) FORTESCUE MP and Marjorie Stratford HUNT of Cambridge.

Spouse: Jillian VALPY. Children were: James FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Marie WOLFCARIUS.

John Andrew Francis FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Martin Denzil FORTESCUE and Prudence Louisa ROWLEY.

Spouse: Phoebe Anne Cecilia BURRIDGE. Children were: Thomas Edmund Horatio FORTESCUE, Hugh Augustus Francis FORTESCUE, Ophelia FORTESCUE.

John Barry FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Frank FORTESCUE and Iris WALKER.

John Bevil FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Dropmore38,69 was born on 1 November 1850 in Perranporth, Cornwall.3 He was christened on 29 December 1850 in Boconnoc, Cornwall. In 1881 he was a Barrister. John appeared in the census in 1881 in 36 Duke Street, St James, Westminster, London. He died on 27 May 1939. Parents: George Matthew FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Dropmore and Louisa Elizabeth RYDER.

Spouse: Dorothy Augusta HOSTE. Dorothy Augusta HOSTE and John Bevil FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Dropmore were married on 26 August 1891. Children were: George Grenville FORTESCUE, John Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc.

John Cecil FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James Edgar FORTESCUE and Violet Isobella ADAMS.

Spouse: Una Mary CANNON. Children were: Robert Christopher FORTESCUE.

John Charles FORTESCUE93 was born about 1801.19 He died in 1846. In the Army in India. Lieut 1st M.N. Fort adjutant. In 1868 had two living daughters no names in Clermont Parents: Capt William Faithful FORTESCUE of Malahide and Honoria OLIVER.

Spouse: Maria SHERIDAN. Children were: Honoria FORTESCUE, William Mark Millar FORTESCUE, Maria Goodriche FORTESCUE, Susan Elizabeth (Gabby) FORTESCUE.

Lieu-Colonel John Charles William FORTESCUE of Stephenstown85 was born on 17 April 1822. He died on 5 March 1891 in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hants. Inherited Stephenstown and Corberry Estates. Parents: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown and Catherine Eglantine BLAIR of Blair.

Spouse: Geraldine Olivia Mary Anne PARE. Geraldine Olivia Mary Anne PARE and Lieu-Colonel John Charles William FORTESCUE of Stephenstown were married in 1857.

John Derby FORTESCUE19 was born in 1769. He was christened on 18 October 1769 in St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon. He died on 25 November 1852. There was a John Fortescue who represented St Budeaux on the Board of the Plymouth Poor House in1841 which is probably him rather than his nephew who would have been only 31 at that time. Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Nancy DERBY.

Spouse: Harriet EDWARDS of St Stephens.

John Derek FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Herbert Edward FORTESCUE and Molly LEONARD.

Spouse: Patricia OLDMEADOW. Children were: Elaine Julia FORTESCUE, John Stewart FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Katherine Jennifer Jay (Jeni) COLEMAN. Children were: David Frank FORTESCUE, Renee FORTESCUE.

Capt John Desmond Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc (private). Parents: John Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Daphne Majorie BOURKE.

Spouse: Nina KENDALL-LANE. Children were: Anthony Desmond Grenville FORTESCUE.

John Dicker Inglett FORTESCUE22 was born on 3 August 1785. He died on 8 August 1860. He was buried in Buckland Filleigh, Devon. Only son. No issue

John Dicker Inglett-Fortescue passed the remainder of his father's (Lieutenant Colonel John Inglett Fortescue) properties to his three aunts - Margaret Weston (Churchill), who had no issue, Elizabeth Foulkes, who also had no issue, and Anne Brickdale, wife of John Brickdale.
Parents: Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE and Ann SANDERS.

John Faithful FORTESCUE174,175 was christened on 2 October 1805 in Writtle, Essex. He appeared in the census in 1881 in 8 Radcliffe Street, Kensington, London.3 John F Fortescue M 75 M Writtle, Essex
Mary J F Fortescue M 53 F Stebbing, Essex He died in 1889 in Kensington, London. He was educated at Oriel College, Oxford. J.P. for Essex.
Parents: William FORTESCUE of Lynn, Norfolk and Elizabeth LEWIS.

Spouse: Mary Jemima Faithful TWEED. Mary Jemima Faithful TWEED and John Faithful FORTESCUE were married on 5 January 1869 in All Souls, St Marylebone, London. He was a bachelor of full age an Esquire of the Parish of All Souls Langham Place, the son of William Fortescue an Esquire. She was a spinster of the Parish of Little Baddow Essex, the daughter of Robert Tweed a Captain in the Royal Navy. The witnesses were Frederick Morgan Geffs, Emma Dagnall Laura Lewis & Jane Tweed.

Admiral John Faithful FORTESCUE of Writtle-Water House, Essex119 was born in 1755. He died in December 1819. He was buried on 4 January 1820 in Writtle Church, Essex. Water House in Chelmsford was given to the Admiral by the Bride's father on the occasion of their wedding. The Admiral changed the name to Writtle Lodge and passed the house to his nephew John Faithful Fortescue. The house was then bought by John Attwood the owner of Highlands House and he had it demolished about 1843/1848 as it spoilt the view. There are 3 Fortescues buried in the Waterhouse vault in Writtle Church. Admirals Park is named after the Admiral as it was where the house stood. Parents: Faithful FORTESCUE of Hatherleigh and Elizabeth FRAINE.

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann FRAINE. Children were: Rev John Faithful Grover FORTESCUE.

Rev John Faithful Grover FORTESCUE8,13 was born about 1788.

Cambridge TRINITY COLLEGE Entered: Lent, 1806 M: Adm. pens. (age 18) at TRINITY, Apr. 2, 1805. S. of John Faithful, of London. School, Fryerning, Kent. Matric. Lent, 1806; B.A. 1809; M.A. 1812.
Ord. deacon, 1809; priest (London) Sept. 23, 1810; R. of St Giles's, Colchester, 1812. R. of Snoreham, Essex, 1849-65-. Disappears from Crockford, 1868. (Foster, Index Eccles., which gives Groves.) ALso Curate of Berners Rodiing. Roxwell 1816 and Cooersale 1819 Parents: Admiral John Faithful FORTESCUE of Writtle-Water House, Essex and Elizabeth Ann FRAINE.

Spouse: Frances Anne ACLAND. Frances Anne ACLAND and Rev John Faithful Grover FORTESCUE were married on 29 July 1812.

John Faithfull FORTESCUE was born on 22 June 1810 in Plymouth, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1861 in 1 Crescent Villas, St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.55 He appeared in the census in 1871 in 1 Crescent Villas, St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.55 John died in 1895 in Plymouth, Devon. Solicitor and Justice of the Peace for Devon Parents: Robert FORTESCUE Surgeon and Ann HERBERT.

John Francis FORTESCUE19 was born on 23 August 1867 in Plymouth, Devon. He died on 12 September 1867 in Plymouth, Devon. He was buried in Plymouth Cemetry, Devon. Buried in Plymoth Cemetry Parents: William Crawford FORTESCUE and Everilda Armenell MARSHALL.

John Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc176 was born on 3 May 1896. He died on 30 September 1969. Lt Res Coldstream Guards. Wounded WW1 Parents: John Bevil FORTESCUE of Boconnoc and Dropmore and Dorothy Augusta HOSTE.

Spouse: Daphne Majorie BOURKE. Daphne Majorie BOURKE and John Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc were married on 7 June 1917. Children were: Capt John Desmond Grenville FORTESCUE of Boconnoc, Rosemary Sylvia FORTESCUE, June Dianna FORTESCUE.

John Henry FORTESCUE3 was born about 1878 in Stepney, London. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Emily BRAID.

John Henry James FORTESCUE1 was born in 1851 in Lambeth, Surrey. He appeared in the census. RG14PN11090 RD219 SD2 ED14 SN73 11 Kent Sq, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
FORTESCUE, John Henry James Boarder 1851 60  M Single Private Means Lambeth, Surrey
FORTESCUE, William Beresford Boarder 1887 24  M Single Railway Clerk Surbiton, Surrey
See 4788

John Holmes FORTESCUE75 was born about 1862. He was christened on 29 June 1862. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Weston Hil, Croydon, lSurrey. Footman Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Mary Anne Jane RAYNER.

Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE22 was christened on 3 November 1738 in St Lawrence, Exeter, Devon. He died on 24 November 1840 in St. Servan, France. He was buried on 14 December 1841 in Chudleigh, Devon,. John Inglett-Fortescue, born in 1759, was educated at Oxford. He held a commission in the Royal Horse Guards (blue), and was a Lieutenant Colonel of the North Devon Yeomanry Cavalry. Receiver General of the County and at one time MP for Callington.

Owned the Hope Estate on St Vincent Island in the Grenadines. Owned a total of 117 Slaves. In1831 he had a total of 83.

He was obliged to sell the ancient property of Buckland Filleigh shortly before he died (at St. Servan in France) on 24th November 1840, in his 82nd year.

of interest is Dawlish Manor: AN ACT for exonerating the Manor of Dawlish in the County of Devon, from the Claims of the Crown against the Estate of John Inglett Fortescue, Esquire. Pages numbered 825-827, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre, and Andrew Strahan, 1819.

Parents: Richard Inglett FORTESCUE and Elizabeth WESTON.

Spouse: Ann SANDERS. Ann SANDERS and Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE were married on 23 September 1784 in Southampton, All Saints, Hants. Children were: John Dicker Inglett FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Sarah Bridget MARWOOD.

John James FORTESCUE was born in 1846 in Winwick, Northants.67 Recorded in 1841 1851 1881 Census Records for Winwick, Hunts He was christened on 12 July 1846 in Winwick, Northants. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Winwick in Oundle, Northants. John J. FORTESCUE Head M Male 33 Winwick, Huntingdon, England Farmer
Mary FORTESCUE Wife M Female 32 Great Gidding, Huntingdon, England
John Tebbut FORTESCUE Son Male 6 Winwick, Huntingdon, England Scholar
Theophilus FORTESCUE Son Male 4 Winwick, Huntingdon, England
Ethel FORTESCUE Daur Female 2 Winwick, Huntingdon, England
John appeared in the census in 1911 in Whaplode Drive, Wisbech, Holbeach, Lincolnshire. RG14PN19514 RG78PN1171 RD414 SD1 ED5 SN84 Whaplode Drove, Wisbech, Holbeach, Lincolnshire
FORTESCUE, John James Head 1847 64  M Married Retired Farmer Winwick, Northants
FORTESCUE, Mary Wife 1848 63  F Married Great Gidding, Hunts 37 6 6 0
FORTESCUE, James S 1877 34  M Single Grocer's Traveller Winwick, Northants
John J. FORTESCUE Head M Male 33 Winwick, Huntingdon, England Farmer
Mary FORTESCUE Wife M Female 32 Great Gidding, Huntingdon, England
John Tebbut FORTESCUE Son Male 6 Winwick, Huntingdon, England Scholar
Theophilus FORTESCUE Son Male 4 Winwick, Huntingdon, England
Ethel FORTESCUE Daur Female 2 Winwick, Huntingdon, England
Parents: John FORTESCUE and Anne Woods CAPP.

Spouse: Mary TEBBUTT of Upton, Northants. Mary TEBBUTT of Upton, Northants and John James FORTESCUE were married in 1874. Children were: John Tebbutt FORTESCUE, Theopholous FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, Ethel FORTESCUE, Lewis P FORTESCUE, Dora FORTESCUE.

John James Anderson FORTESCUE109 was born on 7 June 1876 in Trevor, Caernarvon Bay, Wales. In 1891 working as Shoe Rivetter Parents: William FORTESCUE and Jane Sophia ANDERSON.

Spouse: Kate JOSEPH. Children were: Edgar Cedric Anderson FORTESCUE.

John Leonard FORTESCUE of Hamerton (private). Parents: John Tebbutt FORTESCUE and Susan SHARPE.

Spouse: Elsie Doreen CORNELL.

John Lewis FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Upwood and Sarah INGLESBY.

John Mill FORTESCUE of Shebbear (private). Parents: James FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Judith MILL.

John Nicholas FORTESCUE177 was born in 1874. Vicar of Wilmcote. Sold Alveston Manor. Parents: Capt Edward Francis Knottesford FORTESCUE of Alveston Manor and Alicia Margaretta TYRWHYTT.

John Percival FORTESCUE19 was born in October 1879 in Keewantin, Northwest Territories, Canada. Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Sarah Jane MASON.

John Robert FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Albert John FORTESCUE and Kate KITCHENER.

Spouse: Terry HO. Children were: Paul John FORTESCUE, Sheila Ann FORTESCUE.

John Stewart FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John Derek FORTESCUE and Patricia OLDMEADOW.

Spouse: Yvonne DUPLESSIS. Children were: Dex FORTESCUE, Sharna Liz-Ann FORTESCUE.

John Tebbutt FORTESCUE was born in 1874 in Winwick, Hunts. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Cottage Farm, Hamerton, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire. RG14PN8743 RG78PN455 RD171 SD3 ED1 SN5 Cottage Farm, Hamerton, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
FORTESCUE, John T Head 1875 36  M Single Farmer Winwick, Hunts
FORTESCUE, Lewis P Brother 1881 30  M Single Assisting in Business Winwick, Hunts
FORTESCUE, Dora Sister 1888 23  F Single Housekeeper Winwick, Hunts
He died on 26 March 1952 in Hamerton, Hunts.12 From Gravestone in All Saints Church, Hamerton. "In loving memory of John Tebbutt Fortescue 26 March 1952 Aged 77"

John was a Farmer in Winwick in Oundle, Northants. Parents: John James FORTESCUE and Mary TEBBUTT of Upton, Northants.

Spouse: Susan SHARPE. Children were: John Leonard FORTESCUE of Hamerton, Lewis Clifford FORTESCUE.

John Thomas (Thomas) FORTESCUE11 was born in 1832. In 1851 he was a Baker in St Marylebone, London. He emigrated in October 1852. Sailed on the "Lady Fitzherbert" to Australia. prospected at Forest Creek Parents: John FORTESCUE of Paddington and Louisa (Lucy) CARR of Elton.

Spouse: Elizabeth Mary GERKEN. Elizabeth Mary GERKEN and John Thomas (Thomas) FORTESCUE were married before 1866. Children were: Ernest E FORTESCUE.

John Trosse FORTESCUE101 was born about 1808. He was christened on 16 March 1808 in Ottery St Mary, Devon.19 Parents: Edmund Nathaniel William FORTESCUE and Elizabeth TROSSE of Trevollard, Cornwall.

John William FORTESCUE MP Barnstable69 was born on 14 July 1819. He died on 25 September 1859 in Madeira. Parents: 2nd Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Susan RYDER.

Sir John William FORTESCUE K.C.V.O, LL.D, D Litt69 was born in December 1859 in Madeira. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 59a Brook St, St George, London. RG14PN424 RG78PN14 RD5 SD1 ED10 SN9 59a Brook St, St George, London
FORTESCUE, John Head 1860 51  M Single Librarian to the King Maderia
He died on 22 October 1933 in South France.40 Death recorded in "The Last Post" by the John published by Blackwood in 1934. 22nd October 1933 was a Sunday. It says " The army has lost a true friend and mourns an historian whose works inspire future generations as they informed and encouraged
the present" War Office Telegram October 22 1933

Librarian to the King at Windsor. Married late in life. Major work was as Historian to the Army
Lt Royal North Devon Yeomanry Cavalry

For a brilliant web site on John and Winifred see

November 1976. The Military Historical Society. Article on JOHN FORTESCUE

McMillan's who first commissioned John Fortescue to write a history of the British Army in one volume. Warming to the task, he had reached only the year 1802 at the end of the fourth volume with the Peninsular and Waterloo unfought and the Crimea and the Great Mutiny of the Bengal Army still fifty years ahead. Fortescue was not a soldier, nor ever had been but spent 21 years as at Windsor Castle. His admiration for the British soldier was boundless and 30 years of his life were devoted to his History of Army extending to 1870, the final volume being completed until 1930.It was not his only work but the one for which he is best remembered. To the serious British military enthusiast "Fortescue" means only one thing. The early volumes have for years been hard to find and a whole generation has grown up with no chance of securing a set. As a result of a praiseworthy initiative by an American firm, AMS 56 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A., the complete set has been reprinted-13 volumes of text and six volumes of maps at a total cost of a full set is $510 but the volumes can be separately. In the volumes all the maps are reproduced in white but purchasers of the complete set receive a reel of 35mm film with all the original colour work as well as the black lustrations. Statistically, the work contains 7,777 pages of text and index and almost two million words of narrative. The reprint lis by agreement with MacMillan's and the price, although considerable, is less than you would have to pay for an original set-even if you were able to assemble a full set by diligent searching.

Fortescue's last page in his last volume carries an oddly prescient comment for the 1930s "Empires decay and fall and the British cannot escape the common lot. Already the Dominions are vitually independent. They will forget, as the Americans have already forgotten what they owe to the British soldier; but none the less will his work for them remain. In India the rule of the British will fade in due time to a legend of stolid white men, very terrible in fight, who swept the land from end to end, enforcing for a brief space strange maxims of equity and government. The age may be hereafter mournfully recalled by the Indian peasant as that wherein his forefathers reaped what they had sown under the protection of the British soldier. When the Empire massed away, it is the British soldier's figure that will loom above all, the calm upholder of the King's peace." I should like to feel that the reprinting of Fortescue in America in Bicentinial Year was no coincidence.
J.W. F. G.

Parents: 3rd Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Georgiana Augusta Charlotte Caroline DAWSON-DAMER.

Spouse: Lady Winifred BEECH. Lady Winifred BEECH and Sir John William FORTESCUE K.C.V.O, LL.D, D Litt were married on 30 April 1914 in Holy Trinity, Sloane St, Kensington, London.

John WIlliam FORTESCUE1 was born in 1884 in Bingley, Yorks. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 3 Claphall Cotts, Gravesend, Kent. RG14PN3825 RG78PN145 RD44 SD1 ED12 SN274 3 Claphall Cotts, Gravesend, Kent
FORTES, John William Boarder 1884 27  M Single Nursery Foreman Bingley, Yorks

John William FORTESCUE was born in 1885 in Stoney Stanton, Leicester. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 93 Wellington St, Long Eaton, Shardlow, Derbyshire. RG14PN20828 RG78PN1244 RD434 SD4 ED7 SN65 93 Wellington St, Long Eaton, Shardlow, Derbyshire
FORTESCUE, John William Head 1885 26 M Married Life Assurance Agent Stoney Stanton, Leics
FORTESCUE, Sarah Ann Wife 1885 26 F Married Mount Sorrel, Leics 1 none
Parents: John FORTESCUE and Ann .

Spouse: Sarah Ann . Sarah Ann and John William FORTESCUE were married in 1910.