Frederick William FORTESCUE13 was born on 12 June 1914 in Bow, London. He was living from 1940 to 1964 in 295 Grove Green Road, Leytonstone, Essex. He was living from 1964 to 1991 in 26 Dangan Road, Wanstead, Essex. Frederick died on 10 December 1991 in Chelmsford, Essex. He was a Public Protection officer. Parents: Thomas Frederick FORTESCUE and Emily Eliza CHINERY.

Spouse: May Esther CONNOR.

Gail Patricia FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Geoffrey Joseph FORTESCUE and Patricia Mary SWABEY.

Garret FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sir Faithful (Faskie) FORTESCUE and Lady Anne MOORE.

Garthered FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Bartholomew FORTESCUE of Combe and Elizabeth CARSWELL.

Spouse: William SPARK.

Gary Raymond FORTESCUE (private). Parents: George William FORTESCUE and Norma WISHART.

Spouse: Lorna Dawn CURNOW. Children were: Daryl Raymond FORTESCUE, Travis Lynton FORTESCUE, Justin Kyle FORTESCUE.

Geoffrey FORTESCUE of Castle Hill died in 1900. Parents: 4th Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Hon. Emily ORMSBY-GORE CBE.

Geoffrey FORTESCUE was born on 20 October 1934. He died on 27 October 1990. Parents: William Stanley (Stan) FORTESCUE and Annie VAUGHAN.

Geoffrey James FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James FORTESCUE and Esther Maud WILDASH.

Geoffrey Joseph FORTESCUE61 was born on 16 June 1919. He died on 17 April 2006 in Bournemouth, Hants. Parents: Harold Joseph FORTESCUE and Gladys May Beatrice FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Patricia Mary SWABEY. Children were: Guy Geoffrey FORTESCUE, Gail Patricia FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE of Combe in Holbeton53 was living in 1570. He was buried on 2 May 1628 in Holbeton, Devon.135 Parents: Richard FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Joan MORETON of Kent.

Spouse: Joan NORLEIGH of Norleigh in Inwardleigh. Children were: Bartholomew FORTESCUE of Combe, Susan FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Samuel FORTESCUE of Cleeve in Wear-Gifford and Mary YEO.

George FORTESCUE of Fallapit (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Sarah PRIDEAUX.

George FORTESCUE of Buckland-Brewer (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Hannah RIGSBY.

Spouse: Elizabeth NORTHCOT of Buckland-Brewer. Children were: Joanna FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE of Shebbear.

George FORTESCUE of Shebbear (private). Parents: James FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Judith MILL.

George FORTESCUE Rector of St Melion, Cornwall (private). Parents: George FORTESCUE and Mary TILLY of Penwilly, Cornwall.

Spouse: Jenny HICKS. Children were: George Frederick FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Roger FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Mary NORLEIGH of Inwardleigh.

George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James William Alfred FORTESCUE and Ida COLEMAN.

Spouse: Ella MACKAY. Children were: Ivan FORTESCUE, Roger FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE and Catherine SMITH.

George FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Bristow TAYLOR.

George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Ivan FORTESCUE and Rita POUT.

George FORTESCUE23 died in 1659. George Fortescue, Catholic essayist and poet, received part of his education at the English college at Douai, and also stayed at the English college in Rome (1609). he was Author of Feriae Academicae Parents: John FORTESCUE of Lordington Sussex and Ellen HENLOW of Barrald, Hants.

George FORTESCUE of Filleigh53 was born in 1484. George, born 1484, was 19 when his father died.

He probably died early without issue, since he was passed over, his brother Bartholomew inheriting John's estates. Visitations of the County of Devon has him as d.s.p. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Wear Gifford and Jacquet (Jacoba) ST LEDGER of Amony, in Monksfield.

George FORTESCUE of Falkbourne19,70 was born in 1550 in Falkbourne, Essex. Matric. pens. from CHRIST'S, Cambridge. Michs. 1564; B.A. 1566-7 (1st in the ordo); M.A. from Pembroke, 1570. Fellow of Pembroke, 1567. Named, with his brother Francis, in the father's will ( P.C.C., 1576) Parents: Henry FORTESCUE of Falkbourne and Elizabeth STAFFORD of Bradford.

Spouse: Sarah WILLIAMS.

George FORTESCUE of Fallapit47 was born in 1557. He was christened on 10 August 1557 in East Allington, Devon. He died before 1604. Not mentioned in mother's Will so probably dead by 1604 Parents: John FORTESCUE and Honour (Owner) SPECCOT.

George FORTESCUE of Salden23 was born in 1563. Parents: Sir Anthony FORTESCUE of Salden and Katherine POLE of Lordington.

George FORTESCUE47 was born about 1588. Parents: Edward FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Ellinor READE of Hanger, Devon.

George FORTESCUE of Combe53 was born on 21 August 1628 in Combe, Holbeton, Devon.8 Visitations has date as 1629 He was christened on 30 August 1628 in Combe, Holbeton, Devon. He died in 1674. George was buried on 3 November 1694 in Holbeton, Devon. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Combe.

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh. Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh and George FORTESCUE of Combe were married on 14 December 1647 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon.8 Clermont had marriage date of 1644 Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Combe, George FORTESCUE of Combe, Thomasin FORTESCUE of Combe, Agnes FORTESCUE of Combe, Joan FORTESCUE of Combe, John FORTESCUE of Combe, Luce FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE of Combe53 was born in 1653. He was christened on 19 December 1653 in Combe, Holbeton, Devon.19 He was buried on 22 April 1672 in Holbeton, Devon.97 Parents: George FORTESCUE of Combe and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh.

George FORTESCUE of Ford22 was born in 1666. He was baptized on 27 June 1666. He was buried on 7 November 1741 in Milton Abbott, Devon. Fourth Son Parents: James FORTESCUE of Ford, Milton Abbot and Mary WOOLOCOMBE of Roborough.

Spouse: Mary BARRETT of St Tudy, Cornwall. Mary BARRETT of St Tudy, Cornwall and George FORTESCUE of Ford were married on 5 January 1710/1 in Maristowe, Devon. Children were: Dr James FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE, Anne FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE of Tavistock136 was born in 1668. He was christened on 14 January 1668 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon. He died in 1700. George was the second surviving son of William of Buckland-Filleigh. He married Rebecca, fifth (?) daughter and eventually heiress of Edmond (Edward ?) of Spridlestone, and was father to John of Bampton, who inherited the family estates from Mary. John died unmarried in 1776, and the estates went to the son of his sister Rebecca who, through her mother, had also succeeded to Spridlestone. Her son was Richard Inglett, born in 1731. Parents: William FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Emlyn TROSSE.

Spouse: Rebecca FORTESCUE of Spridlestone. Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Rebecca FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE M.B. of Bampton.

George FORTESCUE119 was born about 1715 in Hatherleigh, Devon.19 He signed a will on 14 February 1755. He died about 13 March 1761. George had his estate probated on 3 August 1761 in P.C.C. (Cherlyn 283). First son. named in the will of his brother John Parents: John FORTESCUE of Hatherleigh and Joan WIVELL.

Spouse: Mary TILLY of Penwilly, Cornwall. Children were: James Tilly FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE Rector of St Melion, Cornwall, Mary FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE22 was born between 1717 and 1720. He was buried on 15 October 1737 in Milton Abbott, Devon. Died unmarried Parents: George FORTESCUE of Ford and Mary BARRETT of St Tudy, Cornwall.

George FORTESCUE31 was born in 1769. He died in 1798. George, in holy orders, Rector of Killalla, Mayo, was there when Gen. Hambert landed there in support of the Irish rebels on 23rd August 1798. George took his share of duties with the Yeomanry, was wounded and died.
Parents: Rt Hon James FORTESCUE of Ravensdale Park and Mary Henrietta HUNTER of Crowland, Lincolnshire.

George FORTESCUE91 was born about 1813 in Liss, Hants. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Drovers Road, Liss, Hants. A widower

Children were: John FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE74 was born in 1814. He died in 1826. Died without issue Parents: Francis FORTESCUE and Maria DOWNING.

George FORTESCUE11 was born in 1833. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Battersea, London. Dwelling: 2 Glynde Terrace Lavender Hill Census Place: Battersea, Surrey

George FORTESCUE M 47 M Paddington, Middlesex Head Coal Merchants Clerk
Emma Elizabeth FORTESCUE M 42 F Westminster, Middlesex Wife
George West FORTESCUE U 21 M Pimlico, Middlesex Son Auctioneer
James Richard FORTESCUE U 20 M Pimlico, Middlesex Son Game Dealer
Francis Henry FORTESCUE U 18 M Pimlico, Middlesex Son Clerk
He died in 1896. In 1852 emigrated with father to Australia in the Statesman a crack Winjammer that first used the great circle routes.

Parents: James FORTESCUE of Longstowe and Mary Ann WEST.

Spouse: Emma Elizabeth LETHBRIDGE. Emma Elizabeth LETHBRIDGE and George FORTESCUE were married in 1858 in Westminster, St James Hanover Square.13 Oct Nov Dec QTR Children were: George West FORTESCUE, James Richard FORTESCUE, Francis Henry FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE1 was born in 1851 in Sydenham, Kent. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 108 Greenwood Rd, Dalston, Hackney, London. RG14PN1076 RG78PN36 RD11 SD3 ED3 SN347 108 Greenwood Rd, Dalston, Hackney, London
FORTESCUE, George Head 1851 60  M Married Railway Clerk Sydenham, Kent
FORTESCUE, Ethel Louise Wife 1881 30  F Married Unemployed Bethnal Green 8 4 4 0
FORTESCUE, Dorothy Ethel Dau 1904 7  F Finchley
FORTESCUE, George William Son 1907 4  M Hackney
FORTESCUE, Leonard John Son 1908 3  M Hackney
FORTESCUE, Stanley Henry Son 1911 1m M Hackney

Spouse: Ethel Louise . Ethel Louise and George FORTESCUE were married in 1903. Children were: Dorothy Ethel FORTESCUE, George William FORTESCUE, Leonard John FORTESCUE, Stanley Henry FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE1 was born in 1857 in Markfield, Leicester. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Cornwall St, Enderby, Blaby, Leicestershire. RG14PN18994 RG78PN1134 RD401 SD2 ED8 SN297 Cornwall St, Enderby, Blaby, Leicestershire
FORTESCUE, George Head 1857 54  M Married Paving Cutter in a Stone Quarry Markfield, Leics
FORTESCUE, Rhoda Wife 1859 52  F Married Markfield, Leics 32 none

Spouse: Rhoda . Rhoda and George FORTESCUE were married about 1879.

George FORTESCUE3 was born about 1865 in New Basford, Notts. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Radford, Notts. Milk Seller. He appeared in the census in 1901 in Chilwell, Notts. Soap Boiler
George appeared in the census in 1911 in 13 Lucey St, Widnes, Prescot, Lancashire. RG14PN22726 RG78PN1331 RD456 SD3 ED19 SN187 13 Lucey St, Widnes, Prescot, Lancashire
FORTESCUE, George Head 1865 46  M Married Chemical Worker Nottingham
FORTESCUE, Hanah Wife 1870 41  F Married Sutton, Notts 20 10 7 3
FORTESCUE, Harold Son 1893 18  M Single Chemical Worker Nottingham
FORTESCUE, John Son 1894 17  M Single Chemical Worker Nottingham
FORTESCUE, George Son 1898 13  M Scholar Nottingham
FORTESCUE, William Son 1900 11  M Scholar Attenborough, Notts
FORTESCUE, Hannah Dau 1904 7  F Scholar Attenborough, Notts
FORTESCUE, Tom Son 1908 3  M Leeds, Yorks
FORTESCUE, Amy Dau 1910 1  F Nottingham
Parents: John FORTESCUE and Sarah .

Spouse: Hannah . Hannah and George FORTESCUE were married before 1893. Children were: Harold FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Hannah FORTESCUE, Thomas FORTESCUE, Amy FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE was born in 1865 in Glebe, Sydney, NSW, Australia. He died in 1865 in Glebe, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Parents: Edward Carr FORTESCUE and Ann Fortescue BAILEY.

George FORTESCUE was born on 18 August 1868 in Plymouth, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1881 in 15 St James Terrace, St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon. Boader at Private School He was living in 1894. Parents: William Crawford FORTESCUE and Everilda Armenell MARSHALL.

George FORTESCUE1 was born in 1875. He appeared in the census in 1911 in 8 Moreton Terr, Southwark Park Rd, Bermondsey, London. RG14PN1916 RG78PN68 RD24 SD3 ED3 SN449 8 Moreton Terr, Southwark Park Rd, Bermondsey, St Olave (Bermondsey), London
FORTESCUE, George Head 1875 36  M Married Railway Porter Westborne Park, London
FORTESCUE, Alice Wife 1875 36  F Married Bermondsey, London 4 2 1 1
FORTESCUE, Alice Dau 1902 9  F Scholar Bermondsey, London

Spouse: Alice . Alice and George FORTESCUE were married in 1907. Children were: Alice FORTESCUE.

George FORTESCUE2 was born about 1899 in Nottingham, Notts. Parents: George FORTESCUE and Hannah .

George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard FORTESCUE and Mary .

George Alan FORTESCUE2 was born in 1889 in Battersea, London. He died in 1944 in Oxford, Oxford. Parents: George West FORTESCUE and Lucy Jane JOHNSON.

Spouse: Paula J ARNALD.

George Albert FORTESCUE was born about 1900. Don Edge has an envelope postmarked 1951 from G.A. Fortescue Tie Manufactuer of 127 York Street, Sydney

From: Marlon Rea
Date: 3/10/2009 9:29:56 AM
To: Don Edge
Subject: Re: G A Fortescue

Don, My Greatgrandfather George Edward Fortescue had five sons (the younger died as an infant) the second eldest Albert, who was said to be a successful inventor and the engineer behind ther Farm machinery factories in Old Tallangatta Vic. & Arncliffe N.S.W. had a son named George (didn't they all ) I am guessing butI suspect that this George probably had his fathers name as a second name, ie George Albert. envelope post marked 1951 would give an approximate age to my father, born early 1900 and either in N.S.W. or Vic.and would have died about 9 years ago. I met him once and he was very difficult about family history particularly as George Edward had married a Meurant who was decendant from two convicts. Ferdinand de Meurant (Australia's first Jeweller), and Owen Martin an Irish Convict. He would not accept that there were any convicts in the family and destroyed any records he could get his hands on.I hope that this maybe of some assistance.
Parents: Albert John FORTESCUE and Emily Edith BURTON.

George Edward FORTESCUE11 was born in 1837. Date of Birth calculated from Gravestone He died in 1922. Came to Australia In October 1852 aged 14 on the "Lady FitzHerbert" with his brother John Thomas and cousin James W Carr. His uncle James and cousin George sailed in the "Statesman". All propected for Gold at Forest Creek.

Parents: John FORTESCUE of Paddington and Louisa (Lucy) CARR of Elton.

Spouse: Selina Elvira MEURANT. Selina Elvira MEURANT and George Edward FORTESCUE were married in October 1867. Children were: George Edward FORTESCUE, Albert John FORTESCUE, Selina Lucy Maude FORTESCUE, James William Alfred FORTESCUE, Ferdinand Louis FORTESCUE, Caroline Amelia Carr FORTESCUE, Emma Clara Mabel Violet FORTESCUE, Rebecca Nellie FORTESCUE, Joseph Thomas Maximilliam FORTESCUE.

George Edward FORTESCUE11 was born in 1868 in Allans Flat, VIC, Australia. He died in 1933 in Rockdale, NSW, Australia. Patented the IXL WIndmill in 1910

New South Wales Letters Patent. Improved machine for dividing and distributing dough pollard and such like substances - Reassignment from Charles Mills to George Fortescue, George Edward Fortescue, James William Alfred Fortescue and Ferdinand Louis Fortescue
Series number: A4617. Control symbol: 5752. Contents date range: 1905 - 1905

Access status: Not yet examined. Location: National Office Barcode no: 4194412

Parents: George Edward FORTESCUE and Selina Elvira MEURANT.

Spouse: Lillian Helen BREWER. Children were: Evelyn FORTESCUE, Myrtle FORTESCUE, Hector George FORTESCUE, Edward Eric FORTESCUE.

George Ernest FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Walter Ernest FORTESCUE and Florence DRAPER.

George Frederick FORTESCUE (private). Parents: George FORTESCUE Rector of St Melion, Cornwall and Jenny HICKS.

Spouse: Anne CUMBERLAND. Children were: Charles Percy FORTESCUE.