Amy Ellen FORTESCUE94 was born about 1849 in Fallapit, East Allington, Devon. Temporary Note - married ... owen see 1881 census for Henry R her father Parents: Henry Reymundo FORTESCUE Rector of East Allington and Ellen (Helen) WALSH.

Spouse: Donald Millington OWEN. Amy Ellen FORTESCUE and Donald Millington OWEN were married in December Quarter 1868 in Kingsbridge, Devon. Children were: Donald Adrian OWEN, Hugh Lewis OWEN, Montague B OWEN, Florence OWEN, Charles H OWEN.

Amy Louise FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Trevor Wayne FORTESCUE and Beverly JOHNSON.

Amy Maree FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Raymond John FORTESCUE and Wendy Anne NOAKES.

Amy Rose FORTESCUE11 was born on 6 October 1861. She was baptized on 2 March 1862. She died on 20 July 1866. Twin to Ada Lily Parents: James Henry FORTESCUE and Emma Elizabeth Maton KNAPP.

Anastacia FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh and Christian ARSCOTT.


Spouse: William VACY Of Vacy.


Spouse: William ESCOTT.

Andrew Gordon FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Gordon Walter FORTESCUE and Hannah May FLEMING.

Spouse: Jacqueline Mary CRONIN. Children were: Alexander James FORTESCUE, Madeline Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Andrew Gordon FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sydney Gordon (Sandy) FORTESCUE and Joyce Noelline GILLESPIE.

Angelia FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Charles Edward Keyser FORTESCUE and Marjorie .

Spouse: M Victor REEVES.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Lewis FORTESCUE of Old Weston. and Elizabeth LADDS.

Spouse: Francis GEARY of Fineston.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James FORTESCUE of Thurning and Hannah CARR of Elton.

Spouse: John BUSHELL of St Benedict, Huntingdon.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Anne BAKER..

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Susannah BARE.

Spouse: John MOORE.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Elizabeth SPENCER.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Mary SPETTIGUE.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Susannah GILL.

Spouse: Benjamin RUDSDELL. Children were: Mary Anne RUDSDELL, John RUDSDELL.

Ann FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sir Faithful FORTESCUE.

Ann FORTESCUE11 was born on 9 October 1743 in Thurning, Hunts. Parents: James FORTESCUE of Leighton Bromswold and Thurning and Anne ROADING of St George Stamford, Lincs.

Spouse: John CHEW of Thurning.

My dear Nephew
Have been long answering your enquiry "re the Family" please excuse it.
I enclose a copy I have made of the only a/c I have of the family, it was written by my grandmother Ann Fortescue to my father at his request. You will see that the family has always been respectable though' not very successful in money making. I have seen the Parish Register at Thurning
shewing that our branch has held good positions in the Parish as Churchwardens and Overseers as my grandfather also did at Longstowe Cambs. where he was highly respected but, as to anything else, there is no certainty, not even as to the name, for even 30 years ago I knew of one old man undoubtedly of the same stock who wrote his name 'Foscue'. You see that there (are) 3 or 4 families in Thurning who spelt their names differently from each other, as Foscue, Falscot, Forschew etc. and I have seen the will of Thos. the Blacksmith, 1733 who spelt his name "Forschud", so notwithstanding the tradition of our being the direct and lineal descendants (tho* from the youngest brother) of the last Irish Lord Clermont, which I really do believe, nothing can really be said about it, but it is a fact that the Irish title did lapse about that time and I think in 1788 was revived by Parliament to the Devonshire family, Sir Mathew Fortescue, with the title of Earl Fortescue. As to the Mathew Fortescue you refer to, I know nothing of him but, as I have never met the name in our stock, should think he belonged to the Devonshire Family. This is all the information I possess.

Ann Fortescue Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Elizabeth PERKINS.

Spouse: James FORTESCUE of Longstowe. Ann FORTESCUE and James FORTESCUE of Longstowe were married before 1798. Children were: James FORTESCUE of Longstowe, Robert FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE of Paddington, Nathaniel FORTESCUE, Ann FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE of Paddington, Nathaniel FORTESCUE.

Ann FORTESCUE11 was born in 1792 in Great Gidding, Hunts. She was christened on 2 July 1792 in Great Gidding, Hunts. Parents: Nathaniel FORTESCUE of Gt Gidding and Elizabeth MANN.

Ann FORTESCUE was born in 1793 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. She was christened on 25 November 1793 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Elizabeth SMITH.

Spouse: Edward Walter HORNE.

Ann FORTESCUE was born in 1802. She was christened on 17 September 1802 in Old Weston, Hunts. She died in 1877. Ann was buried on 1 October 1877. Parents: James FORTESCUE and Elizabeth COTTINGHAM.

Spouse: Richard BLOWFIELD. Children were: Ann Clarke BLOWFIELD.

Ann FORTESCUE11 was born on 27 April 1804. Parents: James FORTESCUE of Longstowe and Ann FORTESCUE.

Spouse: George FELTHOUSE. Ann FORTESCUE and George FELTHOUSE were married.

Spouse: John BAILEY of Caxton, Cambridgeshire. Children were: Ann Fortescue BAILEY, Walter BAILEY.

Ann FORTESCUE54 was born on 16 September 1806. She was christened on 12 October 1806 in Letcoombe Regis, Berks. Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE of Wantage and Mary SYMMONDS.

Children were: Harriet FORTESCUE.

Ann FORTESCUE19 was born on 30 November 1806 in Plymouth, Devon. She died on 26 December 1878. She was buried in Plymouth Cemetry, Devon. Did not Marry
Parents: Robert FORTESCUE Surgeon and Ann HERBERT.

Ann FORTESCUE6 was born in 1832. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Cotterstock and Catherine DAVEY.

Ann Carr FORTESCUE6 was born on 21 March 1848. Parents: William FORTESCUE of Paddington and Elizabeth CARR of Elton.

Spouse: Charles TEAGUE. Ann Carr FORTESCUE and Charles TEAGUE were married on 24 January 1882 in Lambeth Register Office.

Ann Ingett FORTESCUE22 was born about 1764. Anne's eldest son John Fortescue-Brickdale assumed the name Fortescue before his own in 1861; he was from Birchamp House, Newland, Gloucestershire, a magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire. He died in 1867 and was succeeded by his son, Mr Fortescue-Brickdale. Parents: Richard Inglett FORTESCUE and Elizabeth WESTON.

Spouse: John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon. Ann Ingett FORTESCUE and John BRICKDALE of W Monkton Som & Stoodleigh Devon were married on 20 February 1787 in St Gregory's, Dawlish, Devon. Children were: Matthew Inglett BRICKDALE, Frances Elizabeth BRICKDALE, John FORTESCUE-BRICKDALE of Newland House, Coleford, Glos, Richard BRICKDALE, Anne BRICKDALE, Edward BRICKDALE.

Ann Katherine FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Richard Lewis FORTESCUE and Katherine Elizabeth PASS.

Spouse: David Percival GRAVES.

Spouse: Ian MALLINSON.

Ann Lilley FORTESCUE33 was born in 1866. She was christened on 3 June 1866 in Little Gransden, Cambridge. Parents: Edward FORTESCUE and Esther Ann LILLEY.

Spouse: George LUNNISS. Ann Lilley FORTESCUE and George LUNNISS were married on 7 March 1894. Children were: Harry LUNNISS, Frank LUNNISS.

Ann Lucy FORTESCUE17 died in 1841. Died unmarried Parents: 2nd Baron Fortescue Matthew FORTESCUE and Anne CAMPBELL of Stackpool Court, Pembrokeshire.

Anna FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Ellen BADCOCK of Shebbear.

Anna Maria FORTESCUE of Stephenstown85 died before 1855. Parents: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown and Mary Anne MCCLINTOCK of Drumcar.

Spouse: Sir George FORSTER MP for Monaghan. Anna Maria FORTESCUE of Stephenstown and Sir George FORSTER MP for Monaghan were married on 20 May 1817 in Castlebellingham Church, County Louth, Ireland.86

Anna Maria FORTESCUE31 was born in 1773. She died on 25 August 1865. Anna Maria was born on 6th July 1773 in Toulouse, France. She was
married on 18th January 1802 to William Parkinson Ruxton of Redhouse,
Louth, an M.P. (to the Irish Parliament) for Ardee until the Union.
died on 25th August 1865, aged 92. Mr Ruxton died in October 1847. Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE of Dromisken, MP for Trim and Mary PAKENHAM.

Spouse: William Parkinson RUXTON of Red House Ardee. MP. Anna Maria FORTESCUE and William Parkinson RUXTON of Red House Ardee. MP were married on 18 January 1802.

Anna Maria FORTESCUE87 was born about 1829. She was christened on 27 December 1829 in St Mary Major, Exeter, Devon. Parents: John FORTESCUE and (Anna) Maria Sarah TOUT.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Francis FORTESCUE of Wood and Elizabeth SPECKOTT of Thornborough, Devon.

Spouse: William FORTESCUE of Penwarne.

Anne FORTESCUE of Filleigh (private). Parents: Bartholomew FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Ellen MOORE of Moor Hayes in Cullompton.

Spouse: John (Jack) RALEIGH of Ford.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Mary SPECCOT of Thornbury.

Anne FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Thomasine PRIDEAUX of Solden.

Spouse: William STANBURY of North Tamerton.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Roger FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Mary NORLEIGH of Inwardleigh.

Spouse: John HUTCHINS of the Middle Temple.

Anne FORTESCUE of Dromiskin (private). Parents: Chichester FORTESCUE of Donoughmore, Down and Frideswide HALL of Mount Hall in Devon.

Anne FORTESCUE of Falkbourne (private). Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE and Philippa SPICE.

Anne FORTESCUE of Salden (private). Parents: Sir Edward FORTESCUE of Salden and Mary REVESBY.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Robert FORTESCUE of Wood and Eleanor ST LOWE of Sutton St Lowe, Somerset.

Spouse: William MORGAN of St George, Glamorgan.

Anne FORTESCUE of Wantage (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Wantage and Sarah GILES of Wantage.

Anne FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: John PORTER.

Anne FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Thomas STARTE.

Anne FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Sir Peter FORTESCUE of Prestin.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Baron Lewis FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Fallapit.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Charles FORTESCUE and Dorothy SCOBLE.

Anne FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE and Anne AMEREDITH.

Spouse: John PORTER.