Spridlestone, Devon

The Spridlestone Branch which began with John Fortescue the younger, third son of William Fortescue of Wimstone, failed in the male line upon the death of Edward Fortescue in 1702. Rebecca Fortescue, who succeeded to Spridlestone, married Caleb Inglett, Esquire, of Chudleigh, and was succeeded at Spridlestone by her son Richard, who took the name of Fortescue, and was succeeded in his estates by his only son, John Inglett Fortescue, who, in 1785, sold both Spridlestone and Buckland-Filleigh estates ending three centuries of Fortescue residence at Spridlestone.

The story of this branch of the Family is captured in St Mary’s Church, Brixton near Plymouth, and is shown below in a series of Photos taken by David Mason of Kingsbridge in 2012. It was written by The Reverend Richard Lane who was the vicar for 60 years dying in 1858.

The Fortescue Chapel

Tudor Window installed in the Church from Spridlestone Manor House