The History of the Family of Fortescue in all its Branches.

1869 Abridged Version

This Edition was published in two volumes. The First Volume was about Sir John Fortescue and the second was about the branches of the family. It is possible in Britain to borrow from the Library Volume 2 of the 1869 First Edition for six weeks. In 1997  Peter Waddington Fortescue borrowed the book and brilliantly produced an abridged version. It Includes the Trees and Notes on each Chapter except that of the French Fortescu Family: “The Fortescues of Normandy”. However that chapter is available in full in the 1880 Second Edition (see below)

Abridged 1869 Edition Volume 2

1880 Second Edition

Due to strong interest in the first edition Clermont published the second edition in one volume. It is a large book in size and weight: it contains 600 pages and weighs about 3 kilograms. Some changes have been made: corrections and new information have been highlighted in blue in the text and pedigree trees; the size of the pages have been reduced to A4; and the old-fashioned ligature, the long “s”, have been replaced with a normal “s” to make it more readable. Chapters will be added as they are scanned and proofed. The chapters are presented as PDFs so they can be saved to be read or printed.

Front and Introduction

Chapter 1 The Family of Wimstone including the 1885 Supplement

First Fortescues an alternative interpretation to Clermont’s

Chapter 2 The Family of Preston and Wood

Chapter 3 The Family of Spridlestone

Chapter 16 The Family of Normandy