26th Generation

793. Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE25 was christened on 3 November 1738 in St Lawrence, Exeter, Devon. He died on 24 November 1840 in St. Servan, France. He was buried on 14 December 1841 in Chudleigh, Devon,. John Inglett-Fortescue, born in 1759, was educated at Oxford. He held a commission in the Royal Horse Guards (blue), and was a Lieutenant Colonel of the North Devon Yeomanry Cavalry. Receiver General of the County and at one time MP for Callington.

Owned the Hope Estate on St Vincent Island in the Grenadines. Owned a total of 117 Slaves. In1831 he had a total of 83.

He was obliged to sell the ancient property of Buckland Filleigh shortly before he died (at St. Servan in France) on 24th November 1840, in his 82nd year.

of interest is Dawlish Manor: AN ACT for exonerating the Manor of Dawlish in the County of Devon, from the Claims of the Crown against the Estate of John Inglett Fortescue, Esquire. Pages numbered 825-827, disbound, small folio, Act of Parliament. London: Printed by George Eyre, and Andrew Strahan, 1819.

Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE and Ann SANDERS were married on 23 September 1784 in Southampton, All Saints, Hants. Ann SANDERS25 was born in 1755. She died in 1815. A pupil of Francis Towne a Ladscape artist and Drawig master practicing in Devon. She has one painting in the Tate Gallery in London "Wooded Landscape with Traveller and Packhorse", after F. Towne 1778. Watercolour on paper support: 275 x 387 mm on paper

Lieu-Colonel John Inglett FORTESCUE and Ann SANDERS had the following children:



John Dicker Inglett FORTESCUE25 was born on 3 August 1785. He died on 8 August 1860. He was buried in Buckland Filleigh, Devon. Only son. No issue

John Dicker Inglett-Fortescue passed the remainder of his father's (Lieutenant Colonel John Inglett Fortescue) properties to his three aunts - Margaret Weston (Churchill), who had no issue, Elizabeth Foulkes, who also had no issue, and Anne Brickdale, wife of John Brickdale.

Sarah Bridget MARWOOD (private).