20th Generation

260. John FORTESCUE of Fallapit9,31 was born in 1586. He died in 1649. From Prideaux page 133

Puritans and Royalists.

I believe the following is extracted from the biography by John
Stucley's Sir Bevil Grevile published in 1645

1642 "Hopton's army was promised better support if he moved south-east
to occupy the villages between Plympton and Totnes. They had the
backing of Henry Camperdowne of Modbury and John Fortescue of Fallapit
near Kingsbridge. and the Cornish soldiers were scattered among a
score of hamlets. Sir Edmund Fortescue, son of John and newly
appointed sheriff, then mustered a posse at Modbury.....

Totnes had been taken over by Grevile's regiment of 500 men, and
Hopton in alarm asked that half be sent to Modbury at once, and posted
sentries on the Plymouth Road. But the Corporation had by then engaged
the services of a competent professional soldier styled General
Ruthven. He rode out at night with 700 or 800 horse and dragoons and
got within a half a mile of Modbury before his arrival was noticed.
The posse of unarmed rustics was easily dispersed, and the Cornish
army was split into a force at Totnes and another at Plympton. The two
Fortescues, Henry Camperdowne and others were captured and imprisoned
by Parliament in the Clinke at Southwark."

From Clermont

John's wife Sarah was a daughter of Sir Edmund Prideaux, Baronet, of
Netherton, who died in 1628, aged 44. John lived during the Civil
War, and took arms against Parliament. He was imprisoned with his son
Edmund at "the Clinke" or Winchester House in 1643, after
surrendering. Another son, Peter, was also imprisoned there. John
and Peter were exchanged for two parliamentarians.

John's second wife survived him. He asked in his will to be buried at
East Allington, on the North side of the grave of his first wife
Sarah. The text says that Sarah died 17 years before John wrote his
will i.e. in 1630, but the Family Tree says 1628!! John died in 1649,
before his Royalist son Sir Edmund. His grandson Sir Edmund (2nd)
succeeded to his estates.

John FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Sarah PRIDEAUX were married in East Allington, Devon.9 Sarah PRIDEAUX31 was born in 1584. She died in 1628.

John FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Sarah PRIDEAUX had the following children:



Sir Edmund FORTESCUE of Fallapit.



Mary FORTESCUE of Fallapit.



John FORTESCUE of Fallapit31 was born in 1614. He was baptized in 1614.



Thomas FORTESCUE of Fallapit31 was born in 1615. Probably the Thomas involved in the siege of Salcome Castle

"On 15th January 1645 the list of officers and soldiers defending it
totalled 66 men including the Governor, Sir Edmund Fortescue, and also
Mr Thomas Fortescue and Captain Peter Fortescue. The garrison held
out for 50 days or almost 4 months but was then obliged to surrender."



Peter FORTESCUE of Cruft.



George FORTESCUE of Fallapit (private).



Bridget FORTESCUE of Fallapit (private).