Fourteenth Generation

24. Sir John FORTESCUE of Meaux3 was born about 1370. Clermont has him born in 1380. It shoud be about 1370 In 1420 he was a Governor of Meaux in France. Sir John of Meaux served in the French Wars under Henry V and was present at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. He was made captain of Meaux when it was taken in 1422, and Governor of the province of La Brie. He returned to England before 1431 and appears to have had a residence at Shepham, Devon.

He married in the parish of North Huish, and acquired Norreis via his wife. He had manors at Overcomb, Efford and Alsford in the parish of Holboughton or Holberton. In 1429 there is a reference to a grant by him to John Longford. He left his estate in Hertfordshire to his son Richard.

Eleanor NORREIS of Norreis (private).

Sir John FORTESCUE of Meaux and Eleanor NORREIS of Norreis had the following children:



Sir Henry FORTESCUE of Wood.



Sir John FORTESCUE of Ebrington, Gloucs.



Sir Richard FORTESCUE of Punsbourne, Herts.