Eleventh Generation

18. William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone1 was living in 1360. He died before 1375. Inherited his mother's estate of Oldport

Clermont's text says that William married Alice!!

In 1369 William Fortescue and Nicholas Fortescue granted rights to the manors of Orcheston, North Allington, some in Tenhed etc to a Sir John Prideaux.

This William Fortescue married Alice, daughter of Walter Strechleigh, of Strechleigh, in the parish of Ermington, and thus obtained lands in Tamerton ; and, in 1360, by grant of his kinsman, Richard Maldett (Malduit), alias Somaster, whose mother had been a co-heir of De la Port, he had a further extension of property in the form of tenements at Old Port, in Modbury, and at Painston* He was succeeded by his son, William Fortescue (alive 1394), whose son of the same name, married, vitd patris, Elizabeth Branscombe, widow, who was a daughter of Sir John Beauchamp, and sister and co-heir of Thomas Beauchamp, of Ryme, co. From "Devonshire Wills," by Charles Worthy.

Anne STRECHLEIGH (private).

William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Anne STRECHLEIGH had the following children: