Eighteenth Generation

129. Henry FORTESCUE of Falkbourne15 was born in 1516. He died on 6 October 1576 in Falkbourne, Essex. He was buried on 15 October 1576 in Falkbourne, Essex. Henry was born in 1516 (or 1514 according to Clermont's Family Tree). He inherited estates: Brokemanys, Pennysborne, Wynderige, Comeslowe Green, and Bayford; also lands at Bishops Hatfield, Little Berkhampstead and Hertyngfordberry, in Hertfordshire; the manors of Trumpington in Cambridgeshire, and Moore Hall in Essex; also lands in Bedfordshire.

Henry's first marriage was to Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Stafford of Bradfield, by whom he had 4 sons and 5 daughters. Francis succeeded him. Dorothy married Anthony Brydges, third son of the 1st Lord Chandos, in 1554.

His second marriage was to Mary, the widow of Sir Edward Darrell and of Philip Mounsell. By her he had one son only, Dudley,

Henry was Squire of the Body of the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and served as M.P. for Sudbury in 1st Elizabeth.

Note: Clermont's text disagrees with his Family Tree in the allocation of the sons and daughters of Henry between Elizabeth and Mary. NORREIS, WOOD & FALLAPIT BRANCH 1370 - 1600 shows John, Dorothy and George as being issue of Elizabeth, as in Clermont's text; his Family Tree shows them as issue of Mary.

Henry died on 6th October 1576 and was buried at Falkborne Church; There is a brass with an inscription there. Also there, is the tomb and a brass of Mary, Lady Darrell, who died on 7th October 1598.

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It is not surprising that young Henry became an object of intense interest to men who had the means to purchase his wardship. Since his father had died holding land of the king, that is by knight service, and Henry was still a minor, he became a ward of the crown. This meant his lands came into the possession of the crown until he was eighteen years of age. Until this time the king could sell control of the ward and his land to the highest bidder, who in this case was Francis Bryan. As guardian, he was also entrusted with the child's education and upbringing until Henry came of age. In return, Bryan was granted a lease of the boy's land and the right to marry him to whom he chose. Unfortunately there is no record of how much Bryan paid for the wardship nor, more importantly, whether he wed Phillippa before or after receiving the grant. Nevertheless a suit in the Court of Chancery in 1526 indicates that by this date they were husband and wife.


Elizabeth STAFFORD of Bradford (private).

Henry FORTESCUE of Falkbourne and Elizabeth STAFFORD of Bradford had the following children:



Francis FORTESCUE of Falkbourne.



John FORTESCUE of Falkbourne15 was born about 1548 in Falkbourne, Essex.5



Dorothy FORTESCUE of Falkbourne.



George FORTESCUE of Falkbourne.

Henry FORTESCUE of Falkbourne and Lady Mary DARRELL were married about 1560. Lady Mary DARRELL died on 7 October 1598. She was born. There is the tomb and a brass of Mary, Lady Darrell, who died on 7th October 1598 at Falkborne Church.

IGI has her birth as about 1530 and her surname as Foskew.

Henry FORTESCUE of Falkbourne and Lady Mary DARRELL had the following children:






Catherine FORTESCUE.