23rd Generation

486. Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh65 was born in 1641. He died in 1734. William of Newragh was born in about 1647 (Clermont's Family Tree says
1641!!). He served in the army from his youth. On 19th June 1680 he
became a Lieutenant in his father's foot-company. This commission had
been held, until his death, by Faithful, the son of Sir Faithful and
grandson of the first Sir Faithful of Buckland-Filleigh. Soon after
King William landed in England, William Fortescue joined an
association with the Protestant Nobility and Gentry of the Province of
Munster, and commanded the Party that seized the town of Bandon from
the Irish forces.

He secured the town for King William and Queen Mary until he was
forced to surrender to Lieutenant-General Macarty. The terms of
surrender were ratified by King James, but nevertheless William was
arrested and held for 11 months in Cork Gaol. He was stripped of
everything, and his wife and children were turned out of their house
and were very poor and starving. Some children died. A petition to
the King led to William getting a pension of 20 shillings per day from
Lady Day 1733.

The above paragraph is contradiction to that in Knockbridge Miscellany
which says that his wife's properties were restored to them under the
Act of Resumption See Women in the County Louth in the Seventeenth

William died in 1734, and the pension was discontinued.

William's children were: (1) Thomas, his heir; (2) Chichester of
Dellin, died 1747; (3) Matthew; (4) Faithful of Corderry, a knight of
the County of Louth in 1721; and (5) John, in Holy Orders.

Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh and Margaret GERNON of Milltown, County Louth were married on 3 May 1681. Margaret GERNON of Milltown, County Louth65 was born in 1666.66 She died on 30 November 1722.66 Her Tombstone was discovered in 1995 close to other Fortescue graves in Dromiskin cemetery. It reads:

"..re lieth the body of Mrs Margaret Fortescue ore (otherwise) Gernon wife to Willm Fortescue Esq. who departed this .... Nobr the 300 1722 in ye 56 th year of her age"

She was the sole Heiress to her father but was disowned for marrying a protestant.

Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh and Margaret GERNON of Milltown, County Louth had the following children:



Thomas FORTESCUE of Clermont.






Chichester FORTESCUE of Dellin44 died in 1747. Unmarried no issue



Capt Matthew FORTESCUE RN of Stephenstown.



Faithful FORTESCUE of Corderry.



Rev John FORTESCUE of Whiterath House.